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Watch Out! These 6 Gorgeous Cat Breeds Are Dangerous!

Do you like cats?

Who doesn’t love them? They’re incredibly fluffy companions, and they’re some of the cutest pets ever, at least in my opinion. They’re very sweet, playful, friendly, and fluffy, and the moment you see them, you think about cuddling them.

I don’t know if that’s your case or not, but I have a lot of cute aggression, and when I see a cat and find them really cute, I think about holding them so strong until they pop up. It’s not healthy, I know.

If you had or still have such a pet at home, you surely knew that they’re not always sweet and patient, but they actually have a wild side. Many pet owners assume that this special behavior is just their way of playing, but it’s not always like that.

However, even the domesticated cats that you might have at home are descended from wildcats, which gives them a special appearance as well as a specific behavior.

Of course, not all of them are the same, and some kitties tend to be aggressive when they want something, and their owners seem to not care if their needs are being met or not. But there are also certain cat breeds that are known among pet owners for being feisty and even dangerous. Do you want to discover the fantastic world of cats? Keep reading, and let’s find out together!

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1. Siamese

Siameses are known for their sweet, affectionate, and social personalities, and many people choose these “dog-like” kitties for their clever minds and loyalty. They’re known for being bright and beautiful, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that their looks are top-notch and can turn everyone’s heads wherever they go.

But wait, hold on, you don’t want to jump to conclusions before you know this, because these cats know when to surprise you, and I’m not talking about the good ways only. You might be shocked to read that Siamese are on the dangerous kitties list, but they’re animals that take their needs very seriously, and if their owners don’t behave as they want them to, things can get pretty bad.

If you don’t make them feel loved or don’t give them enough playtime and attention, they can get stressed and anxious. They don’t exactly know how to manage these feelings, so they might meow all the time, driving your neighbors crazy, and in particular cases, they might even scratch or bite you.

2. Bengal

Who wouldn’t like a Bengal kitty? They’re the most gorgeous pets ever, descended from wild Asian leopard kitties as well as domestic cats, and they’re the best combination of intelligence, affection, and gentleness.

The 1st time you see a tiny Bengal meowing and roaming through your door, you might think that a Cheetah baby has broken in, but that’s not the case; it’s just your loyal Bengal cat.

These pets love to get outside to play, climb trees, spend their time learning new and fun tricks, and enjoy a splash in the water. You shouldn’t adopt one as a pet if there are any rabbits, birds, or hamsters in your home because their wild hunting instincts will shine through, and who knows what can happen next?

They’re a very cuddly and affectionate breed, but they want their owners to respect their personal space, so if you pick them up or hug them at a moment when they can’t be bothered, their claws and teeth will come out.

If you think about owning a pet like this, you have to do some research before going to the pet shop because this breed is banned in a few parts of the country, such as New York, Seattle, Hawaii, and Connecticut.

3. Savannah

Savannah cats are a combination of kitties and dogs because they’re loyal, friendly, and like to follow their favorite humans around the house. If you’d love to play fetch with a pup but can’t exactly own one, no problem, because Savannahs can be trained to walk on a leash and play fetch with you. Pretty cool, right?

These kitties love adventure and playtime, and thanks to their spotted coats, they’re always showstoppers. Their athletic bodies allow them to have fun outside and explore the surroundings, and they won’t act aggressively toward you all of a sudden, but if they feel threatened or unsafe, they’ll let you know about it.

If you don’t give them enough of your precious time, they might start destroying things around the house, so that’s never a good option. Just like Bengals, they’re also a combination of wild and domesticated kitties, so their wild hunting instincts can really make a comeback in certain situations.

So what can an owner do to prevent a disaster? If you have any rodents, birds, or fish at home, keep them in a place where your cat won’t see or reach them.

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4. Sphynx

The Sphynx is known for their hairless bodies, but one thing not many people know about is that they have tiny blond hairs, similar to the little ones peaches have. These cats are funny, smart, loyal, and very friendly, and they like spending time around people and other pets. Besides that, they can get along with dogs, which is pretty great for someone who wants a big pet family.

Sphynx kitties like to learn new tricks to keep their minds busy, and when their needs are met, they’re very happy and joyful, but if you don’t give them enough attention, affection, and food, they can act out and even scratch or bite you.

If you think about adopting a Sphynx, don’t forget to give them plenty of playtime, attention, affection, and cuddles because they love to spend time with their owners, and that also stops them from being aggressive.

5. Somali

Somali cats are some of the cutest cats ever, and they love company and playtime. These semi-long-haired kitties like to be surrounded by people and other pets, and if you leave them home alone, they can play with their toys until you come back. But once you enter the door, they’ll be over the moon to spend some time with you, so make sure you play with them and cuddle them for a while.

What’s interesting about these cats is that they like to play with human hair, which means having fun with people’s mustaches or beards. They’re quite good hairdressers, right? *joking*

Even though they don’t intend to be aggressive, it’s not the smartest idea to have their claws so close to your face because accidents can happen and it won’t be pleasant.

If you leave them all alone for too long, without any toys or activities to keep their minds busy, they’ll be more likely to take some revenge on you, such as by lashing out at you, destroying things around the house, or doing other things that come to mind.

6. Tortoiseshell Colored Cat Breeds

If you believe that tortoiseshell is the name of the breed, that’s not right, because this term is only the name of their coat coloring. Many cat breeds can be tortoiseshell-colored, such as British and American Shorthair, Maine Coon, Persian, and Ragamuffin.

Experts discovered that the breeds mentioned above can have more aggressive tendencies compared to others, so they need extra care and attention for their owners, in order to behave gently and be social.

Besides that, vets recommend you pay attention to the way you play with a kitten because if they’re scared or feel threatened, they won’t shy away from biting, hissing, scratching, or swatting you.

In conclusion, all cat breeds can have some violent behaviors from time to time, depending on the interaction with their owners, other people, and other pets as well, so be gentle with them, schedule playtime and cuddles, and allow them to play with other people and animals too, so they can be sociable and friendly.

If you want to surprise your cat with something new and show them how much you love them, a new toy is surely going to make them happy! The world of pets is bigger than we could imagine, so read along with us and let’s discover these fantastic things together! Until next time, here’s another article that you’ll love: Did You Know Your Dog Can Sniff These 5 Diseases?

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