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These 9 Animals Eat Humans Without Blinking an Eye

Planet Earth is big, and there are many animals out there. Some of them are cute, and we keep them as pets; others are wild and free, living everywhere, from jungles to savannas and forests.

We usually don’t interact with wild animals, and when this happens, they generally run away and don’t want to get near us. But there are also the “man-eaters.” If you are wondering what those are, they are animals that are known to regularly attack and eat people. And this does not include scenarios in which the animal eats the remains of a person or when the animal feels threatened and attacks a human.

Man-eaters are those animals that actively hunt humans in order to feed. Stay with us and discover what animals enjoy the taste of human flesh.

Photo by Pat-s pictures from Shutterstock

1. Wolves

If we were to compare wolves to other carnivorous mammals, they are actually not that dangerous because they are small and their predation potential is rather low. Generally, wolves don’t attack humans for food, and when this happens, the victims are usually children.

Wolves are wild animals that are used to living near human settlements, and over years and years of living this close to humans, they lost their fear, and now they can easily approach closer and closer.

It was shown that most man-eating attacks by wolves are linked to habituation. This means that wolves that are used to humans have more chances of attacking and eating them. Never approach wolves with food. This is the top advice we can give you.

2. Crocodiles

In places where crocodiles are in their natural habitat, attacks on humans are a pretty common occurrence. Looking at numbers, we can see that there is no other predator that has slaughtered more humans than the Nile crocodile. In the sub-Saharan Africa area, the Nile crocodile is responsible for hundreds of assaults every year.

Crocodile attacks are also widespread in northern Australia. But there’s something you must know about the crocodiles. Those from Australia and Asia are not responsible for as many attacks as the Nile crocodile.

All species are dangerous to humans, and because of this, you should avoid them. They don’t actually seek people out in order to eat them, but these animals are known to be opportunistic feeders. If they think that you are the most accessible prey at that moment, they will not hesitate.

3. Lion

Some lions are known to not be afraid of humans, and they have been spotted in broad daylight as they were actively searching for prey in human settlements. This is actually kind of terrifying.

Some of the main factors that trigger these big felines to hunt humans are old age, hunger, and disease. These animals have always been recognized as dangerous carnivores that should be avoided at all costs.

Probably the worst case ever recorded took place in 1898. More than 130 railroad workers that were bought for India were slaughtered by two gigantic Tsavo lions. This event took place in modern-day Kenya, in the Savo National Park. The railroad construction was halted until the lions were killed. These animals were huge, and eight men were needed to carry each one of them to the camp.

4. Brown Bears

Brown bears are widespread in the mountains of the United States and are seen as dangerous animals. When hiking, people are advised to only go in large groups and always carry a bear spray with them.

In August 2015, Lance Crosby, 63, was hiking alone in Yellowstone National Park. He had no bear spray with him, and at some point a 259-pound grizzly bear attacked him. His remains were later found on the mountain near Lake Village.

There are many accounts of bears attacking and slaughtering humans. That is why you should always be careful and do everything possible to avoid them. When camping, never leave your food on the ground.

If you ever need a bear spray when you go hiking, you can try this one.

5. Hippopotamus

When you think about deadly animals from Africa, you probably think about the lion. And as we already discussed, yes, lions are dangerous, but have you ever thought about the possibility that the hippopotamus is a real threat to humans?

Yep, this fact is true: hippopotamuses are responsible for 500 human deaths per year. These giants might look adorable, but they’re responsible for more human deaths per year than lions or other big felines.

They are extremely territorial, and this makes them very aggressive. They are known to charge boats, and many times they are successful in capsizing them. This animal is huge, weighing around 3,260 lbs. So, if you ever get attacked by a hippo, you have no chance of getting out alive.

6. Hyenas

When we see hyenas in kids’ movies, we think of them as evil and dumb animals. They are depicted as funny villains that pose no threat. But if we see them like this in the media, it doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous in real life.

Even if they have the reputation of being scavengers, you should know that most of their food comes from hunting. Yes, hyenas scavenge, but not as much as you think. These animals are incredible hunters that always work as a team, and they slaughtered and ate humans more than once.

They usually prey on antelope and wildebeest, but if the food gets scarce, they have no remorse for eating helpless humans.

7. Piranhas

These fish are so popular in the media that you don’t even know if they are real or just a work of fiction. So, first things first, piranhas are in fact real animals, and secondly, they are indeed deadly.

These fish have incredibly strong jaws that can pierce through human flesh with no effort. Also, they are extremely aggressive, and if they catch you on their territory, they will have no mercy.

Most piranha attacks take place when there is no more food left and the water level is low. There are not so many reports of piranhas eating humans, but since it has happened before, you should not take this as a joke and be really careful.

Photo by Breck P. Kent from Shutterstock

8. Pythons

We are generally afraid of snakes, not because they eat us but because they are venomous and their bite can kill us. Well, if we look at pythons, things are a little bit different. These snakes are enormous, and they are known to eat cows and other big animals.

And if they can eat a cow, be sure that they can also eat you without much effort. There are numerous reports of pythons that have eaten humans. In 2018, a reticulated python swallowed a 54-year-old woman in Indonesia. Also, there are numerous accounts of Burmese pythons (they measure between 9.8 and 13 feet) that have strangled people while they were in captivity.

So, as you can see, these big snakes are deadly and have a taste for human flesh.

9. Leopards

These are big felines that are known to attack and eat humans. They are widespread in Asia, and people have reported that they always strike at night. Sometimes they really want to reach their victims, so they crash through tent roofs and doors. Nothing can stop them. Attacks during the day, when the sun is up, are not that common, but they happened in Africa a couple of times. One of them was when a leopard kidnapped a kid in 2019 and crushed his skull.

Leopards have the reputation of being man-eaters and are a real problem in India. Usually, they realize they like human flesh after eating it for the first time. This happens in general after an epidemic when they can easily find human corpses.

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