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Does Your Cat Stand Up on Two Paws? Here Are 6 Concerning Reasons Why

Does your cat stand up on two paws?

As much as we like petting cats, playing with them, or maybe cuddling with them on a lazy afternoon, we have to admit that they do many crazy things. From wandering around at home late at night, squeezing in the tiniest places ever, to waking you up at the crack of dawn because they want some attention, they’re not ordinary pets.

One of my friends has a cat named Luna, and I remember that one time I was over at her place and she was playing fetch with her fluffy companion. Her husband brought Luna a mouse toy, and she was over the moon for it.

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However, one of the funniest and cutest things cats do is stand up on two paws in front of you. Even though it’s not exactly their typical position, they don’t mind standing on their hind legs when they want something. So what do these beautiful creatures want to get from you when they stand like that? Let’s find out together and give meaning to their cute gesture!

What does this behavior mean?

Standing on their hind legs is quite normal for every fluffy companion, but it’s not natural for them to stand like that all the time, and especially not walking around like that.

According to veterinarians, standing on two paws is actually a cat’s response to a threat or a potential attack. However, it doesn’t mean that your pet feels threatened by you if they look at you while standing on their hind legs. It might be just a simple reaction or a playful gesture.

There’s no doubt that every cat and situation is different, but one thing that vets are sure about is that a cat is more likely to stand on their two paws when they want it. Here are 7 reasons why they do so:

1. They’re curious

Imagine this: there’s something that you’re not familiar with, something that’s near you, but you’re too short, so you can’t exactly see it. The first thing that comes to mind is to stay on your toes, right? That’s because you want to have a bigger picture and understand what happens near you.

That’s what your fluffy companion is more likely to do when they’re curious about something but want to have a better look. They’re tiny but very inquisitive pets, and standing on their two paws will allow them to have a better look and satisfy their curiosity.

2. They reach out for a treat

Just like any other animal that’s part of this world, including people (because, let’s be honest and real for a second, you’ll surely be more motivated to do something if you know that there’s something special waiting for you at the end of your hustle), cats are motivated by food.

If they see you holding a treat, they will lose their patience trying to get it, so don’t be shocked if you see your fluffy and lovely companion standing up on their two paws or even jumping up to get it from your hand.

3. They want your attention

Cats are more like you than dogs are, and there are times when they’re moody, impulsive, sociable, and easygoing. However, if your dog might be happy each time you give them a smooch or a hug, don’t expect your cat to behave in the same way. If they want to stay alone, they won’t care about your desire to pet them or play with them.

However, things change when they’re the ones who crave your attention. They don’t care that much about your personal space or schedule (that depends, of course, on how you thought them to be), so they’ll do everything they can to make you notice them.

For example, if they’re sick of meowing to get you to look at them or they notice that they don’t receive something although they keep getting closer to you, they will stand on their two paws to finally convince you to give them attention. It’s their easiest and best way to make others notice them, so it has to work with you, right?

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4. They want to stretch

Everybody needs to stretch, and the same thing applies to your pet. When you feel tired of sitting in your chair all day, you’re more likely to stand up on your feet and raise your arms for physical comfort.

If you notice that your beloved pet stands up on two paws and doesn’t have a reason to get into a fighting mood or doesn’t exactly look for your attention, it might be only because they want to stretch their limbs. Cute, right?

5. They’re excited about something

Do you know that when kids are excited and happy about something, they sometimes get up and start to applaud, jump around, or raise their hands? These cute gestures are their way of expressing their emotions, and they’re very adorable when they do so.

Well, sometimes your cat is just like a kid, so if they have something that makes them feel happy, they might stand up on their hind feet all of a sudden. These pets are very playful and funny, and I don’t have a cat at home, but I’m pretty sure that if my fluffy companion stood up on their paws because they were happy, I would simply melt—too much cuteness.

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6. They want to scope out a potential threat

I know, we already tackled this at the beginning of this article, but let’s go back to the threats because it’s NECESSARY to know these things so you can understand and bond with your fluffy family member better. Cats are felines, and they’re predators, so their fight response is inflated when they feel that they’re in a scary situation.

Like any other animal species that exist in nature, they will try everything that will make them appear as big and dangerous as possible when they don’t feel safe, so they’ll stand up on their two paws, trying to be perceived as intimate. Have you ever noticed your pet going into fighting mode?

Should you be concerned if your cat stands up too often?

According to vets, it’s not a big deal if you frequently notice your furry companion standing up on their two paws. The main reason they do that might be because they’d like you to have fun with them, hug them, and give them all your love and attention.

However, if you have multiple cats in your home and you see them fighting and standing up on their hind legs, it can be a warning sign, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call the vet.

I know that you want to know for sure whether your beloved pet is healthy and happy, so you should keep track of their behavior. Notice every change and try to learn their body language signals, so it won’t be a surprise when something happens. And for every concern you might have, your trusted vet will be there to support you and give you all their amazing tips each time you feel stuck!

If you want to bond with your cat and have fun while you spend your free time with them, playing with them and giving them treats is surely the way to go. There are hundreds of options on Amazon or in pet stores, so check them out and treat your fluffy family member to something new and exciting. If you have no idea, here’s something to inspire you!

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  1. My cat dose this when he wants to be picked up. He even raises his front legs up to reach for me like a toddler wanting to be picked up. It’s the only time he does it.

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