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You've lost business here!Gary (Pigger) Lileshttps://thegeekygecko.compigger.liles@comcast.netPermanent "un"subscribeI've attempted unsubscribing {several times} to this list. PLEASE ensure that it is accomplished forever and ever. Thank you/Gary (Pigger) Liles. Sandra Shumakerhttps://thegeekygecko.comsshumaker248@comcast.netUnsubscribe metiyktcuuktdyuteziyrisx7kyMicheleWinterhttps://thegeekygecko.commichele.winter@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBE from ALLMark T Harthttps://thegeekygecko.commthart59@comcast.netUnsubscribe emailsUnsubscribe my account from your email listMark J Daleidenhttps://thegeekygecko.commcdaleiden@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE ME NOWUNSUBCRIBE NOWWendyhttps://thegeekygecko.comdacos4@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me-getting too many emails. 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How about informing people on how to find proper training for dogs, what really goes into owning a dog, how important spaying/neutering are and to adopt instead of buying a dog Lindahttps://thegeekygecko.comllvin@comcast.netUnsubscribeI do not want the emailsAngelina Kulahttps://thegeekygecko.comkula200@comcast.netUnsubscribe UnsubscribeGeoffrey Lawrence Webbhttps://thegeekygecko.comwebbokamoto@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe mwJeffhttps://thegeekygecko.comduncan-jeffrey@comcast.nete-mailsplease take me off your mailing list, I never requested your e-mails.Karen Hollowayhttps://thegeekygecko.comkpdoyle@comcast.netUnsubscribeI do not wish to receive any emails. I have tried many times to unsubscribe. Please remove my email from all your lists!Jackie Vandergriffhttps://thegeekygecko.comoctober21@comcast.netREMOVE ME FROM ALL OF YOUR EMAILSI would appreciate it if you would remove me from ALL of your contact lists. I really am not interested. Did not ask to be added to all of these lists. I feel that this is just one way to get all my information corrupted AGAIN!! Thank you, Jackie Vandergriff Marta Manildihttps://thegeekygecko.commamanildi@comcast.netUnsubscribe meThis article, which I got from you by email, is disgusting - ( You could easily have given the same information as “characteristics to be aware of”, or “good for person who wants a dog that __, but not a good choice if you want ___”, or "important things to consider when getting a dog". Characterizing these breeds as “worst” is damaging and also incorrect. A sweet, small, easy lapdog who doesn’t require much is the “worst” dog for some people - who are you to say? The low point is referring to pitties as “known for being hyper aggressive” and “chomping machines”. No wonder there are so many pit bulls and pit bull mixes in animal shelters. Also, "according to vets"?? Who are these vets? Why don't you name them? Are there studies to support this b.s.? I'm thinking "No". Last but not least, the "unsubscribe" link embedded in the article does not work. Marta Manildi Ann Arbor, MI Kathleenhttps://thegeekygecko.comkathy_jaeger@comcast.netUnsubscribe!!!I can't even remember how many times I have checked all your boxed and asked to be unsubscribed from your unsolicited emails - and yet they keep coming. Please remove my name from your list, or database or whatever. I appreciate your help, KathleenHarryhttps://thegeekygecko.comhgrossman1@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all emailsSusan Bakshihttps://thegeekygecko.comherbmjsic@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribePeggy Leonardhttps://thegeekygecko.compeggy.leonard@comcast.netemailUnsubscribe me.Lee McCormachttps://thegeekygecko.comlee.mccormac@comcast.netSTOP SENDING ME EMAILSPLEASE TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST>Alyce Dillardhttps://thegeekygecko.comaedill@comcast.netUnsubscribe !!!Stop the emails, PLEASE !!!!Carloshttps://thegeekygecko.comcramos46@comcast.netNever want this see this emailsI have never written to these commercial pages.SALLY JO TRAPPhttps://thegeekygecko.comsjtrapp@comcast.netunsubscribeYes, unsubscribe me from any and ALL emails you can. thank youtoakes5@comcast.nethttps://thegeekygecko.comtoakes5@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeMira zarashttps://thegeekygecko.commirazaras05@comcast.netCommunicationPlease stop this type of harassment, I have to unsubscribe emails from Someone who shows address in Romania way too often same company . Enough is enough. I said many times I am NOT interested in your emails. Too much and not my points of interest! Mira Zarashttps://thegeekygecko.commirazaras05@comcast.netConcern I hate too many emails from someone in Romania who is advertising your company and at least dozen more. Once a month at least I have to unsubscribe all of them as I am NOT interested in too many emails clogging my my account. At this point it’s harassment , please respect people that are not interested and asking to be unsubscribed . frank fortunatohttps://thegeekygecko.comfrankthermo@comcast.netunsubscribenever signed uip for emaiks. STOP!!Cindyhttps://thegeekygecko.comcmeeh@comcast.netREMOVE ME NOW AND FOREVERI have unsubscribed from your emails several times and yet somehow you come back. Remove me from your database and do not ever add me back again. For anything. REMOVE ME NOW AND FOREVER. Patrick https://thegeekygecko.comshamrockpwr@comcast.netemailToo many emails like yours hook you with a pic and title like this guard dog one and then send you off to sales pitches.Charlene Cornellhttps://thegeekygecko.comcharlene.cornell@comcast.netUnsubscribeI didn't sign up for this crap!Pbhttps://thegeekygecko.combfsnj@comcast.netNoNoRodney Hargrovehttps://thegeekygecko.comrphargrove@comcast.netStop marketing and all messages from senderI have no interest in any of your marketing emails or any email from your company. I have opted out of all emails, text, or any form of communication concerning offers of any kind. I have responded each time with opting out of your emails, texts, apps. I have reply emails confirming that my email address was removed from your list and no matter how many times i have opted out the emails still end up in my inbox. CAN YOU PLEASE REMOVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS FROM YOUR LIST OF CONTACTS? Judyhttps://thegeekygecko.comjbk2929@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeWilletta M Inkrotehttps://thegeekygecko.cominkrote3819@comcast.netplease remove mePlease remove me from your contact list. Thank youMichaelhttps://thegeekygecko.comresman20@yahoo.comUnsubscribe NothingKayehttps://thegeekygecko.comgckc1941@verizon.netUnsolicited EmailsI never subscribed to your emails, and am not interested at all.Cory Jacobshttps://thegeekygecko.comSabrecords@aol.comNo More emails I never subscribed to ANY of the emails. I already unsubsidized a couple of time. Please remove me from all subscriptions sent to me. Thank you! 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No time.Omega Blackburnhttps://thegeekygecko.comomega_b_2000@yahoo.comPlease stop stuffing my email boxPlease.I am not interested in dealing with this feces.Kathy Bechtol https://thegeekygecko.comk.bechtol7@comcast.netUnsubscribingI am unsubscribing from all these newsletters because I don't remember signing up for them. They serve no purpose. Kathy Bechtol Barbara https://thegeekygecko.combbarbee12@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Pls unsubscribe meKevinhttps://thegeekygecko.comkevin.oregan@yahoo.comReason for unsubsribingSites offered are not interesting to meKevin https://thegeekygecko.comkevin.oregan@yahoo.comWhy I'm unsubsribingThe subjects offered are not relevant to me. Please unsubscribe.Ericahttps://thegeekygecko.comerica.williams1990@yahoo.comNever Signed UpI never signed up with you all, so how did you get my email address?Eileen Monahanhttps://thegeekygecko.commonahantony@comcast.netunsubscribe meYou continue to send me emails when I have unsubscibed many times! STOPBarbara Cody https://thegeekygecko.comrobbarbc@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Cjdsrp kffhhttps://thegeekygecko.commm2boys@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe this is my child’s phone Michelle Olsonhttps://thegeekygecko.commno1225@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please Unsubscribe meMaureen McCannhttps://thegeekygecko.commaureenmccann304@comcast.netokI wish to unsubscribe.Gerald Norton https://thegeekygecko.comjandmshelby@yahoo.comRemove from emailingNever asked to be emailed, don't read them. They take up time and space and is terribly disgusting having so many unwanted emails clogging up our dayRhodahttps://thegeekygecko.comdawncraig912@yahoo.comRemove name fron list!Remove my name now from your list!!Jim bellhttps://thegeekygecko.comjtbell46@yahoo.comAll itemsUnsubscribeLinda Francene Caublehttps://thegeekygecko.comlindacauble@yahoo.comunwanted emailsPlease stop all emails. Dalehttps://thegeekygecko.comdedale26@aol.comUNSUBSCRIBEPLEASE, Remove my name and contact information from your list of solicitations and information of any kind. I am not well and cannot focus on the many non-essential connections made to me. I just cannot take the time to read, respond, delete or interact in any way. Please stop the e-mails; phone calls and any other type connections. Dale SHawn https://thegeekygecko.commccabesm@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE ME1I never requested you to contact me. Please unsubscibe me as on the unsubscribe screen there is no button to select unsubscribe. Carol https://thegeekygecko.commwangicn@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from allYeah righthttps://thegeekygecko.comyeahright@yahoo.comUnsubscribe difficulty and I never subscribed. I never subscribed so why are u sending me junk emails? Why do I have to provide my email address to unsubscribe? You already have it. Who did u buy my email address from? I will unsubscribe from them toomary withershttps://thegeekygecko.comjohnwithers1@aol.comunwanted emailsI do not live in America - please delete from all further emails. Thankyou.Maryhttps://thegeekygecko.comdmstcgddss101@yahoo.complease stopI unsubscribe from one of your newsletters and then a different one pops up. Please do not send me any of your newsletters.Thomas Gainerhttps://thegeekygecko.comtgainerjr@aol.comUnsubscribe Yes, unsubscribe me.Cathy Dyehttps://thegeekygecko.comcathydye@ymail.comQuit sending me ANYTHINGNot sure how you keep getting my email, but quit sending me stuff. Jill Roismanhttps://thegeekygecko.comjbr417@aol.comUnsubscribe I never signed up and I am not interested in any of your sites. I already get too many emails. Please unsubscribe me. Thank you!Carole Harrison https://thegeekygecko.comcarolernsai@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I am not interested. Thank you for unsubscribing me.Shanese Harrishttps://thegeekygecko.commsshanese@yahoo.comSpamI did NOT sign up for any of your newsletters. Please remove me NOW.Margaret Wilsonhttps://thegeekygecko.comMlw6452@aol.comUnsubscribe Please take me off your email list . Mlw6452@aol.comcarol brucehttps://thegeekygecko.comcbhaws1@aol.comUnsubsidized Didn't sign up for this Carla Cooperhttps://thegeekygecko.comcarlactc@aol.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Linda Wondoloskihttps://thegeekygecko.comlwondoloski49@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Not interested Charmaine S. Perry https://thegeekygecko.comministerchar@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from ALL emails related to you asPMelinda Woodmanhttps://thegeekygecko.commelindawoodman@yahoo.comPoisonous plantsPlease continue this topicHoodhttps://thegeekygecko.comdhood5700@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Take me off your listJulie https://thegeekygecko.comjewlz0257@aol.comUnsubscribe I've unsubscribed multiple times and I keep getting emails!!! Please stop! Thttps://thegeekygecko.comwilderone4@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeGreg Douglashttps://thegeekygecko.comgregdouglas77@ymail.comNothingTired of to much emailsPaola Giangiacomohttps://thegeekygecko.comitspgtv@yahoo.comUnsubscribe No more emails Charlottehttps://thegeekygecko.comdkante21@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe!!!Suzan Sutliffehttps://thegeekygecko.comssutliffe@yahoo.comDid not want to subscribe Remove my email never signed up Martha Hiltonhttps://thegeekygecko.comMadmarth17@aol.comUnsubscribe Never signed up for your emails Mary Lou Gileshttps://thegeekygecko.comilovecollies1691@yahoo.comLinks don’t workYour links don’t work. Comes up saying Woops! This page can not be found. Stop wasting my time. A.Jhttps://thegeekygecko.comajfergusoniii@yahoo.comE mTake me off all your e mail listsPerkins Desireehttps://thegeekygecko.comperkyrpr@aol.comYou askedI receive too much email and don’t want to receive 99% of it. Too much. That’s why I UNSUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!https://thegeekygecko.comTERRINNP@AOL.COMYES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!YES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!G.B.Hallhttps://thegeekygecko.comhallgeo09@yahoo.comBrain healthAdvertised as short ad - but as usual droned on and on. Can't be bothered when could be accomplished in much shorter time.Rhonda https://thegeekygecko.comrhondadickman@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I never signed up to receive these emails Carey E Brownhttps://thegeekygecko.comcareyeb@yahoo.comSPAMAll unsolicited crap is spam. Judging from the subject matter of your email, your crap is a good example of the worst of the click bait SPAM. Never send me anything again.Gary evanshttps://thegeekygecko.comgary.k.evans@comcast.netEmail remove NowDonna C Wintershttps://thegeekygecko.comsnowwbird@aol.comdelete emailsPleas stop sending me emails.Johttps://thegeekygecko.comjoannmetz@comcast.netUnsubscribe me from allYes unsubscribe me from allStiegelmar, Marvinhttps://thegeekygecko.commarvmetro@comcast.netUnsubsribeUnsubscribeFred M Dunavanthttps://thegeekygecko.comf.dunavant@yahoo.comEMAILSDON'T SEND ME ANYMORE DAMN EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lorice E, Ducranhttps://thegeekygecko.comjackie17es@yahoo.comunsubscribe requestplease unsubscribe from allRita corianihttps://thegeekygecko.comritacoriani@yahoo.comUnsubscribeDo not send me any more emails.Carol Ann Mosierhttps://thegeekygecko.comcarol_mosier@yahoo.comunsubscribePlease remove me from your contact list.Cheryl Merrickhttps://thegeekygecko.commerrickcheryl3@gmail.comApparently hackedNever requested this site.Janet Kay Indivigliohttps://thegeekygecko.comjindiviglio@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Tammara McNallhttps://thegeekygecko.comteikoboy@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me from allDid not sign up for any of these emails Dana Strayhornhttps://thegeekygecko.comdanastrayhorn@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meYes unsubscribe meDeehttps://thegeekygecko.comdarbyinjax@yahoo.comUnsubscribeNot interestedPat Tafthttps://thegeekygecko.compataft@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease remove my email list from all of your subscrptions. Thank you!Bobby Navorhttps://thegeekygecko.combfnavor@yahoo.comToo many mailsToo many unwanted mails!!!Ahttps://thegeekygecko.coma.ayers22@yahoo.comUnsolicited I did not voluntarily sign up for your emails. Stop emailing me or it will be considered harassment.Gwen Fowlerhttps://thegeekygecko.comgwenfowler754@yahoo.comUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe me.Ray Gentryhttps://thegeekygecko.comraygentry@ymail.comUnsubscribeYes, unsubscribe me.jdrmonte@yahoo.comhttps://thegeekygecko.comjdrmonte@yahoo.comUnsubscribeGo to heaven and unsubscribe me.Taryn Harrisonhttps://thegeekygecko.comtarynharrison@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me..I prefer to just read the article in the subject line than to have to open 4 pages and be lead down another rabbit hole.Taryn Harrisonhttps://thegeekygecko.comtarynharrison@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me..I prefer to just read the article in the subject line than to have to open 4 pages and be lead down another rabbit hole.davehttps://thegeekygecko.comdave_tampa_2000@yahoo.comyes unsubscribe meyes unsubscribe meJenniehttps://thegeekygecko.comjenniefree10@yahoo.comGetting rid of all unwanted emailsHow did you get my email? Not interested in any advertisements anne coviellohttps://thegeekygecko.comdorado1313@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeanne coviellohttps://thegeekygecko.comdorado1313@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from your emails.Philip Kennedyhttps://thegeekygecko.comphilip.kennedy747@yahoo.comYour GarbageUNSUBSCRIBE ME ASSHOLESYour momhttps://thegeekygecko.commeri121@yahoo.con“Subscription”I suspect you bought my email from some jerk selling lists full of people who never asked for nor want spam advertising emails. It’s abusive and I will Never buy from a spam email I didn’t ask for. You can sign someone up immediately but it takes 5-10 days to unsubscribe? Really? Liars. 💕💕Cassandra Fuller💕💕https://thegeekygecko.cometb6904@yahoo.comUnwanted emailPlease I don’t know how y’all get my email information but I am not interested in any of this information so please stop sending it to me!! I don’t even open it yall just go absolutely crazy sending all this mail so please don’t send me any and don’t share my email address with anybody Maryhttps://thegeekygecko.commary.pickard@yahoo.comUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me to all the listed emails you posted in the previous screen. Thanks.Nancy Grahamhttps://thegeekygecko.comncg_53704@yahoo.comYES, UNSUBSCRIBE MEYES, UNSUBSCRIBE MEsusanhttps://thegeekygecko.comsuzebyl@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me!!Unsubscribe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Richard Waddellhttps://thegeekygecko.comrrw1951@aol.comunsubscribeNo emails, thanks.Deborah Parkerhttps://thegeekygecko.comdeborah.parker2933@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL NOWUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL NOWCynthia Brownhttps://thegeekygecko.comchbrown75@yahoo.comgoodbyeplease unsuscribe me.Linda Eatonhttps://thegeekygecko.comlineaton@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from your emails. Thanks!Jameshttps://thegeekygecko.comjrwils56@yahoo.comSTOPSTOP SPAMMING ME!!!!!!! YOUR UNSUBSCRIBE IS BS.Alyce Laymanhttps://thegeekygecko.comalycelayman@yahoo.comDogDon’t have a dog.Joan hayshttps://thegeekygecko.comkhays92494@aol.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me now!Jeff Ahttps://thegeekygecko.commichigan11465@yahoo.comUNSUNSCRIBE MEPlease UNSUBSCRIBE me from your emails. I do not wish to receive them.Cathttps://thegeekygecko.comcallydreamin@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I hate getting emails from sites I never visited. It is rude, unprofessional and very spammy. I never do business that solicits in this way. Please remove my email from all your lists.Eric Hornhttps://thegeekygecko.comerichorn22@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe from ALL mailing lists. I never signed up for ANY of them.Lisa Aldersonhttps://thegeekygecko.comlisa.alderson@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeSUSAN WALSHhttps://thegeekygecko.comdrsusanwalsh@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL NEWSLETTERSUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL NEWSLETTERS. WHAT YOU SEND IS NOT OF INTEREST OR VALUE TO ME AND CLOGS MY EMAIL INBOXSandrahttps://thegeekygecko.comnostampneeded@yahoo.comUnsubscribe YES - PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE me!Paulette Didionhttps://thegeekygecko.compdidion8@yahoo.comREMOVE MY NAME FROM YOUR LISTSI DID NOT REQUEST INFORMATION FROM YOUR SITES, AND DO NOT APPRECIATE HAVING MY CONTACT INFORMATION DISTRIBUTED TO YOUR DISREPUTABLE ORGANIZATIONS. PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM ANY AND ALL DATABASES YOU HAVE. THANK YOUBrenda https://thegeekygecko.combrendachapman49@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all you mail lists. ThanksTdronenhttps://thegeekygecko.comtdronen1960@yahoo.comCancel my subscription I just don’t want it anymoreJhttps://thegeekygecko.comno@no.comunsubscribe issuesI never signed up for anything from this organization. Stop spamming peopleBitch ass niggahttps://thegeekygecko.comkatrinaherring201@yahoo.comStop emailing me bitchLeave me the fuck aloneWalter Fishkindhttps://thegeekygecko.comWalis80@aol.comStop! Decease!Stop sending me your e-mails. I delete and delete and all you do is keep sending me more! Stop! Meg pribil https://thegeekygecko.commatcp46@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe meJohn Hunter https://thegeekygecko.comjth9739@yahoo.comUnsubscribe YesChar makes schramhttps://thegeekygecko.comschramcharmalee@yahoo.comEverything I don't know where you got my name but I don't want m yourTake my name off your list I don't know where you got it but I consider you trashWalter Fishkindhttps://thegeekygecko.comWalis80@aol.comDelete my e-mail address fr0m your databaseThis is my fourth message asking you to delete my e-mail address from your database. I do not want to receive your e-mails. Eve Somershttps://thegeekygecko.comevesomers@yahoo.comunsubscribe meunsubscribe meSusan Thomashttps://thegeekygecko.comsusanseventy@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from all listsBethhttps://thegeekygecko.combethichristian@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI did not order any of these ditesAnn Rogers https://thegeekygecko.comearogers@ymail.comHow you got my email I'd like to know who sold you my address. I'm very careful who I give this email to and in the oast 2-3 weeks I have been inundated with masses of these advertising emails. All are very much alike, just from different email addresses. Obviously, someone I did business with and trusted with my contact info has sold it. I'd like to know who, so I can withdraw my information and my business from them. Thank you.Michael Schmidthttps://thegeekygecko.commjschmidtgv@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from all newslettersAdelehttps://thegeekygecko.comadelegary@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribe me from all emails Susan D Grayhttps://thegeekygecko.comgraysusand@yahoo.comUnsubscribe me.Unsubscribe me. 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