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Why You Should NEVER Sleep With Your Pet, According to Doctors

Photo by Aleksey Boyko from Shutterstock

We all love our furry friends and want what’s best for them. We buy them toys to play with, we provide them with the most nutritious food, and many times we also give them comfy beds to sleep in at night. If you go to any pet store, you can find various types of dog beds or cat beds to choose from.

But even if you buy them a nice and cozy bed, your furry companion will always prefer to sleep by your side. Usually, most people sleep with their pet by their side. Any animal will prefer to sleep with their owner instead of alone in a crate or pet bed.

For example, my dog, Cooper, used to sleep in his bed. But last spring, he suffered from some allergies, and he wasn’t feeling so good. Because of this, I let him sleep in my bed until he felt better. After he was all good, it took me a while to make him sleep in his bed again. Cooper just refused to do that. He wanted to sleep with me every night, but I am a light sleeper, and I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.

There are many reasons not to let your pet sleep in your bed. Read on and discover them all.

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    1. There is truth here. But the same can be said of children. You love them so you take the risk. same with pets.

      1. I love these comments I came here to see what people were saying I love all of you real pet lovers know what we’re talking about they’re not pets they are our children

        1. You are absolutely right we don’t have children so our furbabies are our kids we allow them to sleep with us our German Shepherd has no problem getting in & out of bed.

      2. Your pets are not your children. You can’t cheat nature. You may stop having children, but you can’t beat your maternal wiring.

    2. We have have cats and they always sleep in bed with us and i would not have it any other way

      1. im 68 years old and every dog i have had since birth has slept with me, and every dog i have until i die will too, stop making crap up just to suck us into your delusional world

      2. “Cats can catch fleas before they start to breed” I’ve never heard such nonsense 😂 that alone makes this article garbage. Add on that DOGS are more prone to fleas?!? ALSO, most of the things mentioned are going to affect you if they are simply in your house. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    3. I had boxers for years. Every one was allowed onto the bed, but into the bed is a different story. Some times when bed time came thry would move around and make a little room for me too…but four boxers on a queen bed is pretty tight. If you have ever had boxers you know the “look” when you might have to ask them to sleep on the couch…I got used to sleeping on the couch until we got a king size bed…never a problem with gas, butt face or shedding hair. They are all gone now and my heart breaks from missing them so much. Tears still well up from deep inside even after 7 years…Take good care of your pets, because you are their whole life…

  1. My two for Boston Terrier Boys never move a muscle unless nature calls me to get up. Even then they most times wouldn’t want out of bed. The benefits of a Pet’s loving relationship outweighs the risk that are valid from the author. I’m glad I’m not allergic as some people who are will never know the complete happiness an animal can bring to a human, especially if they become single after a marriage. To each their own.

    1. I had two bostons growing up named Duke and Tinker. Loved them so much. The dogs ( we had only 1 dog at a time Tinker first and then when she passed we got Duke). Would have to alternate sleeping in my bed and then the next night sleeping in my brothers bed. Probably confusing for them but they didnt seem to mind. Great dogs. So smart and affectionate. I bet you have funny stories like I do. Feel free to share with me. What are yr boys names? Dont see Bostons very often.

  2. I really love pets but there is no way I am going to wake up with a dogs butt in my face!
    I agree with all the information you stated.
    I would never be able to sleep well.

    1. I’m with you , dogs can’t wipe their own butt after they poop. Plus the dog hair, and dirty paws from walking around out side. They are good companions but they need to sleep in their own bed.

      1. I’m with you all the way!
        I don’t own pets but my daughter does own lil doggie and a cat. Doggie is so cute and great to play with. But I tell my daughter always, pets are not to sleep with you, dirty pawns stepping outside grass, bring your doggie into your bed. He accidentally poo poo there on her blankets & vomited before 😝😝 It’s disgraceful. Yes she washes that dirtiness into the washer, regardless, I could not let any cat nor doggie on my bed in any shape nor form. I refuse to! I like my sheets, blankets clean always. Sorry but I like cleanliness on my bed. I don’t like cats shedding hair on my bed with so much hair falling, plus they stand on dirty litter, pee pee and poo 💩 then to sleep on my bed, with all that smell & hair, never will I allow that.
        I don’t hate pets. We love 💗 her doggie. I just don’t want any dirtiness on my bed at all. Just say’n! It’s all good!

      2. My home is very dog friendly…we have an English Lab and a Frenchie. They are both allowed on the furniture and yes, in my bed every night. It does mean extra cleaning for me, that’s for sure…but it’s a small price I pay for their love and companionship. I purchased from Amazon a king size doggie waterproof blanket that lays across my bed which helps with the hair and dirt or whatever. They don’t sleep in my sheets but can feel close just the same. It has worked out very well. There are great furniture throws or covers too. I do admit that sometimes I am disrupted while sleeping with them, but not enough to not have them in bed with me. Like raising children, everyone has their own reasons and way of raising their pets, it’s not my job to judge anyone’s choices….to each their own. This is just my way with my pets.

    1. Bravo to all who supported sleeping with pets. Without them, I’d probably have to move to the cat bed to get some zzz’s!

    2. Yes they are, we have a English lab and Irish Wolfhound that sleep sometimes in our king size bed. 10yrs ago we had 2 labs and a Wolfhound mix we adopted, from my late brother inlaw. He passed everyone had cats. I had labs so we had all 3 in bed. But sometimes they sleep on couches, doggy beds, and our adult kids room.

  3. Yes, dachshunds are prone to back issues anyway. My parents had a pup who had been trained to sleep in a large carrier with a door. She looked forward to it nightly and slept through the nights without any problem. To the pup, that was her home. It was convenient to not have her under foot when either adult went to the bathroom.

  4. The other question should be what are the benefits of having your pet sleep with you? Dogs particularly are pack animals and bond with you better when they sleep with you. Also, I have German Shepherd‘s and I don’t fear anyone is going to bother me while I’m sleeping. So I never worry about what goes bump in the night. For me, the only negative is the dog hair.

  5. Sorry, I don’t get it. I have never allowed my pets upstairs period… in the sleeping areas of my house. These animals are also not allowed on furniture. The cats can be on these with people.
    I did find one once on the family room sofa. So, we used the oversize pillows to block the sitting area. The cat could not sit on this. Slowly, we changed this up for about 3 months. The cat has no interest anymore. I do not allow animals to like faces either. I explained the reason to my children. I love my dogs and cats too, but everyone and every animal has their own resting area. *Just my house* Everyone, love and take care of yourself and your animals.

    1. “These animals” sums it up. Sorry, I don’t get YOU. Neither does anyone else who loves their pet(s) and considers them part of the family.

    2. I don’t “get” people who don’t let their dogs/cats sleep with them. What do you mean that you don’t allow your animals to “like faces either”? You got me there.

    3. Your approach to pets is well balanced. We love our animals but must not forget they are of different species and peculiar habits. They are welcomed into our lives but not our beds.

    4. Thank you for your sharing.. and you’re right.. it’s up to *you* how you like to live. But why can’t a cat or dog lick your family’s faces? I don’t much care for it either but it’s no big deal.

  6. Exposure to germs is good for keeping your immune system robust in this “hanitizer” world. You won’t catch fleas but you’d want to guard your dogs against getting ticks. (Just have them take a monthly oral tick/flea preventative). That said, the arguments here are weak at best. I LOVE sleeping with my pooches on my bed. 3 of them (all small). When my pets get arthritis, I switch my mattress out to a smaller top mattress so that they can use the bottom mattress as a step to get up to the higher one.

  7. OMG- my fourty pound golden doodle sleeps with me every night, he is non shedding, sleeps and does hardly move, I would be lost without him. We are true companions and love him more than any human on this planet. Guess he is fortunate as being a canine, as am I needing a friend as I am alone. Thank you God for sending me the most kind dog anyone would possible want, everyone loves him. I cannot say enough about him and when he settles down a bit, can’t wait to take him to sick people, he just has a way….

    1. Good comment Christine, since I lost my wife my dog is my only friend and companion and would not be without this loyal animal.

    2. My sweet dog has been there for me during my bouts with depression. My family was there but my border collie kept me going with his need to play and for his unconditional love. He is my fur baby and I am willing to take my chances because he loves to be in my bed. He makes me feel better just knowing he is there by my side. He is always here for me no matter what, so I am always there for him. No Matter What!

  8. The germs,fleas, and ticks are a problem even if you don’t sleep with your pet. Do you want those things anywhere in your house.? Is the author really suggesting that you never pet your pet or let them sit on your lap? Why own a pet? Luckily there are pills to eliminate these issues.

  9. I’m not a settled sleeper. I was working 2 jobs for a bit and would come home and fall asleep on my back on the sofa for 30/40 min when I’d get home. I’d wake up feeling all hot and looking directly into my cats eyes! She was on my chest with her tail curled around my neck in an embrace purring! She was amazing! I’d pet her for a few minutes then get up and get dinner! This is how it was, she found the only time I was motionless to cuddle. I’d play with her before real bedtime came. She lived a nice long life. I’m finally ready, now that I’ve retired to get another kitty from the humane society..its been many years and I’m ready now. My son lives in a different state and I’m currently single and not looking to mingle in this current state of the world.
    But a kitty would be fun can’t have dogs where I live unless you have paperwork saying you need them and they can’t be off leash! No life for a dog.
    I’ll get the paper work and have an indoor cat and pay extra for her or him to live with me. I want a black cat this time! But I’ll settle if I have to.
    I got Dash from the Humane Society all those years ago. You know when you’ve found your cat baby.

  10. Id rather sleep with my dog than with a person that gonna go through your belongings ant rip you off

  11. I only let my pet ( dog ) to get on my bed when she is afraid ( like Fourth of July New year eve etc ) the sound of fire crackers makes her nervous and when the noise stops she goes to one of her beds we have one on my wife’s side of the bed and another on my side ! But to be honest I really do not mind her on my bed she is an inside dog and we keep her extremely clean !,

  12. I sleep with my large English Bull Dog and she mostly is Not close to my face and stays in the middle or bottom of my bed. We bath her every 3 weeks. I am 79 years old and have been sleeping with my animals since I was 3 years old. I basically don’t have any allergies. And will continue to do so.

  13. I love my dogs and cats but they are not allowed on the couches/chairs etc. Our bed is high so one of my dogs sleeps under our bed. She is allowed to get upon the bed if we are not in it. I love my pets but they do not run our lives, besides they love habit and thrive with it. One of our bigger dogs has the laundry all to himself and he loves to go in there at night where his dinner and fresh water is with the ceiling fan on (doggie door with fenced yard) and he will sleep until 8 or 9 am. They know we love them a lot. Never would sleep with one..

  14. To each his own. Not sleeping with my cats. They can sit on my lap, but litter box paws ain’t jumping on my bed!

  15. I love my pet and she sleeps on her own side on her own sheet.
    In the winter she is like having a hot water bottle in bed.
    I’m the one getting up during the night and disturbing her she never moves. Just remember dogs are just little people with fur coats.

    1. Animals belong on the floor. And to the person who compared children to animals, just stop it. Children are PEOPLE who are created by you. A pet is an addition to the family that is either purchased or given to you. If the pet dies, you can literally go and buy the same breed again. A pets life and level of importance is NOT equal to that of a human child. Stop it

      1. Stop getting butthurt over the choices of people you don’t know. You may not look at animals as your children, but a lot of us do. I don’t have kids and don’t plan to – my three cats are my kids. And the ‘you can just get the same breed if a pet dies’ argument is invalid: some people could go off and have another kid, too.

        Our decisions on how we see our pets is individual. You don’t have to see yours as your kids. But don’t get judgey of people on the internet who may only have animals to rely on in that sense.

        In your own words: ‘Just stop.’

  16. My Dogs are my family just like like the rest of my family so yes they can sleep in my bed..they did up until the day they passed away. If you love your pet its family to you. And my Dogs were great protectors they wouldn’t let anyone near my bedroom when I was in there.

  17. For every “doctor” you actually name, I’ll give you 10 doctors who disagree with you. They are call man’s best friend for a reason. Any responsible dog owner will know if your dog has fleas or ticks. Regardless, if your dog has fleas, they’re everywhere in your house.

  18. Every cat that has been a member of my family has slept on my bed and that is never going to change. I love my fur kids and sharing a bed is not a hardship. My senior cats have a small staircase that is at the foot of my bed that they have used to get up and down when jumping has become difficult for them. I do have a slight cat allergy but that is why I take medication. The cats are family members and the only thing they are not allowed on is my desk where my work computer is and the kitchen counters.

    1. I have a severe case of insomnia where I wake very early & can’t go back to sleep once I’m up. I spend time on my computer playing a very animated game. Gemma kitty became so fascinated watching, so I invented a game where she was my office assistant. She became “Ms. Gemma Jones.” I pleaded w/her to answer phone calls & work on the imaginary filing. I stepped away for less than a minute & when I came back, all text & images were horizontal & the computer was frozen. My husband fixed it & now I keep a clear hard plastic cover on the keyboard.

  19. For anyone with anxiety and depression, it’s not even a consideration, they sleep with me. All negative factors are secondary. They improve my life beyond what medication and therapy can provide. They are my therapy with unconditional love, even while I sleep.

  20. Cats, dogs and allergies, huh? Don’t have any of those. I’ve never had allergies to anything, but I’m relieved that this is only about canines & felines. Either way, my snakes and monitor lizards are still welcomed in their momma’s bed.

  21. I have an Australian Cattle Dog and a Shepherd mix that sleep with me at night when and if they want to. Mostly they want to but since summer has gotten so hot the ACD sleeps on the cool hardwood floor. The mix female sleeps with me every night and stretches out tight against my side. She sleeps better than I do and she feels more secure with me since she is still a “puppy” at one year of age. I sleep good and feel safe knowing they are there keeping watch. I understand why some people don’t want to allow their pets to sleep with them and that is their choice but I just love my guys so much I don’t want to hurt their feelings by rebuffing them and that’s how they would see it. My animals rule my life and I love it, Wouldn’t have it any other way. And yeah, I’m probably a little too “pet friendly”. But horses and dogs beat humans every day of the week in every aspect of life that really matters………Unconditional love to start with. My ACD would give his life for me.

    1. I’m considering becoming a foster mom for doggies in our local shelter. One of the things mentioned in the pre training pamphlet is to not sleep with your foster pet. My job is to prepare my foster for adoption, so I have to follow rules and I will be held accountable, especially being evaluated for future fostering. My plan is to snuggle with my pup on the couch at night, while watching YouTube, and then put them in their own bed when I go to sleep. So they’ll be trained that way and learn the difference. (I hope, lol)
      I owned and raised a Doberman, many years ago, who used to sleep with me. I came down with sciatica, which is, as you might know, an excruciating, inflammatory, arthritic like condition, affecting anywhere from the hip area down to the lower leg. So, during this time I couldn’t allow my baby to sleep and cuddle with me. She particularly liked to “spoon” (!!!), pushing her back into my stomach area. Not good for my condition. Her feelings were very hurt every night when I had to keep moving away from her, or/and, asking her to get off the bed and go to her own bed.
      So this was a very sad and difficult situation for the both of us, temporarily. We got through it though. It’s maybe one of the things to consider when you always allow your baby to sleep with you, what will happen if you, or, your partner, has an injury, condition, or, illness, that won’t allow for animals in the bed while sleeping.

  22. I agree dogs should not sleep in our beds. We love them, but we have to protect them and ourself. My biggest fear is having parasites in my bed, so thanks for the information.

    Thank you

  23. I have four Rotts. Two sleep with my wife and I in our bed while the other two sleep with our son and his girl friend in there bed. They always have and always will. Have had Rotts all my life and they have always slept in our beds with us. Now the couch and living room furniture are a NO. They will not even attempt to get on that furniture. Keep your dogs groomed and the bed stays fairly clean and they don’t go under the sheets. They are part of the family !!!!

  24. We have three dogs. The leader of the pack, a 70 pound pit mix, sleeps in our bed sharing my side with me. I have learned to sleep well in spite of her snuggling and we are both happy and in good health. None of our dogs have ever had fleas but we do watch out for ticks during tick season. Our dogs increase the love in our home which is worth a lot.

  25. My Australian Shepherd sleeps with me every night! She won’t sleep right against me but at the foot of the bed or beside me but not touching unless I’m petting her! Now I’ve read the article and you guy’s responses! Interesting stuff! However, my bigger concern is how they lick their butts and lick someone’s face! So sleep in my bed ✔️Lick my face ❌

  26. My Dogs 🐕 come first their the only living creatures that shown and given me love as well as my horses 🐎. No human has ever given me or made me feel loved in any way shape or form.

  27. I agree with everyone who is in favor of letting their beloved fur babies sleep with them. I love love love having my precious Harper Haily mini chocolate labradoodle right by my side. She usually sleeps in the middle of my husband and I, just like our two Jack Russell Terriers use to. In fact I get sad when she decides to relocate to another area of the king size bed 😢. She is a true gift from God and I cherish and love her soooooo much. I would much rather get dog germs than people germs. God bless all the pet lovers who give their dogs, cats, and all pets unconditional love in return for the AMAZING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE they freely give to us. Just remember dog spelt backwards is GOD- just saying. 🙏🏻✝️😇🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶♥️🐶

  28. Rosey, my Coton, is not allowed in the bedroom. I leave the door open so she can see me and know it is sleep time. She has two beds and access to the sofa in the living room. The only time she is permitted to sleep in the bed with me is when we are away from home whether at a hotel or as a guest in someone’s home. I guess it is no wonder Rosey loves traveling or visiting.

  29. LOL. I’ve been sleeping with dogs and cats for several decades. My only complaint has been getting pinned under the covers by them. 🙂 If you have OCD then don’t live with nonhumans…or other humans! LOL!!

  30. No dogs on furniture! I get leather so my dog can be wherever he wants. I admit it…my dos(s) rule the roast. I visit my son and his dogs are in my bed waiting for me! With just me, there’s room for them. Yes, they get a bit pushy sometimes, as does mine but hey, it’s a dog’s life! He has his own banking he goes under and that warmth next to me is soothing and comforting. If I get up during the night I just have to be courteous to not disturb him!😇