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How Can You Tell if Your Dog Truly Loves You? (10 Signs)

How can you be sure that your pup truly loves you?

If you’re the owner of a pup, you already know how good it feels to come home and notice your pup joyfully jumping around, wiggling their tail, sweetly barking at you, and sitting on your lap, waiting to be petted. All these signs mean that they’re happy and excited when they see you.

But how can you tell for sure how your pooch really feels? How do our canine friends show their affection? Some people think that if their pups wiggle their tails, it means that they’re happy and they love them, but that’s not all.

I talked to a few experts to try and understand a dog’s behavior and how they act when they love their owners, and in today’s article, we’ll discover together all those signs that your pup is indeed your bestie and loves you a lot. So, is it doggy love? Let’s find out together!

dog love
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1. They want to sleep beside you

Dogs prefer to stay in packs and have company, which means that they’re social beings and love to sit around the people they love. So if you notice that your pup always crawls into your bed, and sleeps right next to you, it’s a sign that they trust and care about you.

They won’t do something like this if they don’t feel safe, right? However, if you don’t like the idea of your pooch sleeping with you during the night, you can arrange a tiny bed in your room or in the living room, wherever you like it, and give them some love before you tell them goodnight.

2. They make eye contact with you

In the wild, canine friends look at each other in the eyes to see which one is the dominant one. I don’t know about you, but as much as I love playing with dogs and petting them, I’m very scared when I see a dog on the street and somehow make eye contact with them. Many times, when I made eye contact with a dog, they would quickly come to me barking. It scared me a lot, but it’s just my case.

If you’re like me, however, things are different when it comes to your own pup. If you make eye contact with your pup, there’s no need to feel afraid because it’s actually a sign that they trust and love you. If they don’t have a problem looking into your eyes, it’s just because they feel relaxed around you and they just want to soak everything in.

3. They sniff you

If you own a pup, you already know how fantastic their sense of smell is, and they won’t lose any chance of sniffing you. Have you ever noticed that your dog comes to you and starts sniffing you everywhere, or that you sometimes notice them smelling the clothes you left on a chair?

Well, it’s nothing weird; it’s just their way of saying I love you. Sniffing is only a way of getting to know you, and they can sense all the odors you picked up while you were away and even feel changes in your home. Pretty smart creatures, right?

dog love
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4. They’re happy when they see you

This is the most obvious sign on this list, and I’m pretty sure that your pooch does this every time they see you coming home. Your canine friend can hear that your car is just outside the house or hear your foot stepping on the stairs, and they might start running in places, happily barking, jumping up, wagging their tails, and maybe even doing a 360 out of happiness.

Cats also miss their owners, but they won’t jump or wag their tails; they’d rather start purring. But your dog will let you know how much they miss you and might knock you down out of excitement.

5. They won’t hesitate to bring you presents

Sharing is caring, which is also a sign of love, so if your dog shares their things with you, it’s only a reason to feel proud about how good of an owner you are. So if you ever feel unsure about your puppy’s feelings towards you, just think about how many times they put their beloved toy at your feet. Yep, that’s love.

So next time they come to you with their drool-covered but very dear toys of theirs, just pet them, give them a hug, say thank you, and start to play. They’ll surely appreciate your effort too!

6. They lean on you

If you notice that your pooch leans their body weight on you, probably with their eyes half-closed and showing zero signs of alertness, they’re not necessarily tired or lazy. It means that they want to be close to you and show you how much you mean to them.

When a pup does this, they’re typically relaxed and comfortable, which shows that they trust you. To put it simply, it’s just an attempt to hug you, so a few kind words and a hug will be very appreciated by your dog.

7. They always follow you around

You might think that your dog is bored and doesn’t know what to do; they just follow you wherever you go. Or you probably think that they have separation anxiety and want to be close to you all the time.

While these 2 situations might be true, experts say that the main reason why dogs follow their owners is because they love them. Your puppy might feel so safe and good around you that they want to spend as much time with you as possible. Just be careful not to step on their cute paws!

dog love
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8. They come closer to you

You might notice that your pooch is busy chewing their toys, so you take a couple of minutes to relax on the couch. Suddenly, your dog gets up and sits exactly next to you, squeezing into your body as much as possible.

Regardless of how much space there is on the couch or how busy you are and can’t pay enough attention to them, they’ll squeeze in next to you. Why are they doing such things, you might ask? Because they want to be beside you all the time. It’s just a sign that they love you. Does your pup do this? I find it very cute!

9. They roll over when they want your attention

You might love someone but not trust them a lot, but when it comes to puppies, these 2 things go paw-in-paw. You probably know that a dog’s belly is rather sensitive for them and won’t allow everyone to touch it.

If your dog rolls over and allows you to give them a tummy scratch, and if they even show signs that they’re content, you can call yourself loved by your pooch.

This is a vulnerable body part for them, so if they don’t have a problem with you tickling their tummy, it means that they don’t feel stressed or scared around you, so you should be happy about it.

10. They nose-bump you

Does your dog’s nose bump you? It’s one of the cutest things ever! They use their wet, tiny noses to get you to pay attention to them. If you always pet them or play with them when they nudge you, they’ll learn that this is the most effective method of getting what they want, so get ready for many nose bumps from now on.

What do you think about showing your pet how much you love them too? A toy is a perfect way to show your little pup how much they mean to you! Here is a good selection of toys that I think every pooch will love!

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