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These 5 Energetic Cat Breeds Love to Play More Than Dogs!

Contrary to popular belief, cats can be quite energetic, too. I know what you’re thinking: “Of course, they’re energetic, especially at midnight when they’re wandering around the house like lunatics.” But honestly, if you learn to entertain them well enough, you’ll be surprised to learn they sleep like babies.

Some cats are calmer, such as Persians, but others are real bundles of energy, like the Abyssinian, Bengal, or even Savannah. They are known to be super curious and love discovering new things, especially high bookshelves.

Naturally, older cats aren’t as active as younger ones. However, there’s a slight difference, and it all depends on the breed. We’ve decided to make a list with some of the most energetic cats we know, so you can choose your little soldier:

Photo by evrymmnt from Shutterstock


Did you know that the Abyssinian is an ancient cat breed? They resemble pumas, given that their special feature is that beautiful “ticked” coat. As for their personalities, Abyssinians are known to be brave, lively, and super curious, and above all that, they’re particularly active.

They can climb very high, jump as far as they can, and play more than any other cat. They have an innate urge to discover and explore the world, which you’ll soon realize is simply unstoppable. Trust me, nothing can get past these wonderful felines.

At times, their owners ask themselves if these cats ever sleep. If you want to get an Abyssinian, it’s worth knowing that they’ll never quietly sit on your lap, even if they have their own ways of loving. Did you know they also have the reputation of being the funniest clowns in the cat kingdom? They are always up to something! If you can’t make up your mind, here’s a list of pros and cons:


  • They resemble mini cougars;
  • They are extremely active and joyful;
  • They love adventure;
  • They can learn all kinds of tricks;
  • They have a long life expectancy;
  • They’re easy to groom;


  • They cuddle less than any other breed;
  • They need a ton of attention;
  • They also need plenty of exercise;
  • They’re not suitable for small places;


Balinese cats are known to be super playful, curious, and…always up to something. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not one of the most loving, loyal, and sensitive cat breeds. For instance, if you’re feeling sad or depressed, your Balinese will instantly feel that and will constantly stay by your side to cheer you up.

This cat breed is a wonderful mix between elegant, playful, and loyal. They might seem super aristocratic at first, but in reality, they’re just a bunch of furry little crowns. Balinese cats are also quite intelligent, so they’ll easily learn fun tricks in no time.

They can easily master new commands, like “fetch”, and you can even walk them on a leash. They’re also extremely clingy, so they’ll never refuse a 24-hour cuddle with their owner, wherever and whenever.

Also, they are just as loud as the Siamese, so prepare to listen to their opinions and advice! If you are forced to commute for your job, then your Balinese cat might need another pair to deal with all the loneliness. Here’s a quick check of pros and cons for Balinese cats:


  • They are extremely intelligent;
  • They are surprisingly playful;
  • They have wonderful fur;
  • They are always curious;
  • They can easily learn fun tricks;


  • Their fur requires lots of grooming;
  • They meow a lot;
  • They don’t really tolerate being alone;
  • They need a ton of exercise;
  • They are super demanding;
Bengal cat
Photo by Alexander_Evgenyevich from Shutterstock


The Bengal will take your breath away with its elegant fur pattern and fine circles. In fact, it looks just like a leopard’s coat! This beautiful feline has a slim body and a cute appearance that might give the impression of gracefulness, but in reality, they are wildly fussy.

In fact, the Bengal is the elite athlete of the cat kingdom. Attentive and super curious, you will immediately realize that nothing can get past this feline. In fact, there’s nothing they’d prefer more than to sit on a cat tree or the highest shelf and watch over their kingdom, because yes, as soon as you bring these cats into your home, they will reign.

They’re into any kind of toy, and the bigger the challenge, the better. If you don’t find time to entertain them, trust me, they will do mischief just to have a little bit of fun. If you can’t decide whether or not these cats are the best choice for you, here’s a little list of pros and cons:


  • They have a very exotic appearance;
  • They are super smart;
  • You will instantly see how active they are;
  • They love water;
  • They also love to jump;
  • They love being around people;
  • They can easily learn new tricks;
  • They get along with other pets;


  • They need a ton of attention and exercise;
  • They need a lot of attention;
  • They love to hunt small animals;
  • They’re not suitable for indoors;


The Burmese is an enchanting cat breed. They are known to have a very kind, open, and friendly character, and love to cuddle all day long and sit on your lap, but they’re also super active, curious, and eager to play.

If there’s something that Burmese are known for, it’s that they like showing off their acrobatic talents. If you have high shelves in your home, prepare, because they will immediately become their playground.

In fact, female Burmese are little princesses that will want you to shower them with attention and love. Males are a bit calmer if you want a little bit of space. You will easily spot some Siamese traits in the Burmese breed, mostly because they’re keen to learn as many tricks as possible, including fetch, sit, roll over, and come.

You can even walk with them in the park, on a leash! If you want to keep this clever cat occupied, puzzle games are the best way to do so. Here are some of the pros and cons of owning a Burmese:


  • They are extremely active;
  • They can easily learn new tricks;
  • They have a long life expectancy;
  • They are friendly with other cats and dogs;


  • They meow a lot;
  • They hate being alone;
  • They are super demanding;
devon rex cat
Photo by Veera from Shutterstock

Devon Rex

This cat breed is so exquisite, you will easily spot a Devon Rex. It has beautiful, curly fur, big ears, and large, playful eyes. They resemble a cute gremlin, but some people might agree that they’re the cat version of a fairy or an alien.

Devon Rexes adore sleeping in bed with their owners because it’s lovely, cozy, and warm. If you pet them, they won’t stop purring. They always must be close to their human, so prepare for spontaneous jumps on your lap, cute nuzzles with your chin, and rubs on your shoulder.

They’re so loving, you’ll ask yourself if they’re a successful cross between a cat and a dog. They can even learn to play the piano! If you’re not convinced you want a Devon Rex in your life, here’s a list that might help you decide:


  • They have beautiful eyes;
  • They will charm you with their outgoing personalities;
  • They are extremely active;
  • They are super intelligent;
  • They can easily learn tricks;
  • They are easy to groom;
  • They get along really well with other pets;


  • They need a lot of toys;
  • They also demand a ton of attention;
  • They hate being alone;
  • They need plenty of space to play;
  • They get bored easily;

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