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9 Animals With Impressive Hidden Talents

9 Animals with Hidden Talents that Will Instantly Impress You:

As you already know, the animal kingdom will always be unpredictable and impressive, so it is no secret that there are many animals with surprising talents, personality traits and appearance. There are also a lot of special animals with amazing hidden talents, which manage to conquer anyone’s soul, regardless of physical appearance. Unfortunately, we are responsible for the extinction of some animal species and others are still endangered because of our activities. 

Just like any other creature, animals are the wonders of nature that make our lives more beautiful and easier. While some of them can help protect the environment through their ability to manage their livelihoods, others help us get rid of various pests. 

It is very interesting how this world of animals works, because, although they are different in many ways, they also have a lot of similar characteristics and the food chain proves it. The food chain shows how the creatures are related to each of them by the food they eat. 

However, animals are not just resources for human life (such as pigs, poultry, fish and so on because they can help us stay alive), companions or lab testers, but their talents should be appreciated more. 

So, here are some of the most talented animals out there, read on to find out more info!

Photo by Mint_Images from Envato Elements

Penguins are excellent swimmers and love to jump

Of course, penguins are seabirds that can’t fly and can be found below the equator. Even though they can’t fly, they actually have an impressive talent, namely that they can jump up to six feet in the air. Did you know that they are real jumpers?! They can even win a contest if they could participate.

Moreover, another talent of penguins is that they are expert swimmers, due to their stiff flippers and webbed feet. That being said, penguins can swim about fifteen miles an hour. 

In terms of breeding, penguins usually mate for life and lay only one or maybe two eggs at a time. In general, both parents are responsible for keeping the eggs warm and taking care of the chicks and feeding them properly. 

Dogs can shake more than seventy percent of the water from their fur in less than four seconds

Well, dogs are absolutely amazing and we say this not only because they are great companions that make our lives better, but also because they have surprising hidden talents and personality traits.

According to recent studies, dogs are some of the most popular pets in America, with nearly fifty million households owning at least one dog. However, we can understand why dogs are among the most popular pets in America, because they are easy to train, can protect your house and increase your level of responsibility. 

In addition, dogs have a lot of hidden talents, but the least known is that they can shake more than seventy percent of the water from their fur in less than four seconds.

Peregrine falcons dive at their prey at up to 200 mph and catch them in mid-flight

Peregrine falcons are excellent hunters that dive at their prey at up to 200 mph and hit them with their claws and catch their dinner in mid flight. Peregrine falcons are the most common birds of prey living especially in North America, but in big cities, they can be seen on bridges or various tall buildings. 

These birds feed on medium sized birds, such as pigeons, shorebirds and ducks, but they occasionally feed on bats, small reptiles or even insects. 

Due to their high speed diving when catching the prey, the peregrine falcons are considered the fastest birds in the world and the fastest member of the animal kingdom, can you believe this? In addition, female peregrine falcons are larger than males and animal experts say that they are the most widespread raptors in the world. Generally, peregrine falcons mate for life and build their nests on different skyscrapers.  

Spiders can transport themselves for a few miles by a strand of silk

If you have spider phobia (also known as arachnophobia – an intense and irrational fear of spiders) and believe that you could run away from them because they can’t catch you, unfortunately, we have to say that you are wrong, because they can carry themselves for miles using just a strand of silk. 

In other words, spiders can move themselves to a different location using just a strand of silk and this process is also known as ballooning or kiting. In general, spiderlings are more likely to fly (namely use the ballooning method) to find food and a safe place to start a new life. That being said, ballooning can help spiderlings survive and reproduce in new areas, away from their parents. 

According to animal experts, as you already know, spiders don’t have wings, but they can fly as high as some birds using the ballooning process.

With only one bite, the black swallower fish can swallow prey twice its size

Even though they have a unique appearance, it doesn’t mean that the black swallower fish is a mythical creature. They have impressive talents though, namely that they can swallow prey that is twice their size. The black swallower is part of the Chiasmodontidae fish family and is brown to black in color. 

According to animal experts, the black swallower fish feed on prey over twice its length (maximum 9.8 in) and ten times its own mass. This type of fish is similar to the Boa Constrictor snake which swallows its prey in one bite. They have big jaws, and of course, a stomach that can expand in order to hold the prey.

However, this amazing and impressive species of fish can be found in North America at a depth of 2,297–9,006 ft. 

Photo by Galyna_Andrushko from Envato Elements

Hippos can secrete their own sunscreen and antibiotic

Did you know that hippos can secrete their own sunscreen? How cool is that? Nevertheless, even though they look really cute, hippos are actually some of the most aggressive and dangerous animals in Africa because they cause more deaths than any other animal there. 

In addition, it seems that hippos need sunscreen just like humans, but the only difference is that hippos can make their own by sweating. According to recent studies, hippos can secrete a viscous liquid known as sun protection and for its antibacterial properties. 

Hippos are semiaquatic mammals which means that they love to take long and frequent baths, so they need sunscreen, especially in Africa – where they live – and the sun’s rays are strong. Luckily, the secretion of their skin (also known as sunscreen for hippos) acts just like a commercial one and can be effective even though they spend all day in the water.

Hummingbirds can rotate their wings in a complete circle

We have to admit that hummingbirds are some of the most stunning birds that also have impressive features, including the ability to rotate their wings in a complete circle. This superpower allows them to move whenever they want, forward, backward, sideways, upside-down and so on.

These beautiful and pure souls can be found all over America and are part of the Trochilidae family. According to animal experts, hummingbirds (including the bee hummingbird) are the smallest birds in the world, measuring 5 in. in length (and bee hummingbird 2 in. in length). 

Many people don’t know this, but female hummingbirds are slightly bigger than males because they are responsible for producing eggs, and this process requires a larger body to keep the eggs warm. Additionally, their wings use about 75 beats per second and can reach approx. 200 beats per second.

Rattlesnakes and other pit vipers can detect prey using heat

First of all, it’s important to remember that you should never play hide and seek with a rattlesnake and other pit vipers because you can lose the game very quickly. These species of snake can detect warm blooded prey using heat seeking vision, from up to a meter away. 

That being said, rattlesnakes are a group of venomous snakes that are part of the Crotalinae subfamily. They like to hunt small animals such as birds and rodents. They are commonly found in North America and bite if provoked or threatened. They use heat to catch prey because they can detect thermal radiation emitted by them.

Photo by dpreezg from Envato Elements

Tigers use their whiskers to detect distances and check their prey’s pulse

Researchers have shown that tigers can use their whiskers to detect distances and check the pulse of their prey to see if they are still alive or start eating. 

Tigers are the largest feline species and the national animal of India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and South Korea. In general, tigers are diurnal animals that love to swim in ponds, lakes and rivers. As you already know, in the wild, tigers mostly feed on large and medium-sized mammals. 

If you’re curious to know more about the fascinating world of wild animals, here’s what we recommend: 13 Animals Facts You Wish You Knew

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