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9 World’s Cutest Creatures, According to Science

Top 9 Cutest Animals in The Whole World

The animal kingdom is full of various creatures that have an impressive appearance, unpredictable behaviors and interesting personality traits. They are all different and this is what makes all of them special. However, in general, people tend to see certain things from a subjective perspective, especially when it comes to analyzing the beauty or the level of cuteness of something or someone.

The truth is that we always judge things according to our previous experiences, principles and values. In other words, the things that you think are beautiful, may not be the same for me. So, in this article, you will find the cutest creatures in the world according to science. To be more specific, these animals were chosen based on statistics and they usually reflect what many people believe and that most found these creatures cute.

In addition, did you know that when you see adorable things, your brain starts to release dopamine? Dopamine is a hormone that plays a major role in your brain and body and is responsible for increasing the level of happiness. Dopamine is also called the hormone of happiness.

So, now that you know that it has been scientifically proven that you can actually be happier if you delight your eyes and brain with some images and information about these precious and lovable animals, you can keep reading to discover all of them!

Photo by Kassia Marie Ott from Shutterstock

Almost all baby animals

Let’s start by saying that almost all baby animals are cute, right? According to statistics, many people consider those baby animals the cutest creatures in the world and this is the explanation for their domestication over the years, from dogs and cats to reptiles, monkeys and other exotic pets.

In general, people tend to adopt pets when they are babies and one of the most common reasons is that they consider them cute and innocent, that’s how most of them have been domesticated.

Piglets are among the cutest animals in the world, can you believe it? And of course, they deserve this status. Fortunately, there are many people who want to adopt piglets as pets, instead of eating them when they are adults. These beautiful babies weigh around 35 lbs, less than a dog, right? But the older they get, the more they gain weight.

Of course, there are some baby creatures that aren’t often considered cute, such as rodents because they are hairless when they are born, pigeons as they have a beak larger than their heads as well as eagles.

In addition, another interesting observation that many studies have shown is that people often found baby animals cuter than human babies.

Slow Loris

Do you think you can withstand the adorable eyes of the slow loris? They are so cute that many toy manufacturers use them to make people buy more things like that. These special creatures can be found in Southeast Asia, in regions like Bangladesh, Northeast India, Sulu Archipelago, Philippines, Yunnan and China.

There are multiple slow loris species, including the Sunda slow loris, Bengal slow loris, pygmy slow loris, Javan slow loris, Philippine slow loris, Bangka slow loris, Bornean slow loris, and Kayan River slow loris.

The most common species is the pygmy slow loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus). They like to spend their time in different trees, they are omnivore creatures which means that they feed on plants and other small animals. However, what many people don’t know about the cutest animal in the world is that the slow loris is also the only known venomous primate. So, even though they have beautiful and adorable eyes, they are also quite dangerous. They are nocturnal hunters, which means that they use their beautiful eyes to detect their prey.

Speaking of domestic animals, you can’t adopt a slow loris as a pet because, first of all, they are dangerous and secondly, it’s illegal to adopt one.


The meerkat, also known as suricate, is actually a small mongoose that can be found in Southern Africa. As some of you probably already know, meerkats are eusocial creatures, which means that they live in packs of two to thirty individuals and they are guided by a social hierarchy, namely that dominant individuals produce offspring and subordinate members take care of them.

Meerkats feed on beetles, amphibians, arthropods, small birds, reptiles and plants. However, statistics show that many people find these little creatures cute, especially because when they are highly vigilant, they turn their heads side to side and get up on their hind legs. Just like other wild species of animals, meerkats can’t be adopted as pets, because it’s illegal and they can become aggressive in other environments.


Photo by Arnaud Martinez from Shutterstock


Koalas are actually arboreal herbivorous marsupials that can be found in Australia. They are closely related to wombats. According to animal experts, koalas eat for about twenty percent of the day and sleep for the other eighty percent. Their diet consists of leaves, flowers, fruits, and other similar plants. In general, a koala eats about a kilogram of leaves a day. Being arboreal animals, they are excellent climbers and love to jump.

Obviously, koalas are considered some of the cutest animals in the world. Unfortunately, they are hunted for their fur by humans and even though they are protected by law, they are still listed as vulnerable to extinction in NSW and Queensland. Would you be interested in this adorable koala plush? They say it’s for stress relief!

Flapjack Octopus

Even though there are a lot of individuals who don’t understand why the Flapjack octopus is considered cute, the statistics show that this species of octopus is actually adored by many people all over the world.

The Flapjack octopus, also known as Opisthoteuthis adorabilis, was first discovered in 2015 and has an interesting appearance, namely that it looks like a toy. These interesting, but cute octopuses is actually an abyssal creature which means that they live in the deep waters of various oceans. So, as the name suggests, Opisthoteuthis adorabilis are some of the most adorable creatures in the world.

Fennec Fox

The fennec fox is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, or at least that’s what many people believe. This cute species of fox deserves its status because it’s the smallest of all the world’s foxes and its large ears are absolutely adorable. The fennec fox can be found in the Sahara and other regions of North Africa. Their eras are not only adorable, but they are also used to keep them cool and to locate underground prey.

In general, fennec foxes feed on plants, rodents, eggs, reptiles and various insects. Living in the desert, fennec foxes can go for long periods without water. Unfortunately, because of their cute appearance, people use them for the pet trade and kill them for their fur.

In addition, fennec foxes have an interesting love life, namely that they mate for life and make two to five pups per year. When the female fennec fox is pregnant or takes care of their pups, the male will bring them food and protect the family.

Red Panda

Unfortunately, the red panda is on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching, and inbreeding depression. There are currently less than 10,000 mature red pandas in the wild. Many people don’t know this, but the red panda is closely related to the giant panda and is also part of the Ailurus family.

Surveys have shown that red pandas are considered some of the cutest animals in the world, and of course, they deserve this prestige. In fact, red pandas are not only adorable, but they are also very intelligent creatures with interesting personality traits.

As you probably know, red pandas are excellent climbers, that’s why they sleep on the tree branches. They feed on bamboo, small birds, eggs, flowers and various berries.

Sea Otters

Sea otters are among the most adorable marine mammals in the world. They can be found swimming in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Generally, they feed on marine invertebrates, such as sea urchins, mollusks and crustaceans, and sometimes fish.

However, did you know that they can live their entire life without living in the waters of the Pacific Ocean and can catch fish with their forepaws (not with their mouth like other animals)? These cute mammals have the densest fur out there and are the only creature on the planet with this feature, but unfortunately, humans hunt them for their beloved fur.

Photo by Damian Lugowski from Shutterstock


The quokka, or the short-tailed scrub wallaby, is part of the macropod family and loves plant based diets and nocturnal activities. These marsupials are closely related to kangaroos and wallabies and are just as big as a domestic cat.

These creatures are considered the happiest animals in the world because they look like they are always smiling, so this is the reason why they are among the cutest animals in the world.

As I said before, they feed at night and their diet consists of leaves, stems and other various plants. After the gestation period of the females which is about a month, they give birth to a baby called joey.

If you want to see other cute animals, then we definitely have to show you our list of dog breeds that can easily live in small living spaces!

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