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I Bet You Didn’t Know These 13 Mindblowing Animal Facts!

Animals, just like humans, are very complex creatures. Decades of research and observation showed us how incredible they truly are, from their routine to their specific behavior while hunting, mating, and protecting their newborns.

However, there are so many facts about them we probably haven’t even discovered yet, regarding their actions, their looks, their judgment, and so on.

There are some certainties about animals we are more than sure you didn’t know. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to find out which animal has a death ritual, what mammal has an accent depending on the region, and what lazy creature falls asleep just about everywhere.

Photo by ArtMediaFactory from Shutterstock

1. Lions Can Pretend Too

We all know lions are the kings of the jungle( even though they don’t actually live in jungles but prefer grassland, savanna, dense scrub, and open woodland), that means they need to be very fearless and they need to learn to hunt from a very young age.

In the wild, they are among the most dangerous predators and so they are raised in this manner. This is why it may come as a shock to you that a deadly mammal like the lion would ever find itself in the “supportive parent” position.

They often pretend that they are hurt when their cubs bite them to boost their confidence and encourage their strength.

2. Squirrels Can Adopt  As Well

If you thought only humans can be altruistic and have a big heart, well think again. When a kit’s parent dies or leaves them behind, another squirrel will adopt them. A study from 2010 showed red squirrels will raise another one’s kit if they are orphaned.

It is unlikely since they are among the asocial animals, however, the study showed they will only do so in the case of a relative, and even in that case it’s still uncommon.

The research mentions that in two decades only five cases were found, and that occurred when the mother died and the adoptive parent was also nursing.

3. Pandas Fall Asleep Just Anywhere

We are all familiar with the fact that pandas are lazy creatures, their favorite activities are either chewing bamboo or sleeping endlessly. And so, because they have no natural predator to worry about their lifestyle is pretty simple and relaxing.

In addition, not having to worry about any animal of prey they don’t have to make strategic moves or stay on guard.

That is also why they don’t have a specific spot where they fall asleep, they would take a nap just about everywhere they can: on the forest floor, in a tree, and so on.

4. Sheep Will Self Medicate

Yes, you read that correctly. No, they don’t do it like us: take an aspirin when they have a headache, but it is very similar because they have the same self-medicated behavior as us.

These animals have been long known to be able to choose their own alimentation which would meet their requirements, however, this new ability of theirs is brand new for the scientists.

They apparently know what plants to consume in order to heal from certain illnesses. There was a study where sheep were given altered foods and toxins and then they had to choose from several plants.

The scientists would observe their eating habits and what their options are in each situation. Allegedly, the sheep pass this information from generation to generation.

Photo by Clara Bastian from Shutterstock

5. Did You Ever Think Cows Can Have Accents? Neither did we

Just like humans, depending on the region they are from, cows can “moo” with different accents. Apparently, these animals also have their own dialect just like humans do.

Just like birds who have their own accent when they chirp, bovines have been observed for many years and even though in herds they all sound the same each has a very distinct accent.

In addition, what else you probably didn’t know about cows is that they have best friends. And they are very sensitive and stressed when they are separated from them.

6. Elephants Perform Rituals And Can’t Jump

Elephants perform spiritual actions and show a ritual-like behavior when death occurs. In most cases, they grieve the elephant that passed away, visiting the place where they died and showing some sort of affection.

This fact led some to believe animals do have a spiritual side. In addition, in 2018, a study showed that these animals have developed a special gene that makes most of their specie immune to cancer.

What’s more, you probably didn’t know is that they can’t jump. Being giant and heavy animals makes it impossible for them to jump.

7. Are Pigeons The Next Baudelaire?

We already know how smart birds can be. They have successfully sent messages overseas, they can memorize faces and what you probably didn’t know by now, and they can also distinguish paintings.

A study showed that pigeons distinguish certain details from popular paintings belonging to historic artists such as Monet, Picasso, and Renoir.

They were shown multiple artworks and later they could spot the similarities and actually know they are different from each other.

It all started by teaching them how to differentiate colors and then, the next thing, they could tell apart great pieces of art. The results stated that pigeons just like humans can evaluate things with the help of colors and patterns.

8. A Chimp’s Happy Hour

Over the centuries many theories and strong beliefs that the human race comes from monkeys have surfaced, well this research may just convince you too.

You may think you heard everything by now but we bet you didn’t know about this: a couple of years ago in Guinea some chimps started to procure alcohol and eventually got their own happy hour.

In 2015, a study observed the behavior of chimps and they reportedly drank palm sap, a type of wine that the locals were familiar with.

They, also, gathered instruments so they can drink the hooch, and allegedly some of them even managed to get drunk.

9. Rabbits Have The Bat Vision. Well, Sort Of

Rabbits are small furry adorable creatures, you would think they are the perfect target for larger predators.

Well, they have a 360° panoramic vision which is their best asset against prey animals, allowing them to spot the prey coming from behind.

10. Your Dog’s Tail Says A Lot

Among the canines, wagging their tail is their way of communicating. And so, the position of the tail can mean they are: negotiating, agitated, aggressive, curious, or happy.

The speed with which they are wagging their tail says that they can be: excited, insecure, friendly, or even aggressive.

Also, if their tail is wagging to the left it means they are sad, but happy if it’s to the right.

Photo by Julia Lototskaya from Shutterstock

11. Heart Transplant From Pigs

The anatomy of the pig’s heart is very similar to ours, which is why in the following years the actual transplant could be possible, researchers say.

For patients with severe heart failure, this could be the silver lining they have been expecting.

A person in need of a heart can wait for several years for a suitable donor, which is why this could be life-saving for millions. In the past, there has been a successful transplant from a pig to a baboon in Germany.

12. Kangaroos Can’t Walk Backwards

These creatures are among the cutest animals, however, they are also very aggressive. You definitely know how fast they can move, but what you probably didn’t know is that their rapid movement doesn’t allow them to go backward.

That’s right. Their muscular legs and tail are a huge support in their hopping, however, this is the reason they also can’t move in reverse.

13. Platypuses can actually be pretty deadly

The adorable wild animal turns out to be one of the few poisonous mammals in the wilderness. The male platypus can deliver venom which will cause unbearable pain.

Tell us in the comments what other little-known animal facts you are familiar with. By the way, here’s a great encyclopedia you may want to have in your personal library.

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