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Your Dog CAN Eat These 10 Human Foods Safely With You

Which human foods can dogs eat?

If you love spoiling your furry friend, then from time to time you must probably give him some of your food while you’re having lunch. Looking into those innocent eyes will make your heart melt for sure! But before making this a habit, you must be well informed about what foods they’re allowed to eat. Some of them might be tasty for humans but toxic for dogs because they have different kinds of digestive systems.

Together, with the help of experts, let’s learn what foods are safe to eat and feed our dog. Because guess what? Like us, they may be fussy sometimes.

Photo by Ellina Balioz from Shutterstock

1. Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! And this applies to your dog too. Being a huge source of vitamin C for both humans and animals, apples are also tasty and easy to munch on as a snack. Full of fiber, apples can regulate dogs’ digestive systems and improve their metabolism.

So next time, when you’re having an apple, don’t forget to treat your dog to some of it too. They will enjoy it for sure. And if the size of the apple is quite large, cut it in half: half for you and the other half for your furry friend. Yummy!

2. Peanut Butter

“Peanut butter jelly time,” but without the jelly! Dogs love peanut butter as much as their owners. Even though it’s mostly a safe and tasty snack for them, it’s best if they consume it moderately. Since they tend to be slightly greedy and don’t know when to stop, and peanut butter has a lot of calories, vets recommend giving them one spoon once a week.

Furthermore, try to give your dog only plain, unprocessed peanut butter. And if it’s possible, buy only bio-products since, usually, regular peanut butter has other additives like salt that could be dangerous to your dog.

3. Bananas

Bananas are one of the easiest snacks to grab whenever we’re hungry. Bananas, which are delicious and sweet and are high in magnesium, can support strong bones when consumed in moderation. Bananas are heavy in sugar and can cause weight gain in dogs, so much like humans, they should be consumed in moderation. You’re safe giving them a lovely reward with half a banana every two weeks.

4. Watermelon

Who can resist a juicy and sweet watermelon? Nobody, not even dogs. Dogs can eat watermelon without any problems, but it’s crucial to get rid of all the seeds beforehand because they can irritate their stomachs and block their intestines.

Being extremely rich in water and vitamin C helps humans and pets stay hydrated during the scorching summer months. Ingesting the rind can upset your dog’s stomach, so take it off as well before giving him the watermelon.

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5. Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are the perfect breakfast for both you and your dog. Nutritious, full of vitamins, and easy to make, eggs can also help dogs with stomach aches and nausea. But remember, it is crucial to avoid feeding them raw eggs! While they may be immune to bacteria, they can spread it to you sooner than you imagine. Keep it low with just a medium-boiled egg or scrambled eggs if it’s not full of oil.

In my case, I give a boiled egg to my furry fellow only twice a week and only as a snack to avoid making this a habit.

6. Plain popcorn

Every time I munch on some freshly made popcorn, my dog jumps on the bed to get some. In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical since I didn’t know if it was allowed or safe to give dogs this snack. But when I asked my vet, he said, “Yes!” He only gave me advice to keep the popcorn simple without butter, salt, or sugar.

Since popcorn is a source of zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium, it can be a very nutritional treat for your fuzzy companion. However, to prevent dogs from choking, make sure they don’t ingest any unpopped popcorn kernels!

7. Blueberries

Blueberries are another safe and delicious food for dogs to eat. Being rich in fiber, they help with good digestion and minimize the tummy aches your dog might have on some days. A substantial amount of vitamins and minerals are also included in blueberries, which may be advantageous for the health of your animal.

These fruits, which are low in calories and fantastic for weight loss regimens, come highly recommended by both doctors and veterinarians and will help your dog keep a good-looking and healthy physique. Plus, if you’re both on a diet, you can both enjoy blueberries as a snack a few times per week. Win-win!

8. Cucumbers

If your dog got a little bit chubby and your vet said you should give them only low-calorie foods, then opt for cucumbers. Safe, tasty, and good to munch on because they are full of vitamins and minerals, cucumbers can easily become one of your dog’s favorite treats. And it’s safe to give them as many times a week as you want! Nom-nom!

Photo by Budimir Jevtic from Shutterstock

9. Corn

Let your dog steal corn from you once in a while because they adore munching on it. And I can’t blame them! A spoonful or two of boiled corn per day is a suitable serving size for dogs, and it is a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. However, exercise caution and avoid feeding the corn directly from the cob to your dog.

In my case, it caused my dog Dolly to experience extremely acute indigestion, and I had to accompany her to the clinic in the middle of the night. Thank God for my doctor’s schedule since I don’t know what else I could do to help her feel better. Stick to canned corn and opt for varieties that are minimal in salt and preservatives for their safety.

10. Oatmeal

Who would have believed that our pets would benefit from our daily breakfast? Contrary to popular belief, your dog can eat plain oatmeal without any problems. Oatmeal is recommended by vets since it contains a lot of fiber and several vitamins and minerals.

However, you should give it to dogs in small quantities to keep them from gaining weight. In my case, Dolly gets oatmeal twice a week after she has an hour to run in the backyard. An excellent workout and a nutritious snack? Say no more.

Additionally, it’s crucial to only feed unflavored oatmeal to your dog. Since the one that has been flavor-infused can have additional components that are bad for your dog’s digestion.

That’s about it, dog lovers! I hope you find this article interesting, and if you liked it but are new around here, don’t forget to subscribe to our website We promise to put a smile on your face every time you open it – and maybe even teach you something new!

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32 Responses

  1. What other human foods can we feed our dogs? I may move to a very rural locale and I will not be buying on a normal food shopping excursion nor be in any delivery service route areas. Many of my foods will be hunted and grown.

    1. Cooked lightly deer, elk and other meats are safe for your dog to eat. Remember they are carnivores originally and one Internet dog suggests a raw diet for them. Be sure the animal is not infected with some disease though.

      I once had a female deer walk up to me and knock a styrofoam box out of my hand that held 1/2 a hamburger with a green chili pepper on top of it along with onion, mustard, mayonnaise and lettuce and tomato. She ate it all without a doubt. did she get sick? She came to th front porch of my house where I was standing and I knew she wanted food even if a hamburger. Deer can eat bones and sometimes will hunt small rodents and rabbits and eat them according to a rehabber I talked to about this matter.

    2. i feed my dogs home cooked meals every single day. it consists of the following: lentils brownrice quinoa or barley – veggies – apples- blueberries- carrots- brocolli- cauliflower- sweet potato- sweet peppers- and lastly lots of chicken tuna turkey liver or beef, NOW FOR SNAX its boiled eggs meatballs yogurt cheese and peanutbutter.

  2. Had a dog (well 1/2 dog, 1/2 coyote} that would eat everything, even the bath soap! But would not touch wild duck!

  3. My large breed dog loved frozen green beans to snack on, and an occasional carrot.

    I wanted to reiterate the dangers of corn cobs. A family member had a dog who dug one out of the garbage and it turned into an emergency vet visit that ended with emergency surgery.

    1. I had 2 border collies and they eat chicken bones not cooked. They also eat heart, liver, gizzards. I fed them oatmeal, fruits, veggies and eggs.

  4. I love the healthy snack thing as i am currentadjusting to a new, non-smoking lifestyle. Can i gnive hi. Raw carrots, cottage cheese or bits of pineapple?

    1. I have been making my pups food for awhile now. She is picky, won’t eat any dry dog food.
      I boil chicken breasts and rice (separate) and add a frozen vegetable and a bit of non-fat cheese and just a bit of plain yogurt. I save the broth and she loves that with her meals.
      She is thriving! Her vet agrees and told me I was doing good! <3

    2. i feed my dogs home cooked meals every single day. it consists of the following: lentils brownrice quinoa or barley – veggies – apples- blueberries- carrots- brocolli- cauliflower- sweet potato- sweet peppers- and lastly lots of chicken tuna turkey liver or beef, NOW FOR SNAX its boiled eggs meatballs yogurt cheese and peanutbutter.


  6. I have an adult chihuahua years old bed he’s pretty over weight. I don’t give him much people foods. I do give him pet snacks once in awhile. But I do need to watch his weight

  7. Can you feed dogs bologna? Is it okay? My dad loves fried bologna sandwiches and my dog wants one too but I’m not sure it’s good for him???

  8. My dog likes most of the things you mentioned, He does not like green beans, He likes spicy food also. I don’t give him the spicy except some times I break over,

  9. I have grown a passion for creating delicious foods for my fur babies!! Shredded boiled and rotisserie chicken, fresh cook veggies (carrots, peas, green beans, pumpkin, yams, squash, potatoes) Jasmine, Brown, Yellow Rice and fruits (apples, pears and watermelon.
    No kibble in their bowls. 😋

  10. Thank you for putting this all on the same page. I refuse to click endlessly on the clickbait traps that expect a click for every paragraph while loading me up with ads and malware.

  11. My dachshund enjoyed lettuce, especially after I rinsed it and it was wet. He’d also go ape hearing (smelling) popcorn in the skillet. Later with the microwave it was the same. A little butter and salt didn’t hurt Snoopy. He lived to be almost 18 and he was a good little buddy.

  12. Thank you for the information very helpful. I was wondering about yogurt for dogs or cats? Also my for legged babies won’t eat popcorn with out butter,I give very little popcorn that has butter since they won’t eat plain. Mine 4 legged kids love cantaloupe? Thank you

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