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How Most Dog Owners Hurt Their Pup’s Feelings Without Even Realizing

Did you know that these things hurt your pup?

Dogs can experience a variety of emotions because they are among the most cognitive creatures. They can be cheerful and eager to see their owners or when they get the food they want, but they can also feel sad and hurt, and many circumstances can crush a dog’s heart. Our dog’s life is centered around us, for better or worse.

They may experience severe emotional damage if they don’t receive enough of our attention or if that attention is tainted by unjustified sanctions. In this article, we’ll talk about some unpredictable ways you might be hurting your pup’s feelings even if you don’t mean it.

pup, hurt
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1. Not playing enough with them

If you have a dog, you’re well aware of how much care and attention a pet needs. Because they don’t know if you’re busy, upset, or tired, a tiny pooch wants your constant attention. But one thing is certain: try to prioritize the time you spend with your dog as much as possible.

No matter if it’s playing hide and seek for 15 minutes, taking a nice evening walk in your favorite park, or cuddling on the couch while you watch a movie. These are just small things for us, but for them, they mean the world. Never let your pup feel alone or sad because you’ve had a bad day. Cuddling and playing together might have benefits for both of you!

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2. Pushing your pup away

Are you pushing away your pup when they’re trying to climb onto the couch to lay next to you? Unbelievably, your dog will suffer additional negative consequences as a result of your action. Indeed, we can’t give them constant attention, but from time to time, we must make time for them; otherwise, they will be put in a bad mood.

If you want to become your dog’s best friend, you must try to be gentle with it and see it as a baby. Because dogs rely on their owners for almost everything.

Do you like it when it looks up to you? That is a sign of affection, and they’re trying to show you that you mean the world to them! Don’t hesitate to pet your dog on the head or give it a nice rub on the belly if they keep staring at you.

3. Punishing it too often

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your pup tucks its tail and flattens its ears? These are the main signs of sadness. When your dog does this, it means that it is not comfortable with the way you act around it. They require being calmly and discreetly withdrawn from the disturbing stimulus at these times. Yelling and being overly aggressive can only make things worse.

Talk to a qualified instructor if you’re having problems getting your pretty dog to listen to you because a lot of dog owners mistake a scared dog for a hostile one and vice-versa.

4. Not having straight rules

Sometimes we forget that animals aren’t like humans, and if you expect your dog to follow certain rules, it’s better to be consistent with them. From time to time, it’s ok to make some exceptions, but if you want a well-behaved dog, try to remain consistent with what they’re allowed to do and what they’re not.

If you don’t want your dog to jump in your freshly washed sheets or snuggle with it during the night, then punish it the next time it jumps for a quick nap. It may be hard to teach them everything in one sitting, but with time and a lot of patience, you will succeed. Just make sure you don’t hurt your pup’s feelings along the way. It would be a pity!

5. Leave it alone for a long time

Since we’re busy people, and most of us must commute to our workplaces, we can’t be at home 24 hours a day with our pets. And most pups suffer if they are left alone for more than half a day. What’s the maximum amount of time a dog can be left home alone? Well, neither expert can give the right answer to this particular question.

It depends on the dog and how independent it is. Some pups can’t hold their bladders for too long, while others might start to bark too loudly and annoy the neighbors. However, most vets, for example, say that you shouldn’t leave your pooch alone for more than 10 hours a day. But as long as you provide it with the necessary space to feel safe in, water, and enough food to last the time you’re away, then the pet is going to be fine.

Do you have a dog? How much time do you leave it alone? Tell us in the comments.

6. Shouting

Shouting in the house, whether you’re arguing with your kids or grandkids, might affect your dog’s hearing pretty badly. This is one of the things that dog owners do around their dogs and don’t realize can hurt the pup.

Whether you’re trying to distract your dog or you’re arguing with somebody around, it won’t work; in fact, they will freak out! In case your pup is doing something it isn’t allowed to do, speak with it and make it react to vocal commendations, but never shout. After all, you don’t want a scared animal, right?

7. Never leave your pets alone in the car!

Even if it’s only for 10 or fewer minutes, never leave your pooch in the car alone! According to various sources, the temperature inside your car might increase by 25 degrees in just 15 minutes, even if the car is parked in a shaded spot. Sheesh, that’s a lot! If you’re going to a place that prohibits pets, you better leave them at home. There is no point in hurting the pup if you’re going to come back home soon.

Another thing you should remember while traveling with your pooch is to make sure the seatbelt secures the dog pretty well. They are like children, and while you must focus on the road and drive carefully, you can’t watch the dog as well. So to avoid any possible accidents, secure the pup carefully without being too tight.

pup, hurt
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8. Rubbing their noses in urine

Once a dog is trained that two or three times a day somebody is going to take it out to empty its bladder and have a walk as a bonus, it will know it’s not ok to pee on the floor of your living room. But maybe when the dog is ill or is kind of old, it won’t be able to hold it until it’s time to go out. So how would you react in this situation? Rubbing its nose near the urine or yelling at it won’t solve anything; in fact, you will hurt its feelings, and it won’t have a clue about what bothered you.

It is good to train them to use the littler box, as you never know when you may have to leave the place for more than a couple of hours. That way you can minimize some of the issues associated with you being gone for longer periods.

I know it sounds like you’re going to turn your dog into a cat, but if there just is no other way out of the problem, it won’t hurt to try this too.

9. Choosing the wrong type of collar

Is your dog a bit of a nosy creature that enjoys exploring and sniffing around when you go out with it? Then it needs a proper collar and a strong leash to hold it tighter. However, be mindful not to be too stiff!

How do you determine which is the appropriate size? Well, to check if the collar is good or not, you should be able to squeeze your finger between the collar and your pup’s neck. This is applicable for small dogs only, because in the case of a bigger dog, you must be able to squeeze two fingers between the neck and the collar to make sure it’s comfortable enough.

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the great info. I love my dog, Sadie. She is an adorable dog. I love her very much. Sometimes I want to rest and do some things for myself. Though I know she does not understand, at times I want to have some me time. How can I not make her feel bad?
    I believe Your article will help me be a better dog mom. Thank you so much. Luci

  2. I have learned a lot about house plants. Thanks. I have two yorkshire teariers twins 8 yrs. I leave them
    alone quite a bit both boys. they are always playing or sleeping. But never more then 5/6hrs. If I need to go out longer than that. My cleaning lives in the same bldg. she loves them very much so I give her a call. She keeps an eye on them for me, also plays with them.

  3. I can’t imagine leaving my dog home alone for 10 hours! Maybe our 24lb girl is spoiled, but I don’t leave her at home along for more than 4 hours max!
    I also don’t use a collar, it bothers me to see dogs being dragged and choked on a leash. I wish everyone would go with a harness!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your article. So many things made sense to me. My Maggie is a 5 year old cockapoo and is the most wonderful dog I’ve ever had. I just love her to pieces. It seems like she has a second sense about things. She watches TV and always barks at it when animals or babies even small children come on a commercial. She is a little too much attached to me and gets upset even if I’m out for 10 minutes with my husband still home with her. She just looks out the window waiting for me to return. She is always very happy when I return, constantly wagging that tail and moving around like she won a prize. A lot of your information will surely help me.

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