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9 Best Pet Insurance Companies In America

Many pet owners have found themselves in a difficult situation where their furry friend has gotten sick or injured. That being said, they needed the proper care which can go up to hundreds of dollars, and not many people can afford to pay them.

Thankfully, in the U.S. there are plenty of suitable pet insurance companies which can satisfy you and can give your pet the best coverage they require.

Therefore, we have created a list of the best 9 animal insurance agencies in America. But first, let’s see what exactly a pet policy cover and how many types there are.

What does a pet insurance policy cover?

Most of the insurance covers the care your dog or cat needs while being sick or if they had an accident.

They will not cover routine exams, meaning that if you happen to be in a situation where your pet comes home with an injury or anything of that sort, only some expenses will be covered by the health company.

However, expenses coming from vaccinations, dental work, and exams will not be covered by the insurer. There are some exceptions, which are mentioned in the list, that will provide you with treatments,  therapy, and care riders.

Usually, pre-existing conditions are not on their agenda and most of these, companies will only provide for cats and dogs

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What types of pet insurance are there?

There are multiple plans from which you can choose and sometimes it can prove to be difficult to decide which one is the best suitable for you, however, we listed them below and explained what each one does:

• Accident and Illness – they cover your pet if they get hurt or sick;

• Wellness – these ones cover routine matters such as exams, vaccinations, and so on;

• Exotic – this one is for more exotic animals and is pretty rare among companies, however, below we have mentioned some.

The costs can go from $18 up to $70 a month.

1. Healthy Paws

Located in Bellevue, Washington, Healthy Paws is categorized as being number one in this domain, having only one insurance plan covering illnesses and severe injuries for pets no older than 14 years old, with no payout limits and an annual deductible.

It has a “money back in 30 days” guarantee. In addition, if you wish to put your pet in additional care such as acupuncture therapy, hydrotherapy, and chiropractic care Healthy Paws also covers these three.

The company has also created a special program through which if you refer a friend and they complete the registration process, the insurance firm will donate a total sum of $25 to help homeless pets.

A premium sample for dogs is estimated at around $64 and one for cats is about $12.

2. Pets Best

This insurance company is located in Boise, Idaho, has no age limit for its furry clients, and covers illnesses and accidents. It has three major plans suitable for any kind of clientele: Essential, Plus, and Elite.

The higher the level the higher the benefits you get such as: covering exams or rehab following an accident or sickness.

If you want packages to cover flea and tick prevention, microchipping, vaccinations, and deworming they have two wellness options that you might find to your liking.

This is the best when it comes to waiting because the time between the insurance taking effect and filling the claims is very short comparing it to the rest top companies from the U.S.

The premium samples are $18.80( for dogs) and around $11-$12( for cats).

3. Trupanion

Trupanion is one of the best mainly because they do the direct payment to your vet, meaning you won’t have to file a claim. Like Healthy Paws, this insurance company doesn’t have a payout limit and features only one plan.

However, their plan has more options such as Recovery, Pet Owner Assistance Package, and Care Rider which will come in handy.

Trupanion has a refer-a-friend program which will get you $25 per recommended friend, with a $100 limit per year. In addition, it offers a lifetime per condition deductible, unlike Healthy Paws which offers an annual one.

Their premium sample for dogs is $63.61 and the one for cats is $28.06.

4. Embrace Pet Insurance

What is different about this company from the rest? Well, this one covers your pet’s pre-existing conditions with only one exception.

If they suffer from an illness that turns out to be curable and they don’t show any symptoms and require any treatment for at least one year, it is possible the company will cover the sickness in the future.

Embrace Pet Insurance also has a deductible which decreases each year your pet has been healthy and you didn’t file a claim.  What else do they cover?

They cover veterinary exam fees and even though they do not have wellness policies or riders, they pride themselves on a plan which ensures training or grooming.

The premium sample for dogs is around $24 and the one for cats is a little bit over $11.

pet insurance
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5. Figo

Your beloved furry friend got injured or was involved in an accident? Figo has your back, in case any of the previously mentioned situations happen, they can offer you three different insurance plans.

However, the higher the plan, the annual payout limit will increase.

What is more interesting, the mobile app, Pet Cloud, will help you gain access to your Figo account, find dog parks for your puppy to play, puts you in direct contact with a vet( available 24/7), and allows you to share photos with other owners.

The sample premium for dogs is $22.15 and for cats is $23.40.

6. PetFirst Pet Insurance

PetFirst was founded 17 years ago and so it happened that a few years ago was purchased by MetLife. Like the other pet insurance companies, this company is offering coverage for illnesses and accidents for dogs and cats, and, in addition, has the option to add routine care.

Like most of them, PetFirst will provide flexible annual deductibles, payment limits, and a decreasing deductible. They do not have a mobile app like Figo, but their website turns out to be pretty helpful as well.

$23.19 will be the price for a dog’s premium sample and for the felines, it will be around $12-$13.

7. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

This health insurance might be suitable for you and your pet because they offer flexible annual deductibles as well as adjustable payout limits.

They will provide coverage for accidents and illnesses and will financially support the treatment for behavioral matters such as destructive chewing, excessive licking, and so on.

Bonus: you have the option to attach a preventive rider to your main insurance plan. Bear in mind that ASPCA is not the same as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the health insurance company is not a part of the society and they also have licensed their name from the organization.

Fun fact: this is the only one from this list that has available health insurance for horses. The canine premium samples are a little over $32 and the one for cats is between $18-$19.

8. Nationwide

This pet health insurance company was the first one to make its debut on this market in the United States. It has a main arrangement that will have both preventive and routine care for your pets.

What is interesting is that they allow you to separately acquire accident and illness insurance or wellness plans.

Being the first pet insurance company in the states it also offers coverage for birds and animals such as chinchillas, ferrets, rats, amphibians, lizards, snakes, and tortoises.

While they are a bit more expensive than what we have presented you so far with a premium sample for dogs being $60.52 and the one for cats being $35.45, keep in mind they can give you wellness plans, unlike most of the companies in this industry.

pet insurance
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9. Pet Plan

Located in New York City, Pet Plan will cover the vet exams your pet needs, which is pretty rare among these companies, and also will ensure accidents and illnesses.

Having trouble making it to the vet? They came up with virtual visits which will make your life easier. Their policies come with annual deductibles as well as payment limits. They also have a mobile app which can be more accessible than a website.

How can I buy an insurance plan?

• Choose a company that you think might be your best fit

• Complete the forms

•Request your vet to send the medical records

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