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Top 14 Amazing But EXTREME Animals You Won’t Believe Are Real

What are the most extreme animals on Earth? Be warned because you’re going to be blown away!

You’ll probably say that you already know that Australia is full of weird critters and a ton of weird spiders that creep you out, so you don’t need to know anything else. Oh, but trust me when I say that the beautiful home we call “Earth” is full of animals worth knowing about!

In this article, we will dive into a spectacular journey and explore every nook and cranny of our planet to find some of the most extreme animals that continue to amaze us every time we see pictures of them.

Grab a snack because the list is quite long:

extreme animals
Photo by DWI YULIANTO from Shutterstock

1. Frill-necked lizard

You guessed! The first one on the list of extreme animals is from Australia. It may look menacing, but this tiny lizard is only interested in eating small bugs. But because a lot of other animals have acquired a taste for lizards like this one, they must adapt to predators. That’s why the frill-necked lizard can run very fast. Moreover, their bodies have been built to discourage any predators. Just look at that royal collar!

2. Flying fish

Fish that fly may glide up to 650 feet above the sea, thanks to their wide pectoral fins. When they swim, their fins fold flat against their body. Off the shore of Yakushima Island, Japan, a flying fish was observed to be in flight for the longest recorded duration of 45 seconds. Unfortunately, when flying fish leap out of the water, they occasionally fall victim to birds.

3. Pangolin

This may come as a surprise, but pangolins are not reptiles, even though they are coated with scales. Being completely coated in scales, they are the only mammals on the planet. The primary purpose of the scales is defense. When they feel attacked, pangolins utilize their scales as armor and curl into a ball.

4. Mountain Stone Wetas

The fourth place on the list of extreme animals is occupied by the mountain stone weta. Originated from New Zeeland this is a bug that freezes and then thaws itself over several months. With 80% of its bodily tissues able to endure freezing, it is the biggest freeze-tolerant insect in the world.

It utilizes a protein in its blood-like fluid to prevent the formation of ice crystals, allowing it to tolerate extreme temperature changes.

5. Naked mole rat

You don’t know what naked mole rats look like? Open another tab on Google and search for it quickly. It’s a cute animal, but it’s also extreme. Hairless mole rats inhabit subterranean tunnels, feeling their way through with their whiskers and the small sensory hairs between their toes and on their tails. Due to their tiny eyes and lack of hearing, these organisms largely rely on their sense of smell and soil vibrations.

6. Axolotl

Among the most unique amphibians, the axolotl stands out as one of the most extreme animals. In addition to having a friendly aspect, this amphibian is neotenic, which means that rather than transforming upon reaching adulthood, the adults stay aquatic and gilled.

They can also repair practically any portion of their bodies. Although axolotls are almost extinct in their native Mexico, they have flourished in captivity and are now valued as pets by both the scientific community and the general public.

7. Tasmanian devils

Who remembers the Taz from Looney Tunes cartoons? Taz was a Tasmanian devil and was pretty adorable compared to other animals in real life. Let’s see why. Research claims that the biting force of Tasmanian devils is the greatest on the planet.

Even though these creatures only weigh 20 pounds on average, their pressure may reach up to 94 pounds. That makes it around 60 points stronger than a lion and about twice as strong as a hyena. Say what? Now, that’s what I call an extreme animal.

8. Seahorses

When it comes to extreme animals, seahorses stand very high on top. Why is this animal considered “extreme”? Male seahorses mate and give birth to offspring. They can hold up to 2,000 offspring at a time in pouches on their stomachs. That’s a lot, wow! Depending on the species, the male carries a pregnancy for 10 to 25 days after the female puts her eggs in his pouch, at which point he gives birth.

9. Dugong

Along with certain morphological traits from their more well-known cousins, dugongs are connected to manatees. But dugongs have tails that flare out like dolphins, unlike manatees. Because they suck seagrass from the ocean floor with their big, downward-facing jaws, they are often referred to as “sea cows.” Many people believe that dugongs are the source of inspiration for mermaids.

10. Sloth

Sloths aren’t exactly extreme animals because they look very docile and sweet. However, despite their physical aspects, sloths can be very aggressive if they’re touched by humans. Although they may consume tiny lizards and insects, sloths are considered omnivores since they mostly eat buds and leaves.

Sloths are animals that are found in Central and South America. Unusual adaptations have been produced by sloths to live in trees. They have incredibly large, slowly moving stomachs with many chambers where symbiotic microorganisms break down the tough leaves.

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extreme animals
Photo by slowmotiongli from Shutterstock

11. Japanese spider crab

Brrr! I don’t know about you, but every time I see a spider or a tiny creepy crawler, I get goosebumps and shivers down my spine. No kidding! But in my continuous life challenges, I tried to overcome my fear of spiders by doing a little bit of research.

Among some of the most extreme animals, we can easily add the Japanese spider crab, which is one of the longest-living animals on the list. They can live up to 100 years old! Their massive legs, which resemble those of a spider, make them the biggest known living arthropod. Their leg span can reach up to fifteen feet.

Carrion and other decomposing materials found on the ocean floor are eaten by Japanese spider crabs. These crabs enhance their concealment by covering themselves with marine sponges and algae.

12. Goblin shark

Judging by the way they look, goblin sharks can be easily called “extreme animals.” Goblin sharks may survive in water as deep as 4,265 feet. They are said to only come to the surface at night, spending the majority of their lives below. One of the most important aspects of their peculiar features is their long and pointed teeth. Their mouths are so large that they aren’t able to accommodate all of their teeth.

Goblin sharks have unique organs to perceive the electromagnetic field other fish create, which helps them hunt better.

13. Clownfish

Clownfish have lifetimes of experiencing the experiences of all genders. Although they are always born male, some undergo sequential hermaphroditism, which causes them to change from male to female. Both have male and female parts from birth, and some males transform into females if the alpha females pass away.

14. Tardigrades

With a size of about 1.5 mm, this super small creature is among the tiniest on the entire planet. However, it has been discovered to thrive in the harshest environments, such as the ocean floor and the summit of Mount Everest. The initial animals to thrive in space are tardigrades. Researchers think this is because they can withstand prolonged dryness, entering a condition similar to hibernation before rehydrating.

Do you know any other extreme animals worth mentioning in this list? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Very interesting indeed,Ty so much for your concentrated short thorough descriptions . I find the Mangoose of Jamaica an extreame animal that picks up on your routines and is a thief in the night,also extreamly intelligent. What do you think?

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