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These Are the Earth’s 6 Smartest Animals

Do you want to know more about the smartest animals on earth?

Did you know that chimpanzees share 98.8% of our DNA? Another thing we have in common with them is intelligence. A chimpanzee has an IQ between 20 and 25; that is the same IQ as a human toddler. But they are not the only ones! Today we want to talk about the smartest animals on Earth.

Many animals have fantastic mental capacities, and they are known to use this trait to make their lives easier. From the depths of the ocean to the heights of the sky and into the lush rainforests, we want to see what the smartest animals are.

Are you ready?

smartest animals
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1. Chimpanzees

Ok, let’s start with the chimpanzees. They are mischievous, and we all know them as our evolutionary cousins, but they are more than that. Chimps are jesters at heart, and this makes them some of the funniest animals in the jungle and also one of the smartest animals on Earth.

Their sense of humor comes from their impressive cognitive skills. Chimps are very good at using tools, and this helps them in their day-to-day lives. For example, they use sticks to fish out termites.

Another thing that makes them one of the smartest animals is the way they tailor complex social interactions with their peers. Chimpanzees form alliances with one another, and they have the best jungle gossip.

These charismatic pranksters are amazing at problem-solving and love to have an audience.

2. Pigs

When it comes to the smartest animals, we can’t ignore the pigs. We love them because they are cute, and on the darker side, we like them because they are bacon providers. But with their incredible brain capacity, these animals are more than this.

Pigs have always been fascinating for researchers because they are incredible at problem-solving. They can easily learn how to manipulate objects, and they might be better than you at solving complex mazes. But this is not all; they are also pretty sociable and can form strong and intricate relationships with other pigs.

Another fun fact about these animals is that they are good at playing video games and do a great job of understanding symbols. They like challenges and can learn new things fast. So remember that pigs are the geniuses of the barnyard.

3. The Border Collie

We all know that our canine companions are some of the smartest animals, but of all the dogs, the Border Collie is by far the Einstein of the canine world. This is a genius under a fur coat, and with its intelligence, this pup can do so much more than herd sheep.

The thing they do best is learn and understand commands at remarkable speed. If you want to solve Sudoku puzzles, you can ask a Border Collie to help you. They have a knack for math and are able to solve simple arithmetic problems if they get the proper training.

But they are not just mentally intelligent. These pups are also the athletes of the dog park. Incredibly agile, they can outpace many breeds known for their speed, leaving them in the dust.

Collies are also playful, and they will never say no to a good game of hide and seek. It is their chance to showcase their wit!

4. Dolphins

They are the smartest animals that roam the oceans, and there are many reasons for that. We know them for being aquatic clowns that, in the same fashion as chips, love to entertain. Being very playful and always ready for pranks, it is easy to understand that dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals on earth.

But did you know that dolphins are also self-aware? According to some research, if they are put in front of a mirror, they can recognize themselves, and this makes them as self-aware as humans.

Another thing that makes dolphins pretty similar to us is their complex social structures. They hang out in groups that are called pods, and the way they interact with one another reflects a high level of social intelligence. They have alliances, they have friends, and they even cooperate to accomplish various tasks, such as hunting fish.

But there is more we need to tell you about these animals that will convince you that they are some of the smartest animals. In the same way as us, dolphins have developed cultural learning. Some behaviors are passed down from generation to generation, such as hunting techniques, social customs, and vocalizations. This is easily one of the most powerful proofs that these creatures have advanced cognitive abilities.

5. Crows and ravens

What makes these birds so special and some of the smartest animals on earth is their memory and cognitive flexibility. Generally, we don’t consider birds intelligent, but this is not the basis for these two. They are, let’s say, cousins, and both of them are incredibly skilled at solving multi-step puzzles. They would do anything to get that tasty reward.

Also, they can remember people and places and use innovative solutions to get what they want; most of the time, they want to have access to food.

These birds are also social creatures, just as dolphins will share information about food sources and create alliances.

Another thing we find fascinating about them is that they are masters of adaptability. There are not many species that have managed to adapt so well to an environment that is mainly influenced by human presence. We are talking about their ability to adapt to urban environments. These birds learned how to exploit the new food sources, and they are also doing pretty well at navigating the urban infrastructure.

smartest animals
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6. Elephants

You’ve probably heard this before: “An elephant never forgets,” and this is mostly true. Elephants are known to be some of the smartest animals, and they also have exceptional memory. They can remember and recognize the faces of their peers, recall complicated migration routes, and mourn when one of their companions passes away.

Another thing about elephants is that they have complex social structures, and they form strong bonds with other elephants. All of these show us that they have incredible cognitive capacities and are also capable of great emotional depth.

We mentioned the mirror test earlier, and elephants are another one of the animals that passed it. If they look in the mirror, they can recognize themselves, which means they are self-aware.

Besides all of this, elephants also use tools. It is not a rare occurrence to notice them use branches or logs to scratch themselves or even create simple tools that help them obtain water and food.

Intelligence manifests itself in a number of fascinating ways, and these animals are here to inspire all of us with their remarkable abilities. It’s all about diversity and adaptation, and how these manage to transcend the boundaries of species. What we can do is nurture a deeper appreciation for these animals and take care of them as well as we can. After all, we share this earth with them, which means it is our home, which we should cherish and protect.

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