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8 Things You Probably Get Wrong About Pit Bulls

Unfortunately, there are many stereotypes and prejudices about this breed, as people tend to associate pit bulls with dangerous dogs because of their appearance. Many people believe that pit bulls are aggressive dogs that can endanger your life and those around you, but even if they have strong bodies, this does not mean that they are aggressive. It’s like saying that a tattooed man is a criminal, which is totally wrong!

However, what many people don’t know is that these pups are just like any other dogs and act according to your behavior and how you treat them. If you attack or threaten a dog, they will act accordingly because they need to protect themselves, right? This behavior can also be found in any species of animal and, of course, in humans. In addition, according to animal experts, the environment and the owners are responsible for the behavior of an animal.

Before adopting a dog, it’s important to make sure that you can raise, train, and socialize them properly. In fact, bringing a new pet home requires a lot of love, attention, responsibility, commitment, and maintenance costs. Regardless of breed, any dog can become aggressive when they feel threatened. Make sure that your pets have everything they need, and you will have a loving best friend for life.

Here are some things that you probably get wrong about pit bulls. Read on to find out more info!

Myth: Pit bulls have locking jaws

There are a lot of myths about these dogs, but one of the most common is that they have locking jaws, namely a mechanism inside their jaws that locks when they bite their victim. Of course, this is a false rumor. This stereotype arose because pit bulls have a lot of muscles in the jaw area and a very well-developed skull, plus a special biting style. To be more specific, these dogs tend to shake the prey without releasing it instead of biting and grabbing it again.

However, people who own a pit bull know that they should be aware of the break stick, namely that they have to know when and how to use the break stick. It is used when a pit bull bites something, and it’s inserted behind the back teeth and then twisted until they open their jaws. In general, police officers who work with pit bulls use this technique.

If you need a break stick for training, this one is a good choice.

pit bull
Photo by Matthew Lyon from Shutterstock

Myth: They are raised to fight

It seems that in 19th-century England, people bred pit bulls with other dog breeds, such as bulldogs and other terriers, to create strong dogs. However, because of their strong bodies, people used to organize shows in which a lot of dog breeds had to fight a bear for the amusement of a crowd.

This “sport” that involved animal cruelty was banned after a few years, but people continued to organize dog fights because they believed that these shows were entertaining and they could make money from them at the same time. So, people preferred the ancestors of pit bulls to fight, and that’s why individuals today still believe that pit bulls are fighting dogs.

Just like any other being, both humans and animals do what they are taught to do. Animal and human behavior are learned. So if you know how to raise your dog, they will definitely be good dogs. In other words, any dog breed can fight if they are raised that way, so it doesn’t mean that pit bulls are different from other dogs.

Myth: Pit bulls have the strongest bite

Many people think that pit bulls have the strongest bite, but this is another popular myth that you should stop believing. It’s yet another misconception that results from the biting style of a Pit Bull, namely that they bite and shake their victim, but this is completely false as studies have shown that they don’t have the strongest bite among dogs.

For example, according to a 2007 experiment done by Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic, pit bulls don’t have the strongest bite, compared to other dogs that have a better-developed skull. Barr measured the bite strength of three dog breeds, such as the pit bull, Rottweiler, and German Shepherd. After this experiment, he found that the Rottweiler had the strongest bite, followed by the German Shepherd and then the pit bull.

That being said, animal experts believe that the bite strength of a dog depends on the size and shape of its skull, so that’s why mastiffs can have a bite as strong as a lion’s bite.

Myth: They have an aggressive personality

As I stated at the start of this article, pit bulls are believed to have an aggressive personality, and you can’t raise one, especially if you have a family with kids, which is another myth about this dog breed that you should stop believing. First and foremost, the attitude of an animal, whether we are talking about dogs or humans, depends on how you treat them.

According to the American Temperament Test Society, a non-profit organization that analyzes the personality traits of any type of dog breed in order to determine if they are friendly or aggressive, pit bulls or American pit bull terriers have a relaxing and friendly attitude, 87% higher than other dogs, such as golden retrievers or German Shepherds.

Animal experts believe that some small- to medium-sized dog breeds, including collies and spaniels, are more likely to become aggressive than pit bulls. In fact, the media amplifies this myth by reporting only cases in which pit bulls attack a victim, but studies show that these cases are much rarer than those caused by Labradors, for example.

Myth: They can’t be ‘nanny dogs’ and are good as guard dogs

Due to their strong bodies, people believe that pit bulls are good guard dogs and can’t be around children because they are aggressive, but it seems that this is just a false rumor. Back in 1900, pit bulls were very popular due to their friendly personalities and loyalty, and people considered them perfect “nanny dogs”.

Actually, animal experts say that pit bulls can’t make good guard dogs because of their friendly and relaxing attitude, which makes them see an intruder as a friend rather than a possible danger. Many people used to adopt this dog breed in the past, but as dog fights became more popular, their adoption rate began to decline and misconceptions about them increased.

However, you can adopt a pit bull even if you have children, but as with any other dog breed or other pet, it’s important to supervise them and limit their interaction, because animals have instinctive behaviors and children aren’t aware that what they are doing may be wrong. And yes, this rule applies to every type of pet. If you don’t monitor your kids and pets, they can even be attacked by a cat, or vice versa.

Myth: They can’t provide emotional support

In general, people believe that golden retrievers make great therapy dogs, but according to animal experts, pit bulls are as good as them at providing emotional support for people who have suffered tragic experiences. Pit bulls can help people in need feel happier, exercise more, and form emotional bonds as well.

People who want to take advantage of some dog therapies, especially Americans, understand that pit bulls have a bad reputation, but they are actually good dogs with friendly personalities. For example, in 2013, the American Human Society awarded an American Her Dog Prize to a pit bull named Elle because she was the best therapy dog out there.

So, it’s important to understand that pit bulls aren’t as aggressive as you might think and can provide emotional support to anyone in need.

pit bull
Photo by Mary Swift from Shutterstock

Myth: Pit bulls that were trained to fight can’t be rehabilitated

As I said before, every human and animal behavior is learned and, of course, can be unlearned. So, if you thought that pit bulls that were once trained to fight couldn’t be rehabilitated, you are totally wrong. Even though these poor and innocent dog breeds were socialized to fight decades ago, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be resocialized.

However, according to animal experts, all dog breeds that were famous for dog fighting rings or that have suffered traumatic events and act aggressively to protect themselves can actually be trained to act normally and peacefully. So, that being said, if you choose to visit an animal shelter, you will see a lot of unadopted pit bulls that will risk being euthanized because people avoid them because they think that adult dogs can’t be trained to be friendly. Yet, it’s important to understand that they can be retrained and are constantly resocialized in animal shelters. In fact, dogs weren’t trained to attack humans but to fight with other dogs.

Myth: They can’t feel pain

There are many people who believe that pit bulls are soulless monsters, but have you ever seen a living creature feel no pain? This is one of the most ridiculous myths about pit bulls, to be honest. However, just like any other dog, pit bulls can actually have a sense of pain and can love and form bonds with other pets and people as well.

If you choose to adopt a pit bull, they may not be able to protect you from ‘haters’ who have a wrong impression about pit bulls and will discriminate against you for adopting one, but your pet will certainly be able to give you all the love in the world and a lifelong friendship. Don’t forget that people who aren’t able to understand other creatures will always judge and discriminate against them.

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