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Remove Your Pet’s Hair From ANYWHERE With These 10+ Viral Hacks

Are you looking for efficient hacks to get rid of pet hair from your car seats, couch, and everything else in the house that might be ruined? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Even if we deeply love our furry friends, let’s face it: you’ve wished at least once in your lifetime to wake up to a clean home without seeing your pet shedding dog hair all over the place.

And since now it’s much easier to take our furry friends with us wherever we might go (breweries, outdoor spaces, entertainment venues), our cars are full of hair as well. That’s exactly one of the main reasons why we thought it would be a smart idea to have a list of efficient hacks on how to clean up dog hair.

These hacks will help you clean everything, from car seats to couches to anything else where your dog might shed some hair. You’d be shocked to find that’s way easier than you thought! Let’s see what we’ve got:

dog car hair
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Seat covers

Prevention is way better than cure, so for certain dog breeds, constant brushing won’t fully stop the sheds, so you can always try this option for car seat covers. Seat covers will efficiently keep the hair off the seats, containing it in only one area, which makes it much easier to clean.

At the end of this terrible ride, you can rapidly vacuum the hair off the covers or even pop it out and straight into the wash. If you notice that it takes too long to dry, you can use an old beach towel as a replacement.


The power of static will always help you when you least expect it! Just get a balloon and blow it up, then rub it over your car seat. It will create a static electric charge, and you will see how all the dog hairs are lifted one by one right off the upholstery.

As hair is slowly gathering on the balloon, carefully wipe it off and repeat the process until your seats are all cleaned up again. This efficient method works like a charm for loose hairs, but it won’t be strong enough for embedded hairs.

Lint roller

If you and your dog have been living together for quite some time now, then you must be familiar with the almighty power of a lint roller. Just in case you need it, you might keep one in your car’s console for a 30-second fix for dog hairs after each time you two go out. It’s not that big of a deal; all you have to do is expose the surface of the lint roller, then run it over your seats, picking up those loose dog hairs as you go.

Fabric softener spray

What’s really great about this spray is that it has a double feature: your clothes smell super nice and they’re also softer after use, but it also packs some essential ingredients that were specifically added to eliminate loose hair. That’s why having one in your car is a no-brainer.

If you want to make one at home, the recipe is super easy: just mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of a high-quality fabric softener with some water in a clean spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture onto your car, then take a paper towel and wipe the loose, stubborn hair.

You can finish with a quick vacuum, and trust me, your car will look brand new. As a tip, you might want to remember that this trick works better with upholstery and less with leather car seats.

vacuum hair
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At times, the obvious solution is also the best one. That’s why you can run to the closest car wash in your neighborhood to use their high-powered vacuums and give your car a good clean. Make sure that you use one that already has an attachment with rubber bristles, as those are the most effective ones when it comes to removing hair.

Cover up the furniture and bedding

The same way we did with the seat covers, you can cover your favorite couch with your favorite washable blanket. Sometimes, this is the most efficient solution. Even if this technique isn’t as aesthetically appealing as others, there’s a good reason why so many people prefer to do it.

You only have to toss the blanket straight into the washer once every couple of days, and you’ll have an efficient method to get rid of the dog hair buildup.

Use anti-static spray

Sometimes, static electric charges are the fault of sticky dog hair on your couch in the first place. That’s why you can get yourself one of those anti-static sprays, which are super-efficient and affordable, too. Mist your coaches or any given upholstered surface that you want to clean, as your dog claimed at one point, in order to stop the hair from sticking to the surface or use it to unstick the hair that’s already there.

Give the couch a well-deserved spa treatment

Couches can get spa treatments, too, you know! Grab a couple of damp rubber kitchen gloves and a moist sponge to easily coax dog hair off of all fabric surfaces. The moisture will make the hair clump, which makes it easier to identify and remove it, either by hand or with the help of a vacuum. Make sure you don’t drown the couch, and also let it air dry really well before using it.

Use a humidifier

Well, this might seem a bit strange, but using a humidifier might prove to be efficient. Running one adds moisture to the air, which will prevent dog hair from sticking to fabric surfaces. Also, you might try getting some interior plants, as that might help, too.

dog hair
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Try using DIY solutions

A couple of dampened dryer sheets, some lint rollers, and even duct tape could be a killing combination against pet hair. You won’t know until you try it!

Clean the carpet with a spray bottle

While vacuuming is super efficient with dog hair, we have another trick up our sleeves that you might want to try: use a spray bottle to mist your carpet. Then, take a broom and gently sweep up the clumps of hair before running the almighty vacuum.

The moisture will make the hair stick together, and if you add a stiff-bristled broom to the equation, you might be able to pull it right up. If you’re also a bit concerned about the carpet odor, just sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet after you finish sweeping and clean it out with the vacuum.

Grab a squeegee

This method will efficiently remove all the wet nose prints from your windows and screen doors, as well as that annoying pet hair on your carpet. Run the squeegee over the carpet the same way you’d do a window. The friction of the rubber blade and the carpet might cause the pet hair to lift out in tufts, which will make it easier for you to remove by hand.

Keep up the daily maintenance

Naturally, it’s worth mentioning that none of this matters if you can’t keep up the daily maintenance, which implies dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and, of course, mopping. Even if it’s not the most exciting part of the day, keeping a daily routine will make sure that pet hair won’t build up too quickly.

If you want to learn other maintenance tricks, here’s what you need to read: 10 HUGE Dog Breeds That Can Live in Apartments

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