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Shh! Your Dog Secretly HATES It When You Do These 8 Things

If your dog could talk, it would tell you to stop doing this! 

Things that bother people are usually not the same as those that annoy your pooch. Dogs generally despise routine, not having enough toys to play with, not being allowed to sniff, and other things. Even the most peaceful dog will dislike some of the things we do as owners; if they put up with it, it’s only because they adore you and don’t want to be in charge.

Although some things, like vet appointments and grooming, cannot be avoided, we can still attempt to be kind to our dogs. Given that no two animals are alike, what one dog dislikes may be a passion for another.

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1. Yelling

Nobody enjoys being screamed at or given severe punishment, not even your pooch! Dogs could fail to comprehend what we say, but they can tell when we are feeling something. It’s possible that yelling and severe punishment frighten or upset a sensitive or scared animal. If you want to have a nice and strong bond with your pet, be aware that these techniques won’t make your relationship stronger, and fear does not equate with respect.

Start teaching him appropriately rather than screaming. Instead of yelling at or hitting your dog to stop an undesirable activity, try diverting him toward a favored habit. To prevent your pooch from ingesting or chewing something, make it react to simple commands like “drop it” or “leave it.” And don’t forget to treat it to some tasty snacks whenever it behaves nicely.

If it’s your first dog, you will understand that these animals are super clever, and they know how to behave if you train them accordingly from an early age.

2. Being left on their own

There is no surprise that dogs aren’t as independent as cats; that’s why one of the things they hate is being left on their own for more than just a couple of hours. Their worst nightmare is to stay indoors all day without their masters. For some dogs, even a short absence from their loving owner can be extremely stressful.

Because they have mastered the art of becoming humans’ loyal friends and staying by our side no matter what, when they spend a couple of hours without us, it can affect them pretty badly. Unfortunately, due to our hectic lifestyles, our furry friends are being left alone far more frequently and for longer periods than they actually should be.

While some of them don’t mind that because they are super lazy and will probably sleep all day long, others secretly hate this habit.

3. Being bored

Dogs, in general, hate to be sedentary. They require a particular level of cerebral exercise every day, and if they don’t get it, they start to act out. Wouldn’t you go to your kitchen and devour everything from the fridge or make a huge mess in your living room if you were truly bored at home?

When dogs are bored, they become extremely cranky and will look for other forms of entertainment, such as destroying your couch or munching on shoes.

4. Your perfume

If you haven’t noticed, animals are generally quite sensitive to human fragrances because their sense of smell is 10,000–100,000 times stronger than ours. Therefore, it’s crucial to refrain from directly spraying your dog.

5. Forcing it to wear clothes

Let’s be honest: most probably your dog detests dressing up (unless you gradually accustomed them to it since it was just a puppy). While many pets will put up with costumes or outfits, the majority don’t like them, which makes them feel uneasy. Before forcing your pooch into a bunny suit, get to know him! Some dogs don’t mind wearing simple clothes like shirts but detest having stuff on their heads or paws.

And after all, what is the purpose of dressing up your doggo? Start small and light to keep your dog warm if they need it, and reward them with food or other prizes. Advance to wearing jackets, booties, and sweaters. If you want to know when your pet has had enough of the outfit you’re forcing it to wear, observe its body language.

6. Inactivity

If your pet seems a little bit off or rude sometimes, it’s probably because you never took the time to properly train it. But don’t worry, it’s never too late to do that! With or without a professional trainer, every dog needs some rules to follow.

Giving your pooch structure in his or her life involves training. Because of the canine’s internal clock, a routine is vital. Make an effort to feed your dog at the same time every day. Create a routine for exercising as well, if you can. You’ll undoubtedly discover that your pet is happier after a few days of following set rules and routines. Routines and rules help it feel more secure and independent. Neat, right?

How often do you interact with your pooch throughout the day? I play and walk with Dolly two times a day, and I make some time to go jogging at least once a week.

7. Petting its face

You would probably pull your head back, lean away, and become a little awkward if someone reached out their hand to touch your face. Yet the majority of people believe that dogs enjoy having their heads patted. Believe it or not, dogs have the same need for personal space as humans do.

However, the truth is that most dogs don’t like this, but many will tolerate it, especially if it’s done by their owner or another person they trust completely. If you want to interact with your canine in a friendly way without disturbing it or making it feel uneasy, start by petting its back first or giving it a gentle rub on its belly. In just a blink of an eye, you will notice that its fluffy tail will start wagging. Now that’s a happy dog!

dog, hates
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8. A tight leash

Yep, dogs hate this from the bottom of their hearts! A tight leash for a dog is similar to a tight tuxedo for humans. Being forced to walk around uncomfortably is something with which dogs will never agree. Go for a lighter leash, and show it there is no reason to be scared or worried. This will make you both calm because you will know your pooch won’t run away, and they will be happy to be outside, walking side by side with their owner.

Of course, it is a challenging skill to master and something that most dog owners can relate to, especially if your pet is a bit energetic and all over the place, but if you want to become your pooch’s best friend, it is crucial to enjoying leisurely walks with it.

If you made it this far, then congrats! I hope this advice will help you improve your relationship with your dog, and sooner rather than later, you will become its best friend. If you’re ready for more interesting reading about pooches, check out this adorable article: How Can You Tell if Your Dog Truly Loves You? (10 Signs). It will bring a smile to your face!

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