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This Small to Medium-Sized Dog Is Perfect for Seniors!

If you get a sheltie, you end up getting the perfect dog!

Yes, we do believe you should get a sheltie! After all, this small to medium-sized dog is one of the best breeds you can get for your family. Their official name is the Shetland Sheepdog, and they bear a striking resemblance to their cousin, the Collie.

The Sheltie is a small-sized heading dog, and they are praised for their intelligence, quickness, and obedient nature. What’s more, they are agile, and if you have always dreamed of participating in obedience competitions with your dog companion, they are the perfect breed for that!

Even better, because of their temperament, loyalty, and intelligence, they make for some of the best therapy dogs, as they have been known to give support and comfort to a lot of people in need.

They are one of the dogs with which you are going to bond easily, as they form strong bonds and love to be around people, pets, and children. They are the ideal family pet, but they are also great companions if you are by yourself or if it is just you and your partner.

However, what makes them one of the most beloved pets and perfect for seniors? Keep on reading to find out!

Have you ever had a sheltie? Would you like to get one? Which is the ideal dog breed, in your opinion? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments down below!

get a sheltie
Image By James Hime From Shutterstock

Breed Overview

This breed is easily recognizable by its thick, beautiful coat, and they come in a myriad of colors, including blue merle, sable, and tricolor! They are also easy to pinpoint as they have a “mane,” which is the fur around their necks that gives them their distinctive fluffy appearance, and their bushy, thick-furred tails!

They are very easy to recognize once you know their characteristics for appearance. Another way in which the Shelties are easy to pinpoint includes the fact that their temperament is a delight to have around: they are outgoing and friendly, and they just love to be surrounded by people!

They are great with other pets and even with children, and you will not have a problem when it comes to training them (more on that later).

You must, however, make sure to keep them stimulated mentally and that they get enough exercise so that they can be as healthy and happy as possible for a pup!

They are extremely loyal.

One of the reasons why people love shelties is the fact that they are extremely loyal and unwavering in their dedication to their owner and family. They are fantastic companions who wish to have a pup that is going to be next to them at all times.

They easily get attached, and their owners are one of the biggest parts of their universe. They thrive when they are around their humans, be it when you go for a walk or you snuggle on the couch with them, and they crave the attention of their family! You will be rewarded for all the attention you give them with unwavering loyalty, like an easy-to-train dog that wants to please their owners.

The Sheties do have a pacifist mentality, so expect that they will do everything they can to protect their family and home. You can expect them to try to protect you, your extended family, if they are used to their presence, and even other pets. While their primary loyalty will be to their owners, they will also be loyal and friendly to other family members they are used to being around!

If you are looking for a ride-or-die pup, get a sheltie!

get a sheltie
Image By Piotr Piatrouski From Shutterstock

They are great with people, kids, and pets.

We have talked about their loyalty, but we should also talk about their overall temperament. Shelties are known to be friendly with other humans and extremely patient when it comes to children, which makes them a great dog to have if you have a big family.

They are playful, but they are always gentle, and since they are smaller in size, they do not have the same intimidating factor a lot of bigger dogs could have.

They are protective, and this includes any children you may have around you, as they will make sure to keep them safe by watching over them diligently.

What’s more, they are extremely affectionate, which makes them great companions, and they love to cuddle and show affection to their humans. If you have children, they can easily be taught to play fetch, and they can easily spend a lot of time playing or walking around the park. You will need to socialize them properly so that they can interact safely with children of all ages!

If you already have pets—a cat or other dog—or if someone in your family has one and you are scared your Sheltie will interact with them, you can rest assured. They get along with other pets easily, as they are outgoing, and they love to try to become friends with them. They love to play with other animals, and they are curious and eager to meet others!

Shelties make for a great furry companion to have around with other pets, but you will have to socialize them with other pets as well and make sure their interactions are supervised. That way, you can easily make sure all meetings between them and other pets are done in a safe environment.

get a sheltie
Image By Lisjatina From Shutterstock

They are easy to train.

Since these dogs are so easy to train, they get another big point towards what makes them one of the best dogs for seniors. They have an active response, and since they enjoy a challenge, you can train them easily and have them learn commands and tricks more easily than other breeds.

Since they have bonded with their owners so far and are extremely loyal, they will want to please, and learning tricks and commands comes into play to satisfy that drive to show their owners they are dedicated to them and want to make them happy.

This dog breed is also very intelligent, which means you will have little trouble teaching them tricks. A few repetitions, and they will have it down!

If you are training a sheltie, make sure that you do not end up being too harsh on them. They respond better to positive reinforcement, and you should reward good behavior rather than punish the bad one. That way, they will learn what makes you happy, and that will get them praise and treats, which will make them more likely to repeat the behavior in the future.

A great way to train your pup at home is to use the clicker method. The best one we have used you can get on Amazon and it is a deal you should not pass on!

They are affectionate.

One of the best reasons why you should get a Sheltie is because they are affectionate! The reason behind them is that it is a herding breed, which makes them used to working in close proximity to their owners and amplifies their desire to be around their owners even if they do not have a herd in modern times.

They will be at their happiest when surrounded by their family and since they will show their affection and love easily, you should also make sure to reciprocate.

Since they are affectionate and intelligent, this is what makes them great for therapy work.

Shelties are a great companion, whether you are a senior or not, making them the perfect breed for a family! However, their coat will need maintenance, and you may find that they shed quite a lot of fur! Make sure that you do all you can to make your dog shed less with these tips here!

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