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9 Unusual Animals That People Keep As Pets

What are the most unusual animals that people keep as pets? 

Pets are cute, and there is no point in denying this fact. They are always there for you to cheer you up after a long, bad day at work. More loyal than any human being, pets become part of our lives, but we don’t stop at adopting dogs, cats, guinea pigs, turtles, and so on. However, some individuals believe that dogs and cats simply aren’t cutting it, so they’re seeking something more challenging. For such folks, we’ve compiled a list of unusual animals that people keep as pets.

animals that people keep as pets
Photo by antibydni from Shutterstock

1. Bengal Cat

Just look at it how graceful and silly is its face! We start our list with one of the cutest animals that people keep as pets, which is a Bengal cat. These stunning hybrid cats get along with both dogs and other cats and are around the size of a typical home cat.

They don’t need any extra attention. But they have to be inside pets exclusively. Their worldwide renown is partly because they may be exceedingly expensive in comparison to other cat breeds.

These are friendly and intelligent cats. They need to be allowed to run around the house unrestricted for a few hours since they are quite energetic. Bengal cats also enjoy the water, so giving themselves regular baths won’t be an issue.

Just make sure you buy them plenty of toys since they have to consume that energy throughout the day; otherwise, none of you will sleep during the night.

2. Bush Baby

If Bengal cats are cute, wait for a picture of this little cutie! Bush babies are one of those animals that people keep as pets. However, if you decide to adopt one, make sure it’s illegal to own one in your area.

The size of a squirrel, bush babies are diurnal primates that live in trees. They are an attractive pet option because of their modest size. In addition, they are quite cute. They like jumping from tree to tree and are extremely quick.

Now, if you decide to adopt a baby bush, you must ensure it has adequate space to live in. They like playing and are drawn to items that are high up, such as swings or hammocks. Although you could adopt one for yourself, bush babies are not the finest pets.

They are difficult to tame, so they have a propensity to bite you in the middle of the night with their sharp claws and fangs and, to make matters worse, leave behind an offensive-smelling pee stain that is difficult to remove from furniture. But if you’re ready to deal with these particular issues, you’ll get along.

3. Sugar Glider

Another cutie on the list is the sugar glider. Sugar gliders are one of the unusual animals that people keep as pets because they’re very smart, able to remember their names, and capable of learning simple tricks. They definitely need a lot of room and care, as well as a lifetime commitment of ten to fifteen years. Sugar gliders require certain nutrition and attention as well. Although they are quite clean animals, toilet training them will not be easy.

Sugar gliders need human connection as much as dogs do. Nevertheless, they also like socializing with other sugar gliders; unlike other species, sugar gliders require a buddy.

If not, they’ll get sad which can easily lead to depression. Sugar Gliders are around $500 pets, and ownership is prohibited in the following states: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Utah.

…psst! If by any chance you decide to buy a sugar glider or a chinchilla, you must know that these animals enjoy their privacy. This wooden small animal hideout provides a natural sense of security for it. It’s not that big, so it can easily be placed in their cage. It’s only $23.99 on Amazon.

4. Skunk

Do you like docile and cute pets? Then skunks are you! As long as these creatures are disarmed—that is, as early as possible to prevent them from getting sprayed—they make fantastically bizarre pets. Due to their innate digging instincts, skunks require a play space.

Playful, smart, but stubborn, you will have a hard time teaching them how to behave. However, if you can do that, they will easily become very friendly and loveable.

Skunks are one of those animals that people keep as pets, but it’s pretty difficult to raise one. Plus, in the majority of states, you will need a permit for it.

animals that people keep as pets
Photo by kesterhu from Shutterstock

5. Chinchilla

One of those cute but stubborn animals that people keep as pets is the chinchilla. These little balls of fur are nocturnal, silent during the day, and most active at night. Thus, a peaceful area is perfect for them. Your Chinchilla will thrive if you establish a routine since they dislike change.

But one thing is for sure: don’t get fooled by their adorable aspect; chinchillas don’t like to cuddle. You can lawfully possess a chinchilla in most states as long as it is properly procured and not taken from the wild.

6. Raccoon

Raccoons may be strange but entertaining pets; they’re similar to having a big dog or ferret, but they can also be quite rude. Depending on your raccoon’s attitude, owning one as a pet might be somewhat difficult.

They are almost always going to be a huge pain; therefore, anyone who isn’t an expert animal trainer should avoid thinking of them as pets.
Smart, gregarious, and energetic, raccoons make excellent pets. Being nocturnal creatures, they may, however, exhibit unexpected and destructive behavior.

Although they don’t enjoy being kept in cages, they can be educated to follow directions and be litter-trained, much like a dog or cat.

It is legal to own raccoons in Kentucky, Arizona, Idaho, and Massachusetts. The only thing you must know about these animals is that they also like to roam free, so it’s better to adopt one when you no longer have kids (especially toddlers) in your home.

7. Chanterelle Fennec

Now, this is one of those strange animals that people keep as pets. You probably saw a lot of reels on social media with people owning chanterelle fennecs, and while they are super adorable they are also quite loud creatures.

These adorable fur puppies, often called desert foxes, are teeny and charming. They are fairly clean creatures that are easy to train to use a litter box. But like most strange pets on our list, they do need particular attention and socializing.

8. Mini Donkey

Little donkeys are kind, amiable, and, most importantly, super devoted to their owners. Despite their name, they are everything but little. Even yet, little donkeys may reach heights of three feet and weights of up to 350 pounds. They are best kept in pairs, so if you’re considering acquiring one, you’d better purchase two.

Little donkeys are also very smart and very loving. Like a dog, they will take good care of their family and adore humans. They pick things up fast and are lively.

If you’re thinking about buying one mini donkey, you must know that they are legal anywhere, and the cost of them ranges from $200 to $500.

9. Pot-Bellied Pig

Last but not least of the weirdest animals that people keep as pets is the pot-bellied pig. These pigs are kind, wonderful, and unusual companions. As the majority only survive for 20 years or so, they demand a great deal of care and a lifetime commitment. They form bonds with their humans and are fairly clever.

You can train them, but be ready because it might take a while. Additionally, be ready to entertain them because they get bored easily, and in case you don’t pay attention to them, you might be surprised to see that some of your belongings are destroyed!

Which of these animals that people keep as pets is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section down below!

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