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Want a Friend for Your Dog? These 8 Pets Will Become Best Friends With Your Pup

Does your dog want a friend? Get them one of these adorable little pets. They’re going to love them! 

If you already own a pooch but are also looking to extend the family with another member, it might be a tad worrying to find a pet whose personality will match perfectly with the dogs to become friends. With so many options for tiny animals, you must be certain that the next one you’re thinking of getting will not stress your dog, cause them to become aggressive, or awaken their prey instinct.

Fortunately, many small animals will get along with your dog, or at the very least tolerate him. Always follow your instincts, because this will frequently depend on the personalities of both animals! Whatever choice you make in the future, these small animals will all, without a doubt, get along with your dog. Choose the cutest, I dare you! It will be very challenging.

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Photo by westend61 from Envato Elements

1. Rabbits

Do you want a loyal friend for your pup? A rabbit is one of the wisest choices you can make if you want to adopt another pet. At first glance, it might seem like a weird combo because they are opposites, but if their personalities match, they will quickly become best friends.

However, before rushing into making a decision, read a bit about your dog’s breed. If it’s a hunting dog, make sure it’s calm and not very active, because otherwise the tiny fluff might be scared of the pooch. Once you make them bond, they will have a lot of fun together! And trust me, your kids and your grandkids will want to come more often to your place because of these two.

2. Parrots (or birds in general)

If you’re looking for a pet that can be your dog’s friend in an instant, adopt a parrot. Although in the beginning, it might seem a tad chaotic and unusual, both of them can live in peace together. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to play together, but when it’s time to sleep, in the blink of an eye, the majestic parrot will come over to cuddle near the pooch. Don’t forget that all dogs have hunting instincts, which is why it’s very important to introduce the two of them properly, and in case the pooch becomes aggressive, keep the bird in the cage when they are around.

3. Hamsters

Another surprising pet that can easily become your dog’s best friend is a tiny hamster. These pets can make a great duo because they can easily learn how to live with each other in harmony. However, it’s extremely important to slowly introduce them, and if the hamster seems scared, try again the next day. If your dog is big and energetic and has the unusual habit of jumping all over the room, don’t leave the two of them unsupervised! Keep your dog on a leash or teach him to respond to commands like “Sit!” or “Come here.”

4. Cats

You’re probably aware of the well-known phrase “fighting around like cats and dogs,” and since we know that dogs and cats don’t like each other but rather tolerate each other, we don’t think the two of them can become friends. However, I am here to tell you that this thing can be done. Everything depends on their personalities.

If you already own a dog but you’re thinking it may need a friend and the first option that comes to mind is a cute little kitten, don’t hesitate to adopt one. But be careful with their personalities because some cats can be super energetic (especially in their first two years of life) and some dogs can be pretty aggressive, and that might not be the friendship you want it to be.

Take your time to introduce them, and don’t leave them unsupervised for too long. Indeed, cats aren’t the most sociable animals, but if they befriend your pooch, I guarantee they will love each other very much!

And if you’re curious about what dog breeds get along with cats, check out this article. You’re going to love it, for sure!

5. Guinea Pigs

If you’re a Tik Tok fan, you probably saw the abundance of cute videos with dogs and guinea pigs. Everybody loves these buddies because they seem to enjoy each other’s company very much. But one thing you must keep in mind before adopting the tiny fellow is to introduce them very slowly. Why? Well, guinea pigs are extremely social and friendly, but at the same time, they get scared easily. But once they consider each other friends, they will be inseparable.

Time for a nap? Say no more! If the pooch wants to sleep, the guinea pig will shortly follow it to cuddle each other. This sounds like the ideal picture material!

6. Ferrets

Do you want a playful friend for your pooch? I have the perfect suggestion for you: adopt a ferret! If you want to bring even more energy and excitement to your home, ferrets are one of the best pets someone can have. However, you must make sure that a ferret and a dog get along properly when introduced, just like with other pets.

Remember that ferrets have a lot of energy. As a result, they might hop around and bother them, even jumping on your dog, and your pooch might find this annoying. If you notice this, you must keep an eye on the playtime of your pets in this circumstance! But in the end, they will be best friends, for sure. It will just take some time to know and understand each other’s behavior.

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Photo by Rovsky from Shutterstock

7. Any farm animal

Dogs have always accompanied farm animals to keep an eye on them, both today and in the past. Even though they are larger than parrots, for example, chickens can still be held in your lap so your dogs can get to know their new friend. If you start raising chickens as chicks, you’ll have lots of time for your dog to adjust and plenty of cute memories along the way!

However, if you live in the country and have quite a large backyard to raise other animals too, you can pick from sheep, goats, or even cows because your dog will get along with them very well. The only small detail you should keep in mind is to be careful if your dog is small or even medium-sized and you have a flock of animals. Don’t let them go unsupervised. They might unintentionally step on your dog and hurt it.

8. Chinchillas

Small dogs adore chinchillas! And honestly, who wouldn’t? Fluffy and tiny, but with huge personalities, chinchillas became a lot of people’s favorite pets. If you’re already a dog owner but have thought about getting a chinchilla as your second pet, don’t hesitate. Trust your instincts and make the right choice! I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

Despite the fact that most people tend to believe that dogs and chinchillas aren’t able to live together in peace, I am here to debunk this myth! To ensure their safety, start that process when the chinchilla is locked up. Let them smell each other. Observe whether the dog appears friendly or not. Try again the next day, if necessary.

Eventually, your dog will start being friendlier, and your chinchilla will dare to be more brave!

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