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Protect Your Pet from Hot Weather with These 10 Hacks

The summers are getting hotter and hotter—that’s a fact. And during those torrid months, everyone is trying to avoid going out in the middle of the day because of the unbearable heat.

Now, the only things we can count on are the AC, water, and keeping ourselves away from the sun. However, as a pet owner, you may wonder what can you do for your beloved animal in order to keep them cool.

These hot days of summer can really affect your pet’s health and condition, most people say they can even die from heart failure because of the high temperatures.

Well, we thought these helpful tips could be life-saving for your pet.

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1. Keep Them Away From Sunny Spots

The first piece of good advice would be to keep your pet away from any sunny spot. If you decide to have some fun in the backyard with them, do it only in places covered by shadows.

Or if their sleeping place is usually located outside you should replace it in a cooler spot, safe from the sun.

In addition, keeping them away from the sun could save them from a very unpleasant sunburn. If possible, turn on the sprinklers that way it will add some fun and cool wave for your furry friend.

2. Always Use Sun Protection

The risks for dogs getting sun burnt are the same as for us humans and so we need to take care of them and prevent these situations. Besides the fact that sunburn is very painful for dogs, it can also cause skin cancer.

It is very important to apply some sunscreen on their nose and paws since those are the most delicate parts along with the ears, the belly and any shaved parts.

If you don’t have any sunscreen just yet this is what we would like to recommend for your puppy: Bodhi Dog Sunscreen.

3. Buy Them A Foldable Pool

Another option would be to buy them an entertaining item such as a pool specially designed for dogs. This one will give them the time of their life and will keep them cool and wet. They will play for hours and won’t be affected by the heat.

Foldable pools are usually very easy to empty and install. The best part is the fact that it folds and you can take it anywhere with you. It comes in three sizes so you can choose what you think suits best your pet.

They are generally made of slip-resistant material so they won’t slip.

cool mat
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4. A Cool Mat

A cool mat is a very helpful and popular item among dog owners during this season. This item can literally be life-saving for your pet, it has three layers which makes it durable and safe for your pet.

The best part? You can place it anywhere. Their bed, your couch, the floor, on the grass. Yes, it is that convenient.

Don’t worry about the mess your cat or dog will leave behind it is easy to clean. Your pet will never want to get up from it ever again.

5. Do Not Leave Them Alone In The Car

This issue has been long disputed over the years. There have been several cases where not just pets were left alone in a parked car, but children too and it turned out deadly.

The temperatures in your car can reach very high numbers. The oxygen will soon be extremely limited and your pet can suffocate or have a heart failure.

The cracked window trick won’t do anymore, especially during this season since it’s very hot outside as well.

Don’t leave them alone, even if it’s just for a few minutes, your dog could be severely affected by those short moments.

6. Access To Water All The Time

Even you, a human being, have the constant need to drink water during the hot days of summer. That means your pet does too.

This is why you should make sure they have water all the time and with a water dispenser specially made for dogs, you can make sure they won’t be thirsty when you’re gone.

Also, during walks, either long or short, you should always have a special recipient like a dog water bottle for traveling which allows you to hydrate your dog during your time out.

7. Ice Cubes

Besides giving them water at all times you should also provide them with some cool snacks such as ice cubes. They enjoy munching some cubes and they will be cooler after that. It’s like ice cream but for pets and has no flavor.

You can even add them in their water bowl so they’ll have some fun searching for the cubes. In addition, it will keep the water cold and nice, perfect for your animal. Don’t give them cubes that are too big we don’t want his teeth to get hurt.

Did you know? Ice cubes are actually good for your dog to slow down the process of drinking water too fast, which causes bloating and other issues.

8. Keep Them Healthy

It is very important for your pets to have a healthy lifestyle. During the summer even humans are tempted to lose a lot of weight and so it is important to help your dog maintain his weight.

It’s true that during these hot days, it is less likely for your dog to be active, and that is why they will consume less food. However, you should pay attention to how much they tend to eat.

Losing a few pounds and then being exposed to a heat wave can be very damaging to your pet, it can affect their health.

Photo by fizkes from Shutterstock

9. Turn On The AC

If your pet is staying more in the house than outside, then they will really appreciate it if you would turn on the air conditioner or open some windows.

Even though the inside temperature is cooler than the one outside, they still feel usually a lot warmer than we do because of their fur.

Having the AC on could be just what they needed. The majority of vets recommend even letting them on for a longer period of time because the pets find a sense of relief during this time. Do so and they will sleep unbothered for hours.

10. Protect Them From Hot Pavements

Their paws are very sensitive parts and so you should always keep them away from the sun rays and use sunscreen on them. Another thing you should be careful with is the hot pavement. It can hurt their paws.

You can either go on grass or you can schedule the walk for later hours when the pavement is not so hot and your dog can actually walk on it.

Take Away

Your pet is precious. This is why these 10 useful tips should be applied during this challenging season so that they will have an easy lifestyle. To sum up all these hacks:

• Use sunscreen it will prevent sunburn;

• Always keep your pet hydrated in whatever ways you wish to give them water, liquid or solid;

• Never leave them alone in the car, not even for “just a few moments”;

• Keep them away from the sun’s rays and find them some safe spots.

Tell us what other tips you know to keep your dog cool during the summer. You may also want to read Why You Should NEVER Sleep With Your Pet, According to Doctors.

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