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Which 7 Dog Breeds Are Most Likely to Bite Their Owners?

What makes dog bite their owners?

If you were to review any dog bite statistics, you’d discover that every dog, from a massive one, like a Sheepadoodle, to a tiny one, like a Chihuahua, can bite. You’ve probably heard from other people that your kids are going to be exactly how you raise them, so if you want them to be nice and gentle, you have to teach them young.

Well, the same thing goes for pets. If you want your dog to be friendly, not bite, and be playful and joyful, you have to train them and take them out to socialize, both with other dogs and with people, adults, and children.

Dogs are fun to be around, they’re loving, cute, and can put a smile on everyone’s face, but researchers discovered that if owners don’t pay enough attention to them or if they don’t treat them right, certain breeds might get angry and bite the people who take care of them. Here are the 8 dog breeds that are more likely to bite their owners. Let’s take a look!

But before we move on, we have to answer a question that is probably on every owner’s mind:

Why do dogs bite?

  • they’re stressed and this is their first impulse when under pressure;
  • they feel attacked and want to protect themselves, their owners, or their puppies;
  • they don’t feel well;
  • they feel scared or threatened;
  • when they’re puppies, they don’t realize how strong their teeth are or how hard they squeeze your hand, so they might bite you just because they want to play with you. It’s typically not dangerous, and it doesn’t hurt like a regular bite, but if that’s the case with your dog, you have to train them to stop this kind of behavior.

1. Doberman

Dobermans are very intelligent, strong, and can easily adapt to different things, and these characteristics make them a very popular dog breed among people in the United States.

They love their owners very much, and they’re very protective and loyal. That’s exactly why they’re such a popular choice for police and defense dogs—they know how to get things done.

Their bodies are athletic and muscular, and intruders will easily get scared when they see a massive Doberman running and barking toward them, ready for a fight. They can be trained to be friendly and gentle with other dogs and people, but pay attention to them because their bite is about 245 pounds per inch (PSI), which means that their teeth are strong and the wound they provoke is dangerous.

2. German Shepherd

As beautiful and intelligent as German Shepherds are, they can get aggressive when they feel attacked. They’re big, strong, and protective, which makes them ideal candidates for military and police roles. They get very attached to their family and would do anything to protect their favorite humans.

If you plan on getting a pup like this, make sure you take them to a professional for proper training because their protective instincts might take them to the wrong side when they see strangers getting close to their owners. And I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to see your dog angrily running toward some of your new friends.

They’re intelligent, so if you take them to training sessions as well as out for socializing, they’ll find a great balance between aggressive behavior and docile and friendly behavior.

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3. Cocker Spaniel

While it might not be a surprise to find particular dog breeds on this list, it’s surely something unusual to read that a Cocker Spaniel can get angry and bite someone. This pup breed is a favorite among families due to its friendly nature and lovely face.

However, don’t judge them too quickly, because if they get angry, they won’t lose the chance to put their precious teeth into someone. Just like the majority of small dog breeds, many people know them for not being exactly the calmest little pups out there, so if you think about getting a Cocker Spaniel, make sure you schedule some training and socializing sessions.

4. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are big dogs that are strong and muscular, and their bite is nothing but pain and agony. They were originally bred to herd cattle and other livestock; nowadays, Rottweilers are used for rescue and search, as well as for guarding, thanks to their protective yet aggressive behavior.

They’re massive dogs, so if you plan on getting one, don’t forget that you need to take them out for walks because they need plenty of exercise to get rid of their energy. They also require proper training, socialization, and mental stimulation so they can be on their best behavior. Otherwise, get ready for a destructive dog.

Rottweilers are very attached to their owners, and they’ll do everything they can to protect their beloved humans, so it’s crucial to teach them all the good and the bad things because their protective instincts can actually turn into aggressive behavior really quickly.

5. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small but feisty, and when it comes to feeling attacked, these little dogs won’t hesitate to bite you if they think that’s the way out. They get attached to their owners, and when they notice that somebody they don’t know approaches you in a way that seems a bit too much, they’ll start barking, growling, nipping, and even biting that person, either a kid or an adult.

They can be friendly and docile, but you have to invest a lot of time and effort into them. Take them out for walks, play with them, allow them to socialize with other people and dogs, and maybe take them to professionals for training sessions.

Make sure that they’re friendly with bigger dogs, because small breeds like Chihuahuas don’t realize how tiny they are and can get aggressive when they notice larger breeds.

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6. Terriers

Terriers are also small but feisty, so you should pay attention to them because they can get angry in a snap. They’re fun, cute, and loyal, and when they get bored, they can start barking, waiting for someone to pay attention to them, or taking them out for a walk.

They were initially bred for rodent hunting, so their first instinct is to bite their prey. They’re small, which means that their bite is not fatal, but it still hurts, so there’s no need to feel something like that.

Terriers need to be taken out for walks and need plenty of socializing because they can get scared when they see a lot of people around them and wouldn’t know how to act.

Just like Chiuhuahuas, they need to be taught to be friendly with bigger dogs, because they don’t acknowledge the difference in height and size, so they can bark, run, and even bite bigger dogs.

7. Tosa Inu

Tosa Inus are very powerful dogs, and their large size makes a lot of people and animals scared of them. They have one of the most dangerous bites ever, and experts estimated it at 556 PSI, which means a lot. Moreover, their bite is so strong that it can cause serious pain, so it’s very important to be careful with a dog like this.

Tosa Inu is the result of the many efforts breeders in Japan made to create the most powerful dog for dog fighting. They breed different European pups to obtain the final result, which is a strong and very muscular dog, always ready for a fight.

Without the proper training, which helps them channel their aggressive behavior and actually be friendly and nice with people and other dogs too, Tosa Inus are very dangerous, and many countries have banned them (the United States is not included).

If you think about becoming the owner of a Tosa Inu, make sure you invest a lot of time and effort into their behavior, because with care and attention, they can be friendly and nice to be around.

If you have a pup at home, treat them to a new food bowl. I’m pretty sure that they will be happy to receive your gift! Are you a dog lover? Then here’s what you should know about your dear pet: 6 Dog Myths You Should STOP Believing!

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