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10 Subtle Signs Your Dear Cat Loves You

How can you be sure if your cat loves you or not?

We all know that cats can be quite hard to read. They’re more similar to humans than dogs, and they won’t shower you with love unless they truly want to do so. You probably know deep in your heart that your cat loves you, but since these pets are so independent, sassy, and moody, it’s not easy to understand them.

Many people say that cats know how to irritate humans, and they sometimes do that just for fun: they knock things over, they meow at you all of a sudden, and they wake you up at the crack of dawn because that’s the moment they want attention and cuddles. But they’re fluffy, cute, and fun; it’s impossible not to love them! But does your cat love you? Let’s find out together!

cat loves you
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1. They sit on you

One of the first signs that your cat loves you is whether they sit on you or not. These sassy felines pounce on their prey; if your cute kitty comes and sits on you nicely, it’s a sign they trust you and care about you. And if they purr too, you have their heart.

If there’s kneading involved (rhythmic flexing and pushing with the paws), your cat considers you family. There are multiple theories regarding this feline behavior, but nearly all of them have to do with comfort and affection.

2. They purr around you

I don’t know about you, but I love petting kitties and hearing them purr. It makes them even cuddlier than they normally are, and I’m all about that. Experts analyzed cat behavior, and they noticed that cats can purr for several reasons, but this habit starts when they’re small, and they do this as a way to bond with their mothers.

If your pet purrs around you, it shows you that they feel safe and comfortable around you. And yes, we can say it’s a sign your car loves you.

3. You’ve noticed the “slow blink”

Kitties are very expressive with their cute facial features, particularly with their eyes. If your pet holds contact with you, it means they trust you, and if you notice a slow blink in your direction, your cat loves you. Try blinking back gently to let them know you agree.

Have you ever noticed your cat doing something like this?

cat loves you
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4. They head bump you

Does your furry friend approach you and press their head up against you? Even though they seem like they’re playing, cat behaviorists say that this might be a very powerful kind of affection. According to experts, this behavior is called head “bunting,” and it’s often only done by cats that are part of a colony.

However, don’t mistake head bumping for the longer head pressing that cats might do in times of discomfort. Keep in mind that your kitty might require medical treatment if they make weird noises or rub their head against you or your furnishings.

5. They sleep with you

If your pet sleeps with you, it means that your cat loves you. Everybody knows that felines sleep a lot, and like the majority of animals, they’re more vulnerable when they get their Zzzs in.

If your furry friend sleeps with you, it means that they feel secure and comfortable around you. You’re a positive light in their lives, so what else can we say other than congratulations? This is surely a sign your cat loves you, don’t you think?

6. They bring you gifts

Even though cats aren’t naturally pack animals, they might and will establish social groups, or “colonies.” Moreover, they’re naturally inclined to attack moving objects and capture “prey” because they’re hunters.

If you receive a present from your cat, whether it be a toy, leaf, or—gasp!—a real tiny animal, it’s a token of their devotion and love. Another popular belief is that your cat attempts to teach you how to hunt for your survival and well-being because they love you. Long story short, your dear kitty thinks you’re a valuable member of their family, and they want to show their love.

While you might not appreciate every gift your cat brings you, experts recommend you don’t show any signs of disgust or anger if your kitty brings you anything unpleasant (such as a dead rodent or bug). If you scream, for example, your pet might be confused and even disappointed.

This is a sign that your cat loves you, but it might not be pleasant. If you end up with a dead animal in your home, make sure the surface it touches is well-cleaned. Moreover, if your pet stays inside, you should be aware of any possible openings where rodents or other objects might be entering your house. After you’re finished, give your cat some head rubs for being such a good predator.

Keep reading to discover other signs your cat loves you!

cat loves you
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7. You see their belly

When it comes to this sign, you can be certain that your cat loves you. You’re someone important if your kitty regularly rolls over to show you their tummy. While this position makes your lovely feline vulnerable, they only do this with people with whom they feel totally at ease.

However, keep in mind that your cat might not be interested in receiving belly rubs just because they show you their tummy. While many cats don’t like being petted here, some pets like it. If you’ve never petted your kitty on the belly and you want to start doing it, pay attention to their body language so you avoid getting scratched in case they don’t like it. Keep reading to discover other signs your cat loves you!

8. They groom you

If you’ve watched kitties and their mothers, you already know that adults will groom their young. It’s a feline way to bond, as it shows familial acceptance and comfort. So if your kitty constantly licks you, it might be due to a couple of reasons, such as spilling something tasty on yourself or the fact that they see you as a family member. If the second thing is your case, you can be certain your cat loves you.

Don’t worry; you can show your pet how much you love them too. Just grab a cat brush, such as this one from Amazon, and use gentle strokes in exchange for the courtesy. These will certainly be very much appreciated.

9. They follow you

Another cute sign your cat loves you is when they follow you. Have you ever noticed how your cat follows you around the house? There are several reasons why your kitty wants to be near you, such as appreciating your company, hunger pangs, or anxiety.

If your furry friend just follows you everywhere and it’s not close to feeding time or they don’t want anything from you, it means that your car loves you a lot, so consider yourself lucky. They don’t show their love to everyone.

10. Watch that tail

We have one more thing to talk about today, and it is a pretty good one. Another way to determine whether your cat loves you or not is by taking a look at their tail.

A more gushy expression of affection is when your cat wraps their tail around your hands, ankles, arms, or any part of your body. A curved tip is a pleasant greeting and encouragement to interact with your cat, so if you notice your furry companion do any of these things, pet them; it’s a sign your cat loves you.

What do you think about these signs your cat loves you? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to show your kitty how much they mean to you, here’s a fantastic toy for them! Until next time, here’s another article from The Geeky Gecko that you might like: 6 Inexpensive and Cute Dog Breeds for Those Who Are on a Budget

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