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7 WORST Dogs to Have as Pets, According to Vets

Worst Dog
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Which breeds do you think are the worst dogs to own?

Dogs are widely and happily considered man’s best friend. But if you’re thinking about getting a dog for the first time, one of the most significant questions you can ask yourself is: Which is the WORST dog I could possibly own?

There are almost 200 pure-breed dogs and an unlimited number of cross-breeds out there. So there’s no reason to get a pooch you can’t control or care for correctly. Some may be aggressive, while others need excessive activities. There are also those with a shorter life span.

But whatever the case may be, keep reading as we look at the 7 worst dog breeds you can get that might give you cause for concern.

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36 Responses

  1. You guys are so off base! I have a pit/boxer mix. 70/30. He is the friendliest dog Ive ever been around. Loves all humans and other animals…maybe not squirrels. I have met many pitbull owners. They love their pits. Generally super friendly. Not aggressive. And also extremely low maintenance. Get the facts!!
    Have you talked to many vets for their thoughts? Not likely!

    1. i never heard of a lab or a golden retriever attacking and killing them or tearing them up for life just because yours may be fine others sure are not . a very dangerous breed in many ways and many of a pit owner have echoed your same words until…….

  2. i currently have TWO Great Danes ages 11 and 12. they are the sweetest animals in the world and i wouldn’t trade them for anything. both are adopted. the younger one was abused and we had some issues when we first rescued her at age 4 but she is the sweetest little girl. I would recommend Danes to anyone. Our first was a male and he would wait in our driveway for school to let out to play with the kids every day. He did die young (8) which is why we replaced him quickly with our current two.

  3. Pit Bull is not a breed of dog — it is a class of dogs. The class contains several breeds to include the breeds American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

  4. Named after Mt Shasta in northern calif, my Alaskan Malamute-German Shepherd cross who lived for 11 years was a fantastic companion dog. Was my loyal hiking, camping and traveling buddy. Easy to train, very social with adults, children and other dogs. When certain humans or other species concerned her, she alerted with a low growl but was never aggressive or bit anyone. Good protector, not much of a barker and was really a “shadow” dog. Only criticism I had was her love of digging. She destroyed all backyard plants and lawn during her lifetime.

  5. We have adopted and loved many Great Danes. All were gentle giants except one. As you described, he was hyper active and nuts. Due to his behaviors it was advised we put him down when he was 9 months old and already 120 lbs. Our other Danes were wonderful but expensive. The giant breeds cost more to feed and medical bills are much higher due to their size. Potential owners must take that into consideration as they become part of your family and you want to keep them happy and healthy. Plus be prepared to wipe slobber high off your walls when they shake their heads!

  6. I’m 79 and prefer big dogs. When 3 kids were little we had a wonderful German Shepherd for 8 yrs.
    After that, we had 5 pairs of Great Danes, owners have two, all colors, and my favorite dog. All my
    children are now big dog folks, with Danes and Mastiffs and never a problem – lucky or smart owners I guess. my Danes live to be over 10, 11 12 never slept on cement or were over weight. Our good fortune carries on today, having had 3 or the 7 breeds, amazing.

  7. I had a Rottweiler and he was the sweetest dog and I had a baby and a major. Nobody went near him so I don’t wanna hear nothing bad about Rottweilers

    1. I had a rott/ husky great dog he lasted 11 years i miss him alot my beast friend an was frindly with people

  8. I bred and raised Great Danes for 25 years. They are not territorial or aggressive. I imagine you could find one that had those characteristics, but that is uncommon for the breed. They are lazy, sweet and good natured. They are called the Heartbreak Breed due to their early deaths. They are also called the Gentle Giants because they are both. My children learned to walk using our Danes for support. I never worried about my babies taking naps with my dogs. They were very tender with them. They do not need a large fenced in yard, but that would be nice for them. They are excellent pets for anyone who will invest their time in training them as puppies. If you do not take that time, you should not own any dog, but it especially important with a dog who will over-power you in no time at all.

  9. I’m a dog owner our small dog is a great member of our family I’m so sorry to see so many dogs that are very aggressive and could cause great harm to people.
    I have friends that had Akitas and Rittewellrs but we’re well trained.
    That’s the Most Important Thing

  10. We own two of the breeds listed – German Shephard and Alaskan Malamute. Both are great with children and defend their families. I do agree that the Malamute is difficult. This one is our 4th Malamute, three purebreds and one Shephard/Malamute mix. The mix was the best , smartest and easiest to train. Malamutes are stubborn and difficult to train. They definitely are destructive, we’ve lost chairs and couches, outdoor cushions, dentures, glasses, and tons of toys. After they are two they tame down and are mostly out of the chewing stage however, they always remain food aggressive. You also have to watch their aggression toward other family pets. This one and the last had a terrible problem with our boxer, who was older. Malamutes like to assert their dominance and you have to make sure they know who is alpha. Our Shephard, on the other hand, is mellow and just holds back. He loves kids and runs with them, and will put himself between other people and dogs who they are leery of,.

  11. I have breed and raised bull
    Mastiffs for many years! They were breed as guard dogs for sentry work in Europe years ago NOT WAR dogs!!
    They are protective just as any other animal would be as part of their pack! I’ve raised my children around them from babies and never once a problem. So I’m not sure where your getting your information but you might check with reputable Breeders for their input before spewing drool about dogs you don’t know anything about, except reading stats which can be skewed any way one wants them! Thanks

  12. Informative and well written article. So important to educate prospective dog owners before they buy or adopt a certain breed.

  13. i think you are correct especially regarding pit bulls. a danger to people and other animals. that’s why you see mostly this type in shelters to be adopted. people don’t realize what they are getting

  14. This list is awesome and very much appreciated ..I am not an animal lover but I have a great fear of huge dogs. The pit bull I hate the most. I’m glad it was on the list..oddly enough one was loose the other day and was following us and getting close as we walked fast to get away ..luckily our building was right there

    1. I have only owned one Rott He was never neutered he weighed 135 lbs and he had a mind and a sense of humor When we moved to a new home he took off to look around. The house is on a acre but other houses used the easement through our property When we realized he was gone we went looking for him. we didn’t find him so we came home He was here. Preventing the neighbors from leaving their driveway and the neighbor was a cop. He was glad to see us, Said he was considering shooting him. Typical Doberman behavior. ” you can come in My people are’t home” You just can’t leave until they get here.”

  15. I worked as an Emergency room nurse for 20 years the worst case of dog attacks i have seen are from the Akita bar none. Even being raised in a family they only answer to the one person who is the Alpha in the family all others fall behind the Akita. Even simple horse play with the alpha in the house hold will cause the Akita to attack the other member of the family. The dog bites I’ve seen have been against family members who were mostly engaged in horseplay with the alpha in the household.

    1. I’ve had 2 Akita’s. one long hair and one short hair never had a problem with them they were wonderful Protecters. anyone can walk into my house of course only family and friends. loved that they were not barkers. especially when a stranger was at my door, they just wait with their teeth clearly visible and waiting for the stranger. Great Dogs even with kids in the park that they didn’t know. I only train them to go out to do their necessity. BEST DOGS AND PROTECTERS.

  16. The last statement; “Also, if not trained from an early age, they can become dominating towards everyone around them, including their owners.” Isnt this true for any dog that is not trained properly? I train my own, have owned shepherds in the last 30 years and can attest they are the smartest and most loyal dogs that I have ever owned.

    1. The most important words in the message are training. I agree that any untrained dog can be a problem as well as dangerous.Teach them while they are young that YOU are the boss!

  17. Thank you. Owners never believe their loving dogs can attack. Years ago a neighbor’s Akita killed my Pekingese in a split second even though they knew each other for many months. Years after that a neighbor in a different city lost hold of her German Shepherd that killed my chihuahua. Both of my dogs were passive & the attacks were within seconds.

  18. We have had German Shepherds and the only thing I did not like was all the hair, you had to take care of them, other than that they were great.

  19. If you have to rely on a book or a video to train a Herman shepherd why would you use? I cannot afford professional training and I am also disabled.

  20. Listing a German Shepherd dog as one of the worst breeds to own was without merit! I have owned 2 and been around many others. They will not turn on children. One of the things I read up on them before getting my first one was , that they are fiercely loyal and protective of children in the household! When my kids were young we could leave them to play in the backyard and he was a great babysitter! We were in the house of course and would take notice every once in awhile! He kept them very safe!

  21. Stop with the nonsense already! Any dog can be aggressive. Humans create most of the bad traits and then blame the poor animal!

  22. This is your Opinion not true Facts
    What you call pity is not actually true.
    There are many breeds to these so called pit bulls
    I’m on my second staffy rescue.
    I personally wouldn’t own any other dog. You only trait I think one should worry about is that they’re very very protective of children.
    Any dog not properly trained can be dangerous?
    I’ve come across many vicious chihuahuas. I think if you’re gonna write an article like this. You should become familiar with what you’re writing about personally.

  23. This article should be titled -‘ dogs that lazy owners should never have’. All of the dogs listed can make great pets, they just require some (or a lot) of work on the part of the owners. Chihuahuas should be on this list too.

  24. My vet is Kevin Fitzgerald. He’s adored my last pocket pit as well as my staffing. Both have had 0 aggressive behavior. My pocket pit lived 17 yrs. The staffing is now 4 yr. I’ve had to defend both against stray aggressive dogs.
    Neither have ever had professional training.
    Any animal can be aggressive if raised incorrectly.

  25. That’s why I own a cat… no offense to dogs, but My Calico and Maine Coon are my “kids” who love their Uncle Pete.

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