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11 Reasons to Adopt a Pomeranian (Besides Being Cute)

Do you want to adopt a Pomeranian? See here some pros and cons: 

In search of a little dog? You may find yourself considering a Pomeranian as a good companion. If you enjoy little dogs or live in an apartment, you may be wondering if a Pomeranian is the right breed for you.

To help you decide if adopting a Pomeranian is the right decision for you, we’ll provide you with some reasons why these fluffs are so pleasant and nice to have around.

So, without further ado let’s see the ups and downs of these fellas. Ah! And be careful because you might fall in love with the pictures.

adopt a Pomeranian
Photo by Gorodenkoff from Shutterstock

1. They’re super smart and trainable

One of the first reasons to adopt a Pomeranian is because they’re super intelligent dogs that are also very easy to train. Sweet, docile, and always ready to please their owner, the Pomeranian can be taught simple things like commands but also a few tricks.

A lot of Pomeranians have achieved high honor levels in the obedience ring, and they pick up new skills quickly. Just remember to teach these tiny guys gently, as you should with any dog, regardless of size.

These cute, entertaining pups are usually eager to learn and love to perform, making them ideal for obtaining AKC trick titles.

2. They’re easy to travel with

If you want a dog that you can carry around with you, even in a small bag, adopt a Pomeranian! Weighing only a few pounds, they will fit neatly into travel bags that meet airline and train requirements. This implies that it will be simpler for you to bring your dog along on an adventure.

It is important to make beforehand reservations with hotels, airlines, and rail companies to ensure your pet is accepted when traveling.

3. Because they eat very little, you will spend less money on food

For many people, this is going to be one of the reasons they’ll adopt a Pomeranian! Poms are very low-maintenance regarding food; that’s why they’re super easy to keep in the house.

Even if they’re highly energetic balls of fur, they need food every once in a while, and of course, less food than a German shepherd or husky. Feed your pup three times a day with small portions of food along with dental snacks.

You can give them a treat after a training session in which they were super obedient and learned new stuff.

It is important to remember that dogs should also have their teeth brushed regularly, just like humans. So make sure your little furry friend has impeccably clean teeth by using this vet’s dental kit. The kit includes a toothbrush and toothpaste for puppies, and it costs just $10.13. 

4. They’re super loyal to their owners

Now, that’s cute! If you want to adopt a Pomeranian, you’ll also gain a friend for life because they’re among the dog breeds that are super loyal to their masters. They adore everything about you and live for you.

Because you are everything to a Pom and the focus of their attention, their separation anxiety and unhappiness when you are not present are indications of their love for you.

Pomeranians may experience anxiety if left alone for extended periods, so it’s best to avoid doing this if you plan on owning one in the future.

5. Looking for an extrovert dog? Adopt a Pomeranian

The main motivation for owning a dog is to have a constant source of happiness and entertainment. This is why most people keep dogs in their homes. And Pomeranians are those furry balls full of energy and always in the mood to play. They’re also very social with other people and dogs.

adopt a Pomeranian
Photo by Josep Suria from Shutterstock

6. They have a long lifespan

One of the main downsides of owning a pet is that someday they will leave the earth, leaving a huge gap in our hearts. But this isn’t the case with Poms since they have a long lifespan. This breed’s long longevity is one of its greatest advantages. These dogs typically live for 15 years, but some have been known to live up to 18 or even 20 years!

7. They watch out for their owner

Are you looking for a dog to protect you, but one that is also tiny? Adopt a pomeranian! They are well-known for having the best barking ability. As a result, despite their tiny stature, ponies are quick learners and make excellent pursuing or even defensive dogs. In either case, if you possess a little Pomeranian with great powers, rest certain that your home is secure.

8. They’re easy to keep even in small spaces

These puppies are tiny and require little room, so they may live happily in a suburban house, a major metropolitan skyscraper, or even in a more rural area. The only thing that matters to them is your love and your undivided attention.

Just make sure they have a comfortable bed if you don’t plan on sleeping with them in your bed.

9. They love children

Pomeranians are excellent companions for families and are readily trained to coexist happily with kids and other animals. However, dogs and little children should never be left unsupervised even if you trust your dog completely. You know, just a precautionary measure!

10. They’re small but mighty

Although these dogs might seem delicate the truth is that behind that ball of fluff is hiding a fierce and strong animal. Hard to believe, right? These dogs are rather rustic and fortunate to be in top-notch health conditions. Some owners claim they only visit the vet for regular shots of vaccine.

One small detail: because they’re small dogs, and this is a common thing for small dog breeds, they have crowded teeth, so daily teeth brushing is more than mandatory!

11. If they’re excited you’ll get to see the spinning

If you’re still not convinced if you should adopt a Pomeranian or not, this reason might convince you for sure. And if you love to see excited dogs, get ready for a super show from your pom. A Pomeranian’s best trait is that once it gets enthusiastic, it will spin in circles endlessly and quickly. Seeing it may make you feel lightheaded, but it’s totally worth it!

Your dog is only expressing to you his happiness and excitement about whatever comes next.


Besides all these amazing benefits of owning a Pomeranian, there are also a few drawbacks, including coat care. If you don’t want to have your home full of dog hair, it’s mandatory to take care of its precious fur. You must brush your dog daily, and every couple of weeks, you must also bathe it.

When Pomeranians don’t see someone around, they go crazy. This is why it might be difficult for working parents to leave their doggo alone. Aside from this and the hair issue, however, every dog parent thinks this dog breed is wonderful; they are charming and the life of the home.

What do you think, will you adopt a Pomeranian? Tell us in the comments.

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