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7 Big Dog Breeds Perfect for Apartments

Big dog breeds can thrive in apartments too!

Have you ever looked at those cuddly Bernese Mountain Dogs or majestic Great Danes but convinced yourself that your cozy apartment is not the right place for them?

But contrary to popular belief, many big dog breeds adapt incredibly well to apartment living. Actually, the American Kennel Club found that 60% of dog owners in the United States live in apartments, and guess what? Many of those pups are large breeds.

Yes, we know that a huge backyard might seem like the perfect playground for those big boys, but a thing not many people are aware of is that they crave affection and companionship more than living in wide-open spaces. A good walk and some playtime in the park are enough for most of them, and this makes them perfect for apartment living.

So are you ready to share your apartment with one of these big dog breeds?

big dog breeds
Photo by Savicic from Shutterstock

1. Newfoundland

If you want to live with a fluffy teddy bear, then Newfoundland might be the perfect companion for you. Don’t let their size fool you, because they are one of the big dog breeds that are made for apartment life.

If you walk them every day, they are quite inactive indoors, and they enjoy being relaxed and spending time inside. At heart, they are real couch potatoes, and their laid-back personalities are ideal for apartment living.

Another thing that is great about Newfoundland is that they are quiet despite their size, and this makes them perfect because they will not disturb the neighbors.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

They have a calm and affectionate nature and love to snuggle beside you on the couch after a walk in the park. Of all big dog breeds, the Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for having good apartment manners; they usually don’t destroy furniture and don’t bark too much.

They like going outside and playing, but they’re not built for marathons. You can give them a puzzle toy, and this will be more than enough for the time they spend inside.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are kid-friendly, and they love being around the family. One drawback of this breed is that it has a short lifespan and is predisposed to various specific health problems.

3. Afghan Hound

Yes, they are one of the big dog breeds, but they love the apartment life. These majestic hounds love to exercise and spend time outside, but they are sighthounds. This means they are made to sprint—short bursts of speed rather than endurance running. So, you need to take them outside, but let them run until they get tired, and they will be satisfied with this. Have some toys around your home, and you are good to go.

That long, silky fur might trick you and make you believe that they shed a lot, but this is not the truth. They don’t shed a lot compared to other breeds, and they have minimal odor. Brush them regularly, and this should keep the shedding under control.

These dogs are independent, and with training, they can learn how to take care of themselves. They are less demanding, and this can be perfect if you are quite busy.

4. Great Dane

This is one of the big dog breeds many people love, but you might think that apartment life is not for them. This is not accurate because their mellow nature and affectionate personalities make them good indoor companions.

The Great Dane needs daily walks, but after you are done with this, they won’t need further exercise. Instead, they would be more than happy to hop on the couch and take a nap.

These pups don’t bark a lot, but when they do, prepare yourself because their size makes them some loud barkers. Hopefully, they are extremely intelligent, and training can help you educate them that barking inside the apartment is not allowed.

Now, these are one big dog breed, and when we say big, we really mean it. They can have 30–35 inches of height! So, this means you should have an apartment that can accommodate them.

Another thing we want to mention is that they are big droolers. Some accidents might happen, and you have to be prepared for them. Maybe move some furniture around and do a little bit of extra cleaning.

5. Mastiff

Ok, these dogs might be part of the big dog breed club, but they are more compact than you would believe. You need to have a special spot for them in your apartment and a little bit of space to move around, and they should be fine.

Despite their size, mastiffs are true love bugs, and they love to stay with you in bed and spend time by your side. Their exercise needs are moderate, and you can make them happy with some indoor games.

But, even if they have some couch potato tendencies, these dogs are surprisingly athletic for their size. They are good at pulling carts and have amazing strength. This means they are not big runners, but they will appreciate going on daily walks.

They have patient personalities and like to be around people. Also, they are known for not barking a lot, which is more than good for your neighbors.

6. Greyhound

These pups are known as being one of the big dog breeds and also real speed demons. When they run, they can reach 45 miles per hour, all because of their sleek bodies and powerful muscles.

But even if they are so athletic, greyhounds are surprisingly low-maintenance when it comes to exercise. Take them outside and let them run for a bit, and they are ready to spend the entire afternoon relaxing on the couch. You don’t have to walk them for hours, and this is amazing if you live in an apartment and don’t have the time or space for that.

Also, their smooth and short coat is easy to maintain, and you just have to brush them a couple of times per week. This will keep the shedding under control, and you will keep your apartment fur-free.

big dog breeds
Photo by dezy from Shutterstock

7. Clumber Spaniel

This is one of the big dog breeds, and it is actually the biggest spaniel breed. But their stocky bodies are not stopping them from being quite athletic. While hunting, they are good at navigating dense undergrowth, and this is not easy at all.

This breed was born in Clumber Park, England, and it was the favorite of the British nobility. Developed by the Duke of Newcastle, aristocrats loved the company of these pups when they were going to hunt small game.

You would think that this hunter dog is not suitable for a relaxed apartment life, but this is not true. A great advantage is that they are silent and don’t bark to alert their owners. Their quiet nature means you will not get complaints from your neighbors.

They are big, but not that big. The clumber spaniel needs room to move around comfortably and a comfy bed, and that’s all. Take them for a walk every day, and this should satisfy their need for physical activity.

However, there is one thing that might make keeping this dog in an apartment pretty hard: they have very dense fur and shed a lot. Regular brushing is a must. Also, they can get bored easily, and this means you need to keep them stimulated if you don’t want them to chew your favorite pair of shoes.

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