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7 Energetic Dog Breeds That Are Not Fit for Seniors

Inexpensive And Cute Dog Breeds
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Is your dream pup breed too energetic for you?The love for dogs just grows with age; puppies will always have a special place in our hearts. However, dog breeds are very different, and you should determine whether your favorite dog breed is suitable for you.

Perhaps this isn’t what you want to hear, but with age, we are not as flexible and active as we used to be. We have to choose a dog breed that is not that energetic for us because this could make our lives and theirs a rough ride.

To avoid such a situation, we came up with a list of 7 dog breeds that are way too energetic for seniors, and with this information, you can make a decision regarding the puppy that is a fit for you. Dogs are so cute and loyal; they are a joy in our lives that we don’t always deserve.

Don’t hesitate to leave in the comments what your favorite dog breed is!

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8 Responses

  1. I am surprised that a Labrador retriever was not mentioned. I have had Yellow Labs for years and for at least the first year, they require almost constant attention during their waking hours. They love to chase and retrieve, chew everthing in site and play “tug of war” with certain toys. In general they are very active and loving dogs and crave your attention. Love em’ always.

  2. I live in NI have a Belgian malinous which I don’t want, what do I do? She belongs toy son but he doesn’t bother to look after her how can I get rid?

  3. All the breeds you discussed it’s obvious. But having said that you have to look at each dog individually as we had a wine, Reiner that was like a Scooby Doo, laid-back and a dream. He was seven months old passed away when he was 12 we now have Vizsla‘s Which people tend to think are very active they need 10 minutes of running in the morning 10 minutes in the evening the rest of the time they adapt to your schedule and energy level. They are called the Velcro dogs so they will be with you every step of your journey as we go into retirement and senior activities. I am tired of listening to many small breeds that are senior companions for all the barking. I do think your dog adapts to your personality and vice versa and her happy to see us wake up every morning and take them for a short walk, which we both need dogs are great companions any breed, as long as there is training on both sides of the fence .

  4. Bloodhounds are the worst followed by the various coon hounds and, I will say any hounds
    I love hounds but they are active, extremely strong are are totally scent oriented.
    Where the nose goes, the dog and anything attached goes with them.
    Mine coonhound mix as well as the littermate bloodhounds I had previously, always seemed very sorry, after pulling me down (or through a briar patch) but had very poor impulse control
    Most seem very affectionate but will pull you to anyone who gives them the idea they can get attention and they are very optimistic

  5. Border collies shed mountains of hair twice a year. I finally bought a doggie vacuum. This article has stated they don’t shed much.

  6. Dave, I hear ya. I was surprised Lab’s weren’t on the list, too. My prettry girl is black and will 4 on April Fools Day. Also have Lab- Doberman mix who is almost 3, hasn’t calmed a bit, yet! Hug your yellow for me-Im POSITIVE would love him/her, too.
    Sorry, Teri, I have 5 dogs, but no Golden Doodle. Know nothing other than Goldens are VERY high energy for 1st 2-3 yrs

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