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These Viral Pet Hacks Might Boost Your Life Quality

There is a lot of truth to the famous saying, “Your pet is your best friend”. They are loyal, furry, and will love you no matter what. You will end up caring for them as if they are your own child, which means that you will also have to take care of them in the same manner.

There are some aspects that will make your life a little bit tricky after you decide to adopt an animal. And so, we have assembled a detailed and diverse list for all pet owners who, like us, struggle with the most common issues. From finding fur everywhere in your house to your pet’s tantrums, owning a pet doesn’t always come easy. Luckily, here are some hacks that may help you!

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1. Does Your cat scratch your furniture?

The most frequent dilemma when you’re a cat owner is having to deal with their habit of scratching your table, chairs, couch, and so on.

However,  there is a craft that we believe may be life-saving for your goods: wrap hard ropes around the ends of the furniture they seem to fancy. Not only it will provide a new distraction for your pet, but you will also save money by not having to deal with the whole process of replacing damaged furniture.

2. Smelly litter box?

Another unpleasant thing about owning a feline is that you have to deal with the undesirable smell which is caused by their litter box. Your guests can’t use the bathroom, you have to constantly use air fresheners, it’s too much trouble.

That is why you should start using green tea leaves, after you add them it will help reduce the bad scent in the house.

After you made yourself a  cup of tea, just re-use the leaves and scatter them in the box, and so the smell will be absorbed by them. Bonus: your cat won’t even notice or be bothered by them.

3. Your cats keep ruining the plants. What can you do?

Kitties absolutely love to explore new territories and expand their boundaries and sometimes that means digging through your garden too. Surrounding your plants with pine cons is the best solution. It makes the cat uncomfortable and it will keep her out of your veggies.

4. Problems with the kitty’s hairballs?

If your furry friend has trouble with hairballs use cat grass, which also is a vitamin provider. Even though, grass is not mandatory for your cat’s diet if they already have balanced meals, many felines enjoy it.

5. What can you do about the fur?

We are all familiar with the fur our beloved animals leave around the house: on the furniture, on the carpet, and even in your food.

That is why you should take a few minutes in the morning or in the afternoon to brush down your pet so you will not have to deal with their fluff so often. Here‘s what I’ve been using for years; it’s definitely the best pet brush I’ve ever tried.

6. What can you do about the unwanted gifts?

Your pet just left you an unpleasant gift on the couch. You clean it up, but what about the smell? Use soda combined with vinegar to get rid of it.

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7. Safe words for your dog

If you are a dog owner one of the first things you need to teach him is safe words. These are fundamental for when he acts out, you go on walks with him or play with other dogs. Safe words are good to keep his behavior under control.

8. Turmeric is good medicine for your dog

Recent studies have shown that turmeric is good for fighting cancer, detoxing, and reducing high levels of pain. However, it can react with some medication so it is a must to always check with a vet before giving it to your furry friend.

9. Put Vaseline on paws

During the snowy season, you should consider applying Vaseline to your puppy’s paws in case they seem to be too sensitive because the snow can scrape them up. You don’t want to ruin the fun so do that and it’s guaranteed you and your dog will have an epic snowball fight.

10. Classical music

Is your dog having too much energy today for some reason? In that case, you should put on some classical music. Some recent studies have shown that composers like Bach have a positive impact on your pet, calming them down and relaxing them.

11. Is your dog lost? We can help

In case your canine buddy is missing there is always a good idea to spread awareness through fliers, social media posts, checking shelters and looking for him yourself. What else can you do besides that?

If you know where was the last time you saw him leave an item which has your scent, some food and water along with a note which asks people not to take him and your phone number? Keep on checking that spot, if your dog is nearby it will follow the scent and it will nonetheless show up.

12. Always Microchip

In case your dog goes missing it is vital that he is already microchipped and registered in case someone takes him or, worse, he ends up in a shelter.

A microchip is a permanent solution for identification, and you can always get contacted if it’s found. They can be microchipped at any age and the costs are between 10$-15$.

13. Hot weather, a car, and your pet

The temperature in your car can go very high in just a matter of minutes, making your car a very dangerous environment for your pet.

Cracking your window a little bit will make a small almost insignificant difference to it. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause a heart stroke, this being a result of temperatures rising above the normal range, causing organ failure and tissue damage.

14. Bad breath? Parsley is their new friend

In case your puppy has bad breath and he doesn’t fancy the process of brushing his teeth, you can add some parsley to their food. Besides the fact that it contains vitamins it naturally eliminates poor breath. You can also try putting toothpaste on some items and have it lick it off.

15. CPR is a must

Knowing how to resuscitate your pet always comes in handy, for emergency situations such as your vet is too late or can’t come, you are out of town with your dog, and so on. There are multiple websites and videos on the internet which can teach you properly how to perform it.

16. Learn your pet’s body language

Your pet can sometimes act strange and you wouldn’t know what he’s trying to tell you or what he wants. That’s why it’s always good to make a small research on his behavior and learn exactly how to respond to his actions.

Who knows if he feels stressed or if he’s just trying to express his love?

pet food
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17. How to keep ants away from your pet’s food

There’s always this problem with your pet’s food, ants try and sometimes succeed to get to it. So how can you fix this issue? By drawing a circle with chalk around the bowl of food you keep the unwanted visitors away.

18. Rubber gloves help

In the process of trying to clean your house of fur rubber gloves make it a lot easier for you. Just wet a glove and start picking up the hair. This helps in case you don’t already have a lint roller which also proves to be convenient.

19. What can you do if they eat too fast?

It is not very healthy for your pets to eat too fast a meal, it can make them feel sick or it can make them gain weight. So what can you do if they lunch too fast?

Put a small ball in their bowl of food, and so they will be forced to slow down and move the ball around so they can reach all the food.

We believe all pet owners should be aware of these life hacks which not only will make their life easier but also their pet’s lifestyle will be improved.

Pets are adorable, loving, and loyal. However, life with one can prove to be challenging sometimes which is why we believe everyone who wants to adopt a pet or has already done it should know these useful tips and adapt them to their daily routine.

The responsibility of taking care of a dog, cat, or even a fish is huge, and that is why they should be treated as if they are your own children.

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