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13 Fun Facts About Teddy Bear Puppies

Spot the outsider. Is it a teddy bear dog or your nephew’s new stuffed animal?

It became common to categorize dogs using the cute and entertaining “teddy bear” term, based on their appearance. Each of these puppies is unique: from being really fluffy to having cartoon character faces and expressions, from being large to being very small, etc. What they have in common are their adorable features, which make them all irresistible.

What makes teddy bear dogs so popular must be their cuddly appearance, their friendly nature, and the fact that they fit different lifestyles.

Because they are highly receptive, training them is a delightful experience, fact which makes them excellent pets for families.
Is it socially acceptable for adults to walk around with their toys? Well, when you own a real-life toy poodle, you may be asked to hang out more than usual.

teddy bear poodle in a groceries bag
Photo by Shutterstock AI Generator

1. Toy-Poodle as the authentic Teddy Bear Dog

  • Rated as intelligent, instinctual, playful, trainable, and faithful
  • Hypoallergenic

Poodles are usually disciplined animals, making them easy to get along with. Intelligent and sensitive, you’re going to fall in love with their personality AND their appearance.

Their territorial characteristics, sensitivity, and tendency to be alert may not make them the most suitable for a household with kids.
But if it happens for you to be quite alone, they can’t wait to be a member of your family.

Fun fact: Next to your lip balm and perfume, a Toy-Poodle will fit the inside of your purse better than you imagined. Carrying your bag has never been so amusing.

If you’re looking for a bag for your teddy bear pup, this is where you find it.

2. Samoyed

  • Rated as trainable, affectionate with families, good with children, and good with other dogs.
  • Hypoallergenic

Samoyed dogs are a large but elegant breed: strong and tireless with a coat that keeps them warm, they are absolutely lovely.
Their most charming trait is a never-ending smile. Sammies are outgoing, playful dogs that need affection and care. Training them involves explaining what is expected of them and practicing it together a few times.

Fun fact: They are part of the historical breeds with close wolf ancestry. However, their roots are far from making them lone wolves howling at the moon, as they thrive in family activities and are very sociable. Their energetic way of being requires a lot of movement in order for them to stay happy and healthy.

3. Newfoundland

  • Rated as sweet-tempered, gentle, and trainable

Known as the gentle giant, they are lovely companions and make wonderful family dogs.

Fun fact: In J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan,” the children’s nanny, Nana, was portrayed by a Newfoundland dog. The famous novel anchors the reputation of this breed as the ideal dog for raising children. Interestingly, Barrie himself owned a Newfoundland, empathizing with the affinity for the breed.

4. Barbet

  • Rated as intelligent, joyful, obedient, and companionable

A joyous animator, occasionally comical, they are good with children and other animals. Like most of our teddy bear dogs, they are delighted to spend time with their owners, but they need a lot of movement and physical activity. Because they are very energetic, they should be trained constantly in order to keep them polite.

Fun fact: They are water retrieval dogs; their fur has the role of keeping them warm and allowing them to float in the water thanks to their webbed feet.

teddy bear dog at the beach
Photo by Makayla Casey from Shutterstock

5. Coton de Tulear

  • Rated as trainable, intelligent, affectionate, and lively.
  • Hypoallergenic

The Coton de Tulear is another adorable small breed from the teddy bear category, known for its cotton-like fur and shiny expressive eyes. They are playful, friendly, and affectionate companions.

Fun fact: The name comes from the region of Tulear, where our pup, also known as the Royal Dog of Madagascar was created as a breed. The short story is that some small, white dogs survived a shipwreck and they swam to Tulear, where they crossed paths with the local terriers.

The dog became popular in The Royal Court, and they implemented a law that interdicted anybody who didn’t have a noble title to own this breed.

6. Old English Sheepdog

  • Rated as intelligent, adaptable, sociable, and bubbly

With a playful and intelligent nature, Old English sheepdogs are known for their huge, fluffy coats and friendly demeanor. They are particularly good with children, and despite their size, they are very affectionate, becoming amazingly loving family members.

Fun fact: The Old English Sheepdog was a status symbol during the American Industrial Period. They were owned by the five richest families in the world. Highlighting this, numerous cinema stars were also proud owners of the breed.

7. Keeshond

  • Rated as playful, bright, sturdy, obedient, agile, and quick

The Keeshond dogs are characterized by their foxy-like expression and distinctive marks around the eyes, making them a non-questionable teddy bear. They are intelligent and trainable, which makes them versatile for different types of activities.

They are known for their loving nature, and because of the high amount of time they would like to spend with their families, they are often referred to as velcro dogs.

Fun fact: They were the symbol of the Dutch Patriots Party in the 18th century. The idea probably came from Kees the Gyselaer, the leader of the Patriots, who was also owning a Kees dog.

8. Bichon Frisé

  • Rated as playful, affectionate, cheerful, and sensitive

Recognized for its curly coat, perky ears, and shadowy eyes, this teddy bear loves to be in the spotlight.
Once they are in the center of attention, they become their clingiest version, and they make sure you take your time to cuddle them.

Fun fact: For a long time, they were favored by European nobility and royalty. The name Bichon derives from the French bichonner, which means “to pamper,” just pointing out again how these pups were totally spoiled by the aristocracy.

9. Cockapoo

  • Rated as intelligent, outgoing, friendly, active, and lovely

Famous for having the personality of a big clown, they need to move a lot to maintain their health and happiness. They easily adapt to different living situations, whether it’s a spacious yard or a cozy apartment. Their minimal hair loss makes them remarkable pets for people with allergies.

Fun fact: Their breed is one of the first designed, dating from 1960. The Kennel Club accepts new breeds of dogs when they are distinct enough to establish a breed standard. Even if the Kennel Club accepted Cockapoos as a breed, most of them lack lineage and are still considered a mixed breed.

teddy bear cockapoo
Photo by Lee Ph from Shutterstock

10. Bernese mountain dog

  • Rated as intelligent, affectionate, loyal, and faithful

Huge dogs with huge hearts—their appearance makes you think you can count on them with your life, and you won’t be wrong. They are brilliant animals, as they possess sharp instincts. Even if they play a significant role in rescuing teams from the mountains, in their free time, they just seem to be big babies who love rainy, cold, or snowy weather.

Fun fact: They were recruited by Roman soldiers approximately 2000 years ago on the territory of present-day Switzerland. Distinguished by outstanding intelligence and enormous strength, they were a real help during those times, pushing carts and carrying supplies.

11. Pomeranian

  • Rated as playful, extroverted, intelligent, friendly, lively, social, and active

Pomeranians represent a very distinctive breed, easily noticed for their expressive eyes and their pom-pom tails that make them stand out. Even if they look like small balls of fluff and have a playful demeanor, their personality is confident and bold.

Fun fact: Despite their small size, they have a big bark.

12. Chow Chow

  • Rated as aloof, loyal, independent, and quiet

Known for their lion-like mane and their blue or dark-colored tongue, they radiate a regal allure of dignity and tranquility.

Fun fact: Their breed has origins in China, and the line seems to go back around 3000 years. They were adored by Chinese royalties back in the day, but they are still a choice nowadays for people appreciating an elegant-looking breed.

Martha Steward has owned a few Chow dogs that she often featured on her TV show.

13. Cavapoo

  • Rated as affectionate, playful, friendly, sociable, loyal, and good-natured

Cavapoos have a long history of being both pet dogs and gundogs, as they are the result of three different breeds that have been companion animals or hunting assistance dogs.

Their cute appearance, brilliance, and playful personality may trick you into thinking they can be easily trained. In reality, they require a lot of training on a daily basis in order to keep being disciplined and active.

Fun fact: They can have three types of coats: a tough, low-shedding coat; a coat that resembles a fleece by being loose and wavy; and a tightly curled, wool-looking coat.

If you are entertained by our list, check out our selection of big breeds perfect for apartments.

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