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Meet the 4 Fluffiest Cat Breeds in the World

Fluff alert! Are you ready to meet the fluffiest cat breeds in the world?

A lot of cat lovers know just how soft cats can be, but can you name the fluffiest cat breeds in the world? There are a lot of cat breeds out there, some with longer or shorter fur, and some even with little to no fur at all, but sometimes it gets hard to pinpoint and name the ones that actually have the most fur.

Cats are all different, with breeds having their own characteristics both in terms of personality and in physical appearance. While a lot of people complain about how much cats (and dogs) can shed, some are not that bothered and would love to have a cute fluffy fur ball of their own.

No matter if you are interested in owning one of the fluffiest cat breeds in the world or you are just curious to see and learn more about them, we have brought some of them here to present them to you! From which breeds they are to what makes them special beyond how fluffy and cute they are, make sure you keep on reading to discover the fluffiest cat breeds in the world!

Did you know about these breeds before? Would you like to own one of these fluffy cats? Is there another fluffy cat breed you would like us to discuss next? Let us know any of your answers or other thoughts you would like to share with us and our animal-loving community in the comments!

fluffiest cat breeds
Image By Namay Dolphin From Shutterstock

Norwegian Forest cats

You may have seen these big cats around, as the Norwegian forest cats are on the larger side. Yet do not expect these fluffy cats to be anything but elegant and majestic when they see them, and their long, bushy tails held high as they trot towards you are guaranteed to make you fall in love with them easily.

Their long tails are more often than not just as long as their bodies, and they have long, agile legs. During the colder months, they get their full coat, and if you have thought you’ve seen a fluffy cat before, wait until you see how puffy they can get.

With their full coat, Norwegian Forest cats truly prove why they are one of the fluffiest cat breeds, as they have a full mane and the coat covers their whole body, from their legs to their furry chests, and they also get tufts of hair between their toes and behind their ears.

Due to their fluff and longer hair, this cat breed requires daily grooming, and if you do not want the fur to become matted and hurt them, you cannot skip their brushing.

What’s more, they have a double coat, one of which is actually waterproof, and due to it, unless necessary due to medical reasons, you should never ever shave a Norwegian forest cat! They are affectionate and loving, making them an amazing furry friend!

Due to their size, they are sometimes confused with Main Coon cats, but believe us, Main Coons are definitely bigger!

Persian cats

When it comes to Persian cats, a lot of people know them for their docile and affectionate demeanor, along with how gentle and quiet they are.

The Persian cat, aside from being a true fluffy cat, is also one perfect breed for those who want to have a lap cat; they are known to be content with plopping down close to you or on any soft surface and for posing if you wish to take lots of pictures.

Elegant like our previous breed, yet not as active, this breed makes for an amazing indoor pet.

Since they are also one of the fluffiest cat breeds in the world, you will groom them daily, and you will be rewarded for the time you take for it as well. Not only will your cat be extremely soft and silky, and you will have less hair around your home, but they will also become more loving towards those who spend the time to groom them.

This flat-faced bundle of joy is a delight to have around, and they get along with other pets and children very well; however, there is a catch with them. As loving as they can be, they are only like so with their owners, family, and maybe some trusted guests or friends that they are comfortable being around.

Otherwise, they prefer a quiet environment, and they are known to not deal well with changes.

fluffiest cat breeds
Image By choosangyeon From Shutterstock

Ragdoll cats

You may remember this breed by their stunning blue eyes, but the Ragdolls are some of the most famous and appreciated cat breeds out there. Known for their friendly and playful demeanor, a lot of owners love this breed due to their fun personalities and how easygoing they are around people they are not familiar with.

A fun fact about these fluffy cats is that they have a propensity for going limp when they are picked up, which is different when compared with a lot of other cats, which will squirm out of holds or protest at one point with being held too much.

Coming in a myriad of colors, they are mostly known for their white combinations and their striking blue eyes.

The Ragdoll is a fluffy and loyal breed that is known to love their humans, often meeting them when they come home, being a loving presence around children, and being great companions for dogs, so if you want to expand your family, you will have nothing to worry about with one!

Their gentle and sweet temperament is what makes them a popular cat breed, which has also earned them a hefty price tag that comes along. However, keep in mind that you will have to groom them daily and that you cannot expect them to be left alone for too long periods of time, as they seek love from everyone and like to have company.

If you get a cat, and especially if you are looking into getting a long-haired or fluffy cat, you will have to brush them daily. The best way to do this is to make sure that your brush is safe for them and that it works well, no matter the length of their coat. This brush is the one that we have found to be the best, and, despite being a little pricier, it is a lifesaver and will last you a lifetime!

fluffiest cat breeds
Image By Andrey Tairov From Shutterstock

Scottish Fold cats

While you have probably only expected to see long-haired cats on this fluffiest cat breeds list, there are a number of shorter-haired breeds that are certified fluffballs!

The Scottish Fold is among them, despite being known mainly for their unusually folded ears and their striking, yellow, big round eyes. These cats are also known for their eye color, as the breed is characterized by having round, almost cartoonish eyes, and while the most common color is a yellow-orange one, they also come in other shades of blue-grey, gold, and even green.

Combining their unique ears with their round eyes makes for a beautiful and unusual cat that is definitely going to be remembered by everyone who sees it.

Despite this, they are certified fluffballs, being extremely soft and having a heavy, dense coat. The Scottish Fold is an easy-going cat that generally gets along with everyone they meet and is known for its great personality.

They are, however, sensitive and expressive, so expect them to use their eyes to try to get more treats from you, they are also playful and moderately energetic, so you cannot skip on their playtime.

In addition to their fun habit of posing in weird stances (the most common ones being the meerkat ones and their laying flat on their back with their paws up in the air), they love puzzles and play time, so you will never have a dull moment with them.

Know that in addition to their daily brushing, you will also have to find games and toys that are going to stimulate them physically and their agility, along with their intelligence, so puzzle toys are a great buy besides the usual cat toys.

They are a breed that will crave attention, so do not expect them to be okay with being left alone for long periods.


If you are both a cat lover and a dog lover and you do not know which one would be the best choice for you, we got you back! Make sure you read our article on the matter here to make an informed decision while also following your heart to get the best fluffy companion for you!

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