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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy During Fall

Have you ever wondered how you can make sure your dog is happy during the fall?

If your goal for this cooler season is to make sure your dog is happy, then you have to know all of the dangers that are present during these times. Indeed, in some parts of the country, the season has been milder, but while fall is definitely not as cold as winter, it still marks an important shift in the weather and other natural aspects that will affect our pets.

While a lot of animals will be affected by the weather, dogs end up being the ones that will have to go on walks outside and face the weather changes head-on, alongside their owners. It is not that hard to make sure your dog is happy during this season, but there are a couple of things that you need to look out for in order to make sure they are not put in danger by certain things.

If you are wondering which are the things that could make your pup sick or just generally impede on your ability to make sure your dog is happy during this cool season, make sure you keep on reading to discover them and how you can try to prevent them to the best of your ability!

Have you ever had problems with your pup during the fall season due to these things? Let us know all about your experience in the comments down below!

make sure your dog is happy
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Make sure they can enjoy the season

Like clockwork, when the season changes and the leaves start to fall, most dogs end up wanting to sprint right through all the leaf piles on the side of the road, in the garden, or in the park. And while this is one way to make sure your dog is happy, you need to ensure that they will be able to do this in a safe way.

This means that before you go out in the cool weather, you should be able to “fall-proof” your pup and make sure they are prepared for everything.

You will need to use the appropriate items you need so that you know your dog is safe. This means that you should consider investing in clothing for your dog if needed so that they can enjoy their fall activities without any problems to deal with later.

Likewise, you should know the environmental dangers posed by the environment, including the likes of straggling sticks that can injure them because they are hidden under dead foliage and the likes of chestnuts and acorns on the ground, which can prove to be poisonous to them!

Know all the things that could pose a danger to your puppy, and you will easily make sure your dog is happy!

Be careful of ticks

Speaking of safety, you still need to be cautious of ticks! No matter what climate you are living in, ticks have always posed a great risk for our pups, and if you are not careful, you can end up with a very sick pet and a lot of vet bills.

This is even more true in the fall, as a lot of people forget that these pests can live and thrive in temperatures as low as 44°F, which means that even in late fall, your dog can end up being prey to these insects.

They are especially fond of meadows, water, and wooded areas, so if you are living close to these natural places and your walking schedule happens to be around them, make sure your dog is protected against these blood-sucking parasites!

Use tick preventatives if you have not treated your dog for them in a while, and if you do not like to use other preventatives, then thoroughly check your pup for any ticks after every walk and remove them if necessary!

make sure your dog is happy
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Darkness is a problem

As the cool seasons become more and more cold, another thing you need to worry about in order to make sure your dog is happy is the darkness. Not only will you have to walk your pup in darkness during the afternoons, but it could end up being a problem even to see them in certain areas.

It may not seem like darkness is a problem, but not being able to see what is going on can pose a big issue and lead to horrible accidents that can end horribly. Be it that there are cyclists around or vehicles in almost pitch-black parts of the street, all the way to other people not knowing that you and your dog are there.

It is a good idea to invent some reflective leashes, collars, and harnesses; there are even some light-up versions of these items so that you can easily see your dog even in complete darkness. If your dog has a long coat, then getting them a reflective vest would be the best bet, as it would not get lost under all the fluff.

If you are looking for an affordable yet stylish reflective leash and collar set, this is the one we recommend!

Harvest mites are also dangerous

We have talked about the ticks, but you should also be on the lookout for harvest mites! They may seem small and insignificant, especially if you have not dealt with them before, but they pose a high risk for your pup.

They are small insects that can leave larvae on your dog, only for them to infect them, puncturing its skin and then slowly draining its blood. Not only will this lead to your dog being uncomfortable, but it will also come along with an allergic reaction and make them scratch themselves raw.

The most common areas where they like to infect include the paws, ears, stomach, and even the nose, and the infection can lead to the dog losing their fur, inflammation of the area, and skin irritation.

The best way to make sure your dog is happy and free from these pests is to avoid the environments of the harvest mites, which thrive during the fall. These include but are not limited to, damp yet sunlit places, fields, forest edges, gardens, and meadows.

This may be extremely restrictive, so a great way to not have to worry about these pests and keep your long nature walks is to talk with your vet about the best preventive options for your pup.

make sure your dog is happy
Image By Aleksandrs Tituskins From Shutterstock

The wet, cold weather can pose an issue

Since we talked about the appropriate ways in which you can make sure your dog is happy in the fall and include the darkness and the environmental things that could pose a danger to their happiness, we also have to include the cold and wet weather!

The most at-risk are dogs with fewer undercoats and elderly dogs, as the damp, cold weather could affect their joints and thus make that fun fall walk a chore rather than a happy moment for them!

The best way is to make sure that you have the best clothes for them that will protect them from the weather. This includes clothes that are warm enough and that fit well without making them feel restricted or impeding their walk. Likewise, depending on how long and cold it is outside, you may need to invest in some boots for them too, and definitely a raincoat!

For the older pups, instead of going on a long fall walk, consider taking several shorter ones. That way, you can prevent them from tiring out halfway through and avoid having them sit or lie down on the cold and even wet ground for long periods of time.

There are a lot of reasons why you would need to pay close attention to your pup, especially during the fall. However, as we mentioned here as well if your dog is getting old, you may need to be extra careful! Make sure you know how to care for your dog as it gets older by reading our article here!

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