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7 Dog Breeds That Look Like Puppies Their Entire Adorable Lives

Photo by sergey kolesnikov from Shutterstock

Which puppies are the cutest? 

According to statistics, puppies are considered one of the most beautiful animals in the world and it’s no secret that we all sometimes want to have a puppy or wish our dogs could have a superpower to turn them into puppies again, right?

However, Mother Nature has blessed us with a few dog breeds that look like puppies even though they are adults. So whether you want to adopt a dog for the first time or want to grow your family of dogs by adding another puppy to it, you should definitely take a look at this list and choose one of these adorable breeds.

Nonetheless, it’s important to understand that every dog has different needs that depend not only on their breed per se, but also on their personality traits, behavior, environment, age, gender, and so on, and it is your responsibility to make sure that they have everything they need to grow as beautifully and healthy as possible.

If you are a novice pet owner, you need to know that, just like any other creature, your dog goes through different stages of life and each phase requires certain things that will change once another stage comes.

For example, they will need different foods and nutrients as well as another quantity and frequency; activities and the amount of exercise will also change. With that in mind, here are some dog breeds that look like puppies forever. Read on for more info!

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2 Responses

  1. People ask me all the time how old my “puppy” is. She was a rescue but we’re guessing around 14. She is white around the muzzle but there’s no other way you can tell she has mileage! Her temperament has never changed, her playfulness has never wavered, she DOES shed constantly (so what? I bought a better vacuum), and what’s written above is right on the nose. Start that brushing right away; Missy doesn’t like to be brushed and it’s an international furor every time I attempt it. But as mentioned above, they’re smart. Missy has her own attorney and her own publicity manager. I’m simply here to feed her and play with her on command. During COVID and cancer she has been a fantastic dog, friend, companion, door-barker, and judge of character. I’m even getting used to the attorney.

  2. Yorkies!!! Where is the Yorkie?!!! My Yorkie is 13 and he still looks like a puppy!!! People can’t believe he is 13 years old.

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