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These Dog Breeds Live so Long You’ll Grow Old Together

Would you like to have your dog forever? 

As you probably know, the average lifespan of a dog is about ten to thirteen years, but this aspect differs from dog to dog and from breed to breed. According to animal experts, small breeds tend to live longer than medium or large breeds, but we will find out the reason why in this article. 

However, one of the most important things that can influence their lifespan is their lifestyle, so if you’d like to improve the quality of life of your pet, you should pay more attention to their diet, daily exercise, and regular vet consultations. 

Of course, genetics will always play an important role in this equation, so that’s why you’ll find here some dog breeds that are more likely to live longer, regardless of living conditions. Read on to find out more info!

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Not only can they live up to eighteen years, but chihuahuas are also perfect for families with kids who live in apartments or small houses. Nevertheless, you have to teach your children how to interact with a dog, as these dog breeds are very fragile and can be easily injured.

Even though many chihuahuas may seem a little aggressive sometimes, the truth is that they have a loving and friendly personalities and love to spend time with their owners and follow them around the house.

This dog breed doesn’t require high maintenance costs or other special treatments, but you have to pay attention to their diet and behavior if you want to enjoy long company with your beloved furry friend. However, if you want to adopt a chihuahua, it’s important to know that they are also very intelligent animals who can learn a lot of new things. So, you don’t have to worry about their socializing and training process. 

Moreover, don’t forget that they can become aggressive with other dogs if they are not socialized properly. This dog breed is generally healthy, but they can be prone to developing certain diseases, such as patellar luxation and pulmonic stenosis.


This beautiful dog breed can live up to 14 years, which is perfect for families with young kids because they can grow up together. However, you should never leave them unattended. That being said, if you want to adopt a Maltese, you should know that they are extremely playful and intelligent and love to spend time with their families. 

Even though they look so innocent, this dog breed makes a good watchdog, so try to pay more attention to their behavior when there are other dogs and strangers because it can become aggressive. Of course, this can only happen if you don’t socialize them properly.

According to animal experts, some dog breeds that have been mixed with similarly sized dogs are more likely to live longer than other types of breeds. The Maltese are part of this category, so if you take care of them properly, they may be with you longer than you would have expected.


Did you know that a Pomeranian can live up to sixteen years? This dog breed is generally healthy, but just like any other breed, they can be prone to developing certain diseases, such as hypoglycemia, epilepsy, dental and eye problems, and shoulder luxation. However, if you take care of them properly, they can be with you longer. So, don’t skip regular vet consultations, feed them healthy foods and walk them daily. 

These cute Pomeranians are some of the most intelligent animals out there that love to meet new people and pets. So, if you want to adopt one, the best part is that you can have many other pets because they can get along together.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier (or Yorkie) is among the most popular toy dog breeds in America and can live up to sixteen years. They have a loving and friendly personality and are ready to conquer your soul with their elegant looks and intelligence. 

If you want to adopt a Yorkshire Terrier it’s important to know that they can be found even in animal shelters, despite being purebred dogs. In fact, this dog breed doesn’t require high maintenance costs or other special treatments, but you have to give them healthy foods, walk them daily and schedule regular vet consultations.

According to animal experts, this dog breed isn’t recommended for families with small children. Yet, it’s very important to start their training and socializing process from an early age, especially if you want them to get along with other pets. 

In general, Yorkshire Terriers are healthy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t prone to developing certain diseases, such as patellar luxation, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), portosystemic shunt (PSS), and hypoglycemia.

Shetland Sheepdog

With a lifespan of around twelve to fourteen years, these cute dog breeds can actually live longer if you provide them a good and healthy lifestyle. Although they are purebred dogs, you can also find them in animal shelters. 

The best part of owning such a dog is that not only are they smart and beautiful, but they also have a friendly personality, which makes them simply ideal for families with young children. However, it’s important to train and socialize them properly. 

The Shetland Sheepdogs love to spend time with their family, but they can get sensitive if you leave them alone for too long. Among the most important things that you have to take into consideration before adopting a dog is to make sure that you can give them all they need in terms of food, care, exercise, health, and affection.

Photo by Fayzulin Serg from Shutterstock


Even though this dog breed can live up to fifteen years, they can be prone to developing certain dental problems and patellar luxation. According to Emmy-award-winning veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber, “It’s amazing how people ignore the oral health of their dog and the effect it can have on the body. Regular dental care and checkups are critical.”

If you want to adopt one, you need to know that, like the two previous breeds mentioned in this article, this purebred dog can also be found in animal shelters. They are highly intelligent and trainable, which makes them excellent competitors in obedience competitions. 

This cute dog breed can be the perfect pet for families with children and other dogs, but you have to start the socializing process from an early age. They love to spend time with their owners, so try to give them as much love and affection as you can.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is a long-lived breed, so it will be a member of your family for years. They can live up to fourteen years and are originally from Tibet. This dog breed was once considered a royal watchdog, but nowadays they are the perfect family companion who will do anything to protect their family. 

Don’t forget that it’s very important to start their socializing process earlier if you want them to be friendly. In addition, Lhasa Apso needs a lot of grooming. 

In general, this dog breed is healthy, but just like any other breed, they are prone to certain diseases, such as cherry eye, patellar luxation, sebaceous adenitis (SA), and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

Shih Tzu

With a lifespan of up to sixteen years, the royal and beautiful Shih Tzu is one of the most affectionate and intelligent dogs breeds out there. Shih Tzus love to follow their owners around everywhere and can be the perfect pet for families with children and other pets. 

If you live in an apartment or a small house you can adopt this dog breed. Additionally, you shouldn’t leave them alone for too long, unless they are properly trained. 

In general, they are healthy, but some of them can be prone to heat stroke, hip dysplasia, juvenile renal dysplasia (JRD), bladder stones and bladder infections, and eye problems. 

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  1. My tzu is 15. He is still learning new tricks. I’m helping him learn that there sre 3 doors before our house. Some days are better than others

  2. I have 9 Wire Haired Fox Terriers buried in my yard over the last 53 years – a Schnauzer, a Jack Russell and alllll of them have lived to 17, 18, 19 years of age – NO shots, all Homeopathic vaccines, all organic food that I make myself – some were on a raw diet, including raw chicken necks, – also their water same as ours is Distilled water that has been magnetized, energized, solarized and had 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide added to it ( creates oxygen, kills, virus, bacteria, mold and more) and also add Homeopathic minerals ) check out books on Amazon on Hydrogen peroxide 35% Food Grade – books back to 1893; book by Dr Donsbach, By Claude LeBeau – I am 81 with absolutely no health problems – no doctors in my life.

    1. Hello Helen Campbell, I have found your information interesting…especially about Hydrogen peroxide. Please clarify for me are you saying you add the peroxide to your diet or just the dogs?
      I had a GERMAN SHEPPARD who lived to be 16 years of age. Such an AWESOME animal. I truly miss her. She was six weeks old when received. She stayed with a trainer for 30 days when she was three or four months. When she returned she was the best Dog with a great vocabulary! She’s been gone over a year now! I’m thinking of a BereneDoddle. I would like a smaller Dog who doesn’t shed sooo much.
      Congratulations on 81 years of age! Other helpful hints please! God Is Good!

      Suggestions please!

      1. Clara – I have two bernedoodles. They are great dogs. They are not small though. They both weigh 80 lbs.

      2. Clara
        We have a small dog of a Norwich Terrier which is very friendly loves people and sheds very very little .

      3. I’ve heard of adding 35% peroxide to the household well. Also, it can be diluted and used as a spray on plants instead of toxic bug spray.
        As hydrogen peroxide dissipates it neutralizes as water. You must keep the cap on the bottle if you want it to be effective.

      4. Clara I had 2 shih tzus, my male rescue passed last Sept at 16 years old. My female will turn 16 April 24, I got her at 8 weeks old. They are great dogs and she’d very little, though they do need to be groomed regularly. I always kept my dogs hair short, much easier to care for.

    2. In the past I have enjoyed two wire haired fox terriers. Both lived to almost 17 years. And were the most loveable, loving pets that God has generously blessed us with. They both had good regular vet care, ate regular dog food and slept with me every night. Jane

      1. My collies have all lived to be at least 16, with one living to 18. All were euthanized when hip dysplasia (which collies are known to be prone to) became too painful and caused issues with their quality of life. Otherwise, they may have lived a few years longer.

    3. Wow…. you are amazing. I’m 73 and in good health but I will sure consider your methods for myself and my dogs and cats. My Jack Russell is on Raw food now but last year at 14 his tongue was removed from cancer. He is spoiled rotten now and doing well with lots of energy. I do feel animal food is the reason our pets are not living as long as they could. Thank you for your post Helen.

      1. Carrol, I agree with you 100%!
        The dog food out there is definitely killing our dogs way before their time!!

    4. Helen,
      I’m amazed! Both for you and your dogs. I’m 75, and can’t say the same about NOT having docs in my life or my pets.
      Do you think it’s too late for me and my husband to start your plan?
      Linda Romani

    5. had jack Russell was 18 years we just pull down a few weeks ago was blind kidneys were working she amazing dog still painful lost liked human food best also mix breed dog as KID LIVED 23 YEARS ALWAYS BE WAITING FOR US KIDS TO GET HOME FROM SCHOOL GOLDEN LAB BUT WAS MIX BREED WAS LESS THAN HALF THE IN-SIZE WEIGHTING ABOUT 40 LBS SHE ALMOSTLY ATE HUMAM FOOD NOT DOG FOOD NEVER

    6. Absolutely the truth as many animals have lived long HEALTHY holistic lives! I’m a Naturopathic Specialist, with a PhD in nutrition. My own Rotties lived 15 yrs. and one of my horses made it to 34!

    7. Wow! You are great! With your dogs, your lifestyle and best if all your respect 💚

    8. May you all live a wonderful long living happy one thank you for sharing. I have a Yorkie 13 and toy poodle 14 though my Yorkie has had to have surgery for trachea he is doing great . We also feed them chicken use to be raw but to high in protein so we now organic fish and beef . I let them live no cut backs for us, and I’m so happy as they bring it to me. I lost my entire family and only have my two younger sisters . I meet people and have found friends that have became family. I’m 51 and my two kids are my life . I wouldn’t expect others to understand how they kept me. May you forever have happiness!!!

    9. That is awesome!!! There is so much poison in today’s world; stores as well as inviroment. My dog has never had tap water…………always from a Burky. But I do have to keep up on the oral issues which is is known to have……………I see you added Peroxide to your dogs water? Maybe that is one way to go. I think what you are doing is beautiful!

  3. I have had many dogs in my life, I am 80 yrs old, but the longest was my German Short hair Pointer, I lost her at 13 years old. my Airedale was 10 and on his birthday. they died of cancer. My GSP died of lefnodg cancer. myAD died of aggressive melonober cancer. We had the cancer separatist for six weeks and there was nothing he could do. Echo my GSP I doctor for about 8 week and I had to let her go. She was my show dog and a Chaperon. the other were 11, or 12.

    1. We have had two German short haired pointers. The first made it to 16 and the current one is 15.5years. She can’t walk anymore but she is still very loving. Both dogs ran at the park off leash every day for most of their lives.

  4. Chihuahuas are in fact very nice dogs which way too often get a very bad wrap. With regards to kids, I would recommend that people with really young children not consider getting one of these as a pet. Little children tend to find these diminutive dogs irresistible and as a result, they are often mishandled, sometimes much too aggressively. This will result in aggressive behaviors in these dogs who are simply trying to defend themselves. Before you know it, they will bite and you will be upset. Chihuahuas are the 2nd second highest breed to be euthanized in the US which is not necessary if people just take the time to understand the typical behavioral attributes of the breed of dog they are considering.

  5. We have had Doberman Pincers all adopted from the pound and all lived to be 16-18 years old. We hand cooked their food. We spoiled them rotten and they always slept with us.
    They held off going to heaven because they said they were already in dog heaven!!!
    Good for you and your doggies too !!

    1. I hear Dobies are moody and sometimes will even turn on their masters. Is this true?

      In relation to this discussion today, my wife has laid down the law… She told me from day one if I wanted a dog, it would be without her as my wife. I had to choose. So I took about three days to decide (LOL) and finally decided the wife stays. She is allergic to flea bites and was bitten badly by a dog when she was a little girl. She had to have rabies shots! Can you imagine the horror of that whole situation with a little girl?

      As far as owning a dog is concerned, I think even if I was allowed to have one, I might not choose to have one, even though I love most dogs. The reason is I would get TOO attached to it and then when it dies after 20 years, I would GRIEVE HARD for it, just like I would a close family member. I thought dogs lived a lot longer than a mere 20 years. I had no idea their live spans are on average so short! Wow…. bummer.

      1. Your perception of Dobermans being moody and turning on their owners is completely and utterly wrong. They are the sweetest and most loving, intelligent dogs I’ve ever owned. The key to any dog is that they get the proper training as little pups, socialization and vet care. I get my Dobermans from the best breeder in the States. The parents come directly from Europe and are bred for Temperament, Health and Longevity, first and foremost. Plus they look like a Dobie should look – big and stocky, after all they are Guard Dogs. You pay a bit more for a pup, but it’s so worth it. They are a magnificent dog.

        1. We had a Doberman that growled at me once she was in heat and I was fussing at her because she ran out the door and I chased her around the block before I was able to get her home. We also had a German Shepard at the same time who was jealous of the Doberman so I let the German Shepard in the house so I could fuss at the Doberman and naturally she behaved and listen.

      2. Doug McComb, you should volunteer at a shelter. They are always looking for help cleaning kennels, walking dogs, socializing dogs, transporting to vet appointments etc. You can get to know and play with as many dogs as you like. I love volunteering at our local shelter. I have found my people!

      3. A Doberman is a joy to own. Exceptionally smart, loyal and intuitive, they are so easy to train if you have the skill. If not, it’s essential that you get professional help to do it right. When properly trained and socialized, the Dobie has no equal. Given all that, this is no breed for idiots! Much like the Pit Bull, irresponsible owners have contributed to giving the Doberman an edgy reputation. Also, this highly intelligent dog needs daily attention, exercise and work. Integrate your Dobie into your daily family routine, train, socialize and show him off, proving to the rest of the world, what a wonderful breed they can be.

  6. Not surprising that they’re all small breeds. I have a 15 year old female Husky, and though I don’t know when her last day on Earth will be with me, each day I do have with her is a blessing! Healthy food, the proper supplements and a low stress home (and possibly genetics as well) are what, I believe, have contributed to her long life.

  7. Amazing and something to think about. If you have the money. Would think all the organic and homeopathic stuff would b expensive. But would like to know more about it. for health reasons due to being a paraplegic.

  8. My oldest dog a Miniature Schnauzer. He died 2 weeks before age 17. Schnauzers don’t shed, great with kids, love to learn tricks and prefer being with you than alone. For this reason a lot of people have 2. Twice the fun and they still prefer being with you. One dog loved to play soccer with my son.

  9. I have a Llassapoo that is currently 16 1/2 years old. He has been on a raw diet for years and has slowed down this year but still doing quite well considering he’s so old. He’s amazing! We adore him and pray he is with us for another few years.

  10. Our Sheltie just passed at 18.5. He rarely went to the vet and never had his teeth cleaned. He ate kibble and some chicken. He went on many walks. Best family dog ever!

    1. Our ADOPTED Shelty was very shy of strangers. Hated cats. She was not a lover of anything…more like a cat…HO HUM about everyone and everything!
      We finally decided it was her initial owners who may have abused her. She was most aggressive to me, when we first brought her home..snapped at me on a regular bases for several months…I feel, since I am a male she was most certainly a abused of her previous male owner!
      She could never be my best friend, no matter how hard I tried .( I wished for, sooo much.) I had just lost my best friend in the entire World…my Springer Spaniel…She loved me from morning to night…meet me for breakfast and kiss me before going to bed, The night she passed away at 12 1/2, I actually slept on the floor beside her with one hand on her all night. I have her ashes on a picture display in our L.R. and say a few words to her, occasionally, as I pass by!. .Am I sick?…..NO , Just still in love with my best friend, Ginger….now and always! Buzzy, from Beaufort, SC

      1. We lost our Ginger 6 months to the day before her 17th birthday, yes 17. Vets were amazed by her. Springer’s life expectancy is 12 to 14 at best. She developed cancer and at her age was not anything they could do but she was comfortable and loved until she let me know it was time and she did. Took her to vet had her put to rest and loved on her every minute. She too is on my dresser. I say good night to her every night.

    1. We had 3 coton de tulears- mom, dad, and baby. Dad lived just short of 17 yrs, mom 17 1/2 yrs, and baby also 17 years. Wonderful for all ages. Love to play with young children etc., sit on laps of elderly, and enjoyed being part of family. They slept with us.

  11. I am Chihuahuas all the way!! I have had three. First lived to 22 years, second lived to 21 years and my new one is just a year old. These dogs are so funny and playful, great travelers, great snugglers, good watchdogs also. Just give them a bath here and there ,feed them a high protein diet and keep them warm and they just keep on going!

    1. I’m with you Marly! We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to rescue a 1/2 Chuauwa & 1/2 Dachshund pup, “Poohkie!” She was quite a sight that only a mommy would think was perfectly beautiful! I just love both breeds! She was the sweetest, most loving…watch dog ever! I just love that she was a cuddle-bug who slept with us in our bed…in fact when my sister was visiting & went to go to bed, I could hear her burst out laughing because our little girl had beat her to it. When my sister threw back the comforter she got quite the surprise! There under the covers just waiting for her was our Poohkie, looking right back at her with the “What? I was just making sure you felt at home!” look! Unfortunately, she was hit by a bus when she snuck out of the house to follow my daughter to school 😪 too sad! She was definitely a blessing for the 8yrs we got to love her 💕

  12. We had two golden Retrievers. The female lived to 17 and her half brother lived to 15/. A day does not go by that I don’t miss them, I also had 2 cats live to 21 and 22.

    1. Hi to hear this is so wonderful, we had two Goldens Sunny, and Cruse, Cruse passed with cancer at 8 years, Sunny passed at 9years of cancer, hope to heaven doctors find a cure we really love these Goldens.

      1. Food dyes are a useless additive to pet food, that
        manufacturers say it’s to “make the food look more palatable”. Palatable for who? Dogs & cats don’t care what color their food is, but the food dyes are harmful to them. The manufacturers could start by removing them.

        1. YES ! Food dyes are useless and chemically harmful in dog and human food. What are these manufacturers thinking ? Does anyone have any COMMOM sense anymore ? Thanks for your post

      2. Raw feeding is the way ! Kibble is crap, has way too much sugar, sugar/carbs feed cancer! My 2 goldens on kibble died young of cancer, my other 2 raw fed did not.

  13. i have a pomeranian. Her name is emma. she is very beatuful i had another pomeranian named holly before her but she passed away at age nine. she wasn’t spade fast enough and developed a condition. i can’t r emember the name. she was also very beautiful. love my dogs. thanks for the posting.

  14. I had a ShihTzu who lived to be 17 years and 9 months old and my current shihtzu will turn 11 in May 0f 2021!Sadly 2 of the shihtzus I have had over the last almost 53 years were hit by cars and One died being Spayed

  15. Our little 10 lb Bichon Frize lived to be 17 yrs 7 months. We got him at 12 weeks old because the breeder said they need to stay with their mother until she teaches them manners. Loved every minute with him. He was the ultimate pleaser. Never wanted to mess up. It is my breed of choice. I grew up with chihuahuas, and when I got married, we had a black lab and a mini schnauzer and then our Bichon. I have cancer and am too old to get another puppy. We may foster in the future because I love animals.

    1. I had a Bichon he lived to 14 years and was the joy of our lives. We called him the little lion, he was so regal. The big negative was that he would manage to run a way in the neighborhood so we had to look for him and then he would just walk back to the house with his tail up and head in the air. He was always next to us when we were not feeling well to keep us warm and to be concerned. He is in our hearts always.

  16. we had a SHELTIE make it to 20. The best pal ever and we sure miss him. If your dog passes…………I hope you will have the courage to get another right away. We have a large rough collie and a new sheltie puppie. they are great together. Like a comedy show all the time.

  17. Growing up I had a few different breeds. But, the fox terrier we had lived 20 years. She had a great life and ate a home cooked Italian dinner everyday. She was playful and she was even hit by a car once and my Dad nursed her back to health. She died suddenly after being really tired for two days. She had no energy and just lay there. On the second evening she just closed her eyes. Her name was Cindy. Great dog……..,

  18. We had dogs as children but o oh one dog as adults. He was sent to us by angels. We love h II m but eventually had to give him up because others were afraid of him. He was a gentle giant German Shepherd who barked a lot and was terrified of cars. He had a crippled back leg. Living in the country, our neighbors had many dogs at a time over many years. I think the dogs thought we were their human grandparents. When our neighbors were gone the dogs came to our house. We loved each of them and a few were extra special to us. When their human daddy died of cancer, they mourned so hard. We did too. He was like a younger brother to us. The dogs stayed here more and more. There were 3 at that time all large breeds. I’ve never seen such mourning by animals. It was heart breaking. It was if they all gave up and gave in to emotion. No amount of gentle loving could help. One by one they gave up and crossed the rainbow bridge. I cry now as I remember them. It has been at least 5 years now. We bought a yard statue in honor of our wonderful neighbor and friend, Don. He loved all animals, both wild and tame. The statue is of St. Francis. We carry the dogs in our hearts. There will be no more dogs here. We are too old to play with them now. Sweet memories. Hazel the blind Beatle who was so gentle and would sneak up behind you and gently tap your ankle for a petting. She was my favorite. I would open a can of tuna or salmon and she would be tapping on my door within minutes. As I said, we live in a very rural area but she had a nose that was unbelievable. She would go running across the yards and through the woods, nose to the ground. When something was in her way she would stop short, sniff her way around the obstruction and continue on her journey. What a dog!!!!

  19. I have had 4 very senior doggies in my 73 yrs 2 Toy poodles Shady Lady and Bear both lived to 18 yrs, a Lhasa Apso Tillie 17 1/2 yrs, and a very feisty 22 yr old Toy Fox Terrier Miss Penny. So very fortunate to have had them for the yrs I did and wish all my doggies had been to stay with me as long as these did! 💕

  20. Mom’s childhood dog was a Sheltie mix & lived to nearly 20, & even then, did not die naturally. Being a farm dog (who ate only “people” food fr the farm…no commercial dog food) & aged, she was nearly blind/deaf, but she still went to the barn every day to “work.” A delivery truck ran over her 🙁 in the lane. (You’d THINK business/delivery people coming onto your property would be mindful of your pets, children, belongings, & property!!! but, NO.) My childhood dog, a beagle/Manchester Terrier mix, was nearly 19 & we put her down after a stroke, tho’ she was “game” to stump around & allow us to take her out to pottie, it was too painful to watch & very hard on her. My present longest-loved dog was a stray we took in, a definite mix of Lab/Shar-Pei/Mastiff. She was a gentle, huge, well-muscled dog, of 130 lb. She lived easily through a cancer surgery, at age 9, & at 14, all organs were still uber-healthy, but she had spinal stenosis that eventually did not allow her to walk, & so we had to say good-bye. I still miss her gentle & loving spirit every day. My vet initially told me to NOT keep her b/c of the obvious Shar-Pei/Mastiff in her, & she was afraid of men (at the time–which went away almost pronto b/c my husband is such a dog lover/spoiler). I cried in the vet office and he resignedly listed her as a “Lab mix” in her records & agreed to have her as a patient. After treating her for years, when we had to put her down, the entire vet office cried & cried…they had grown to love her as much as we did, calling her “the gentle giant.” I recently lost a cat who was born on our property, so I know exactly how old he was….23 1/2. No matter how long our furry friends live, it’s never long enough for us, tho’ it might have been mighty good for them.

    1. We had our Shellie poodle mix for 17 years. I still grieve her. We have had other dogs who were and are awesome but Daisy was our very first family dog and will always be first in my heart!

  21. I had a dachshund that lived past his 20th birthday,and they didn’t even make the list, he ate cheese every day and otherwise ate the same things I did, he had a large yard and spent a lot of time outside, sometimes it’s just genes.

  22. I suggest you consider schipperkes being added to your longevity list. I have had many schips who have blessed us with 15 or more years with us. Recently I took in a 15 YO who had several health issues. After treatment he was active and in good health until 17 1/2. Another rescue lived in good health until 19. The other standout was a schip go amazed our vet. He had a dental done at 19 after senior bloodwork came back near perfect. He passed in his sleep at 23.

  23. My beagle just passed away 4 days ago at 15 years old and 5 months. He was the best dog ever! We are still mourning😢

  24. My female pekingese was 17yrs when she passed. She still hot up and tried steps to go out to potty. She held on till I got my daughter. I said just wait till after Christmas and she did. Sitting there she looked over my shoulder and I said it’s OK, go be with your baby’s and her ” uncle Ronnie ” my brother. And then she collapsed in my arms. We screamed and everyone came running. She didn’t need “put down”. My male pekingese was 20 and started having seizures. And not using steps,couldn’t see well. It was so hard,still is. I’ll never recover.

  25. I dearly loved every Boxer I have owned . My first was a rescue from the local pound . She was scheduled to be put down when adopted to save her . She was fantastic with kids . The vet told us in her final year that she was very old as boxers go , 16 yrs by estimate and we had owned her for 15 of those years . A sweeter dog with children I had never met . When she passed another sweet girl replaced her and a beautiful male replaced that one when she passed . Each was loving and a joy to own . The love any dog gives is given unconditionally no matter what breed or pedigree . Even my two hybrids are loving even if their mother bring a wolf is misunderstood . Now in my golden years , I am reluctant to have a pet that will morn my passing . They have feelings and emotions too

  26. My dog is a Pitbull, Boxer mix. Daisy May is in her thirteen year. She has Arthritis in her rear legs that prohibits her ability to go on long works. I use a rear harness on her to get around, but she still has a movement problems. She has routine visits to her Vet and the people there are amased at her longevity.

  27. My St Bernard and Springer Spaniel lived to 16 years old. I have 2 Jack Russells one will be 14 years old in September and the other 13 years old in September. I keep them very active, they go everywhere with me. Jack Russells keep going and going and going, like the Energizer bunny.😂😍❤️🐾🐕

  28. My furbaby Dakota is 17 years old. Not a purebred. He’s part Australian cattle dog and Boston terror. He’s partially blind, has very few teeth and sleeps a lot. But all in all he’s still spicy and bossy and still eating. Feed him a whole made diet of brown rice, sweet potato and pumpkin along with cooked diced chicken. He never lets me forget when its his feeding time. Love him to pieces. He’s my soul mate.

  29. My sweet Petey boy, an 11-pound Toy Poodle, our little baby. We got him at 9 weeks old and he lived for 18 years, 3 months. He was such a big part of our lives. We lived in the Florida Keys through most of his life, he loved going out in the boat and swimming in the ocean. We moved to the North Carolina mountains, and he spent the second half of his life hiking with us. In the years since, we had 4 different small pound dogs, and unfortunately they had short lives. Our current baby is a miniature poodle, about 16 lbs, at about 4 y.o. and filling our lives with joy.

  30. I have a 16 year old black and white Labrador mix. She still likes to catch the football and loves to run.

    I think dog food is poisonous.

    I feed Mia, my dog, rotisserie chicken every day. And that is all she likes.

    My bishon firisee had 3 bouts with cancer before dying at age 15. She suffered her last 5 years. I fed her dog food made in the USA. The Chinese dog food is supposedly even worse. Never tried it but was told u can’t trust any food from China. I believe that! Plus by the time it gets here it is probably stale. She did love watermelon but not sure how that impacted her health. Doubt watermelon can cause cancer. Hope not. I love it too!

    Best to feed them meats u eat. My dog does not like anything else. Just beef and chicken. Hates pig meat for some reason. Will eat fish but not her favorite. Hates sugar and salt. Can smell it from a mile away. We know sugar and salt are bad for humans too. Especially in excess!

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