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8 Fun and Easy Dog Tricks Any Pup Can Learn

If you have a pet pup, you might have already thought about teaching them some cool tricks. But what are some easy dog tricks that any dog can learn? This is why we are here today. We want to tell you all about them.

Now, if you believe that teaching your canine friend some basic tricks is kind of silly and you find it useless, you need to know that tricks are a great way to provide mental stimulation for your pup. They are having fun, and you can have fun with them too. The whole process of learning a new trick is an amazing experience for both of you that also helps you form a stronger bond.

Even more, if your dog learns commands and tricks, this is also a form of obedience training that can be truly helpful in the long term. This is what helps your pup be more disciplined. Here are some easy dog tricks that you and your best friend can learn together!

easy dog tricks
Photo by Marina Plevako from Shutterstock

1. Take a bow

Dogs bowing? This sounds not natural at all and is difficult to perform. Nope. Bowing is in the natural behavior of our pups, and this makes taking a bow one of the easiest dog tricks.

When they do this, dogs put their whole chest down on the ground and keep their backs and full rears up in the air. Now, we say that it is easy for them to do this because they do it often. Have you ever looked at how dogs play? Sometimes when they play together, they bow, and this is why trainers call this type of behavior play bow.

You may simply teach your dog to bow by taking advantage of their innate playfulness. This is a great advantage, and this trick looks pretty cool! Imagine presenting all of the tricks your dog knows, and in the end, they gracefully bow.

2. Spin

Does your dog have this habit of running after their tail? This is pretty popular among the canine population, and it is also one of the funniest things our fluffy friends can do. They look adorable when they spin like that!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to teach your dog to spin? This is one of the easy dog tricks, and we are sure you both will have a great time exercising this trick.

All you have to do is take a treat and put it near your pup’s nose. After that, start luring them into a spin. And keep repeating this. You can add some difficulty to this trick by teaching your dog to spin in a specific direction of your choice.

So, try to teach your dog to spin, and you will amaze everyone with the skill of your pup in telling the difference between right and left.

3. Play dead

We know that you love your friend to the moon and back, and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them, but pretending something like this can be funny and entertaining. Many dogs enjoy doing this, and just imagine how you point your finger at them, say “BANG,” and they fall to the floor.

This is among the easy dog tricks you and your dog can learn and looks incredibly impressive when executed with style. Because of this, you might think it is bad to teach your dog to do this, but this is not true. This is even easier if you already taught them how to rollover.

4. Rollover

Since we mentioned rollover in the last entry, we need to tell you more about it. This trick is kind of self-explanatory, as its name suggests. Your pup will be able to roll over after they learn it.

This is a little bit more difficult than the ones we already talked about, but since it is still one of the easy dog tricks, you can imagine it is not that hard. Because you will need to put in more effort when trying to teach your dog this trick, prepare some treats and split the whole process into several steps. Start small, and then work your way up to a full rollover.

5. Back up

The first one of our easy dog tricks is backing up. Besides being a fun trick, it is also one that can be quite useful in many situations. We say this because, after learning this, your pup will be able to back up on command, and this can come in handy next time they want to go out through the door or attempt to crowd you when you want to take something from the fridge.

If we exclude this practical aspect of this trick, we need to be honest and say that it is also a fun trick you can impress your friends with. The good news is that it is not hard to help your dog learn this one. You need some patience and a handful of dog treats. Train your dog to back up a few steps, and they will soon be able to do this anytime you use the command.

6. Hug

What a lovely trick! Your dog hugging you is one of the most wholesome experiences. Imagine that you will be able to get a hug whenever you want. Awesome, right?

This is among the easy dog tricks, but you need to follow a few basic steps before trying to teach your dog this trick since it is more complex. In the same fashion as the rollover, teach your dog how to lift their front paws first. And then teach them to put their pants on your hands and arms.

Take your time, practice often, and in no time your pup will be able to show you these lovely signs of affection.

7. High five

This is one of the most popular gestures of affection, and now you can even teach your dog how to do it. A good start to helping your dog and training them to do this cool trick is to first teach them how to say goodbye and hello.

After they know how to weave, things will flow easily. The difference is the position of their paw and how they will need to place it against your hand. This is an impressive trick and also a cute one that, for sure, will make all of your friends say wow.

easy dog tricks
Photo by The Adaptive from Shutterstock

8. Speak

Many people don’t like it when their pups bark. And we get it; if you have a dog that barks excessively, this might become a problem, but usually, this is not the case.

The good news is that some of the easy dog tricks we are presenting today are here to help you solve this common behavioral problem. The speak command is fun and useful at the same time, and this is why we believe it is a good idea to train your dog and help them learn it.

The “speak” command usually comes together with the “quiet” one, and most trainers advise owners to teach the dog both of them. This is the most effective solution for excessive barking.

Once your pup has learned the commands, they will know that there are situations when they can bark and others when it is not that appropriate. Also, you will be able to tell them when the barking can start and when it should stop.

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