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Being a Dog Owner Is Hard… but These 20 Genius Items Will Help

We know how much you love your dog and how important it is for you to offer them the best lifestyle that you can.

Every dog owner deals with daily struggles such as: chewing the furniture, making a mess in the house, leaving fur everywhere, and being disobedient whenever they go on walks.

And so, because we are going through the same thing as you are, we thought these 20 items would make your life so much easier and your pet’s so much more fun.

From chewing toys with a hidden treat inside to a ball launcher we believe we have the answer to a pup’s happy life.

Photo by Reddogs from Shutterstock

1. Chewing toy

Giving your furry friend a chewing toy will entertain and distract them from your valuable furniture.

Besides that, any special chewing item has dental benefits such as it will clean your dog’s teeth and gums, it will improve their breath and it will make their teeth much smoother.
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2. Treat pods

Does your dog have a bit of an attitude? Is he not playing nice and keeps destroying things around the house? Well, if you buy him a treat pod toy he will use it for hours and, also, they will repress their destructive behavior.
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3. Buy him an iDig toy

Dogs love to dig holes and create a mess in your yard, it’s in their nature. Well, don’t despair just yet.

With iDig you can bury treasures for your dog and let them play and explore for some time. And the time they will spend digging and trying to find the hidden treat will exhaust them enough to stay in place for several hours.
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4. Mad scientist

Do you know how many parents buy their kids a chemistry set so they can explore and have fun, well it is not exactly the same in this case.

Instead of chemicals your dog will have treats in the set’s tubes and he will spend some time figuring out how to flip them in order to enjoy the snacks.
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5. Fetch ball launchers

Tired of playing “Go fetch”? Well, we have a solution for you and that is an iFetch launcher. Whenever your dog’s level of energy is too high just turn on the ball launcher and he will play until he gets tired.

You don’t even have to bring back the balls, your pet will figure it out on his own.
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6. Puzzles are always a good idea

Puzzles of any sort will keep your beloved pet focused for hours and, in the end, will reward him with a treat. We recommend the “Seek a Treat” type of puzzle because it will challenge and discipline them.
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food bowl
Photo by Stely Nikolova from Shutterstock

7. Slow feed bowl

Is your dog eating too fast? Well, we are aware of how unhealthy it can be for them and so we suggest you buy a special bowl designed to slow their process.
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8. Special dog seatbelt

Your car seatbelt might not be enough for your puppy when he joins you for a ride.

That is why you should consider purchasing an adjustable seatbelt which will be attached to their harness and keep them safe in case anything unpleasant happens such as a sudden break or a car crash.
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9. Treat dispenser

This is a combination of a slow-feed bowl and a puzzle. It will help your dog with the fast eating process and will entertain them while trying to figure out how to get to the snack.
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10. Hairbrush

It is best to brush your dog every few days because if you do so, the chances of losing fur everywhere in the house will decrease. However, make sure you use a high-quality brush.
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11. Raincoat

A raincoat for your pet is always useful. Think about how effective it can be during the rainy season. It will both keep your pet dry and you will not have to wash them after, since the rain will make them pretty smelly.
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12. Greenies pill pockets

These pills are always a good idea when your dog is making a fuss about taking his medication. They will hide the smell and taste of any medication the vet has prescribed. It’s suitable for any breed and size.
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13. Life vest

A life vest is always a good idea so that whenever you decide to go on vacation and take your puppy with you if he wants to go for a swim he will be safe. Also, these are pretty useful in case your dog doesn’t know how to swim and it can boost his confidence.
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14. A mini comb

You should purchase a small comb because you can clear your dog’s fur in sensitive areas such as above the eyes.
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paw prints
Photo by New Africa from Shutterstock

15. Paw cleaner

This item is very useful, especially for dogs who like to play in the dirt and then go inside. To spare you a lot of trouble and time spent on cleaning the tiles we suggest you invest in a paw cleaner that’s portable and BPA-free.
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16. Chewing spray

You should definitely consider buying one of these if your pet has a chewing problem, the bad taste keeps them from resuming their unpleasant habit. It can also prevent them from licking themselves if they have a skin condition.

This Bitter Lemon Spray should do the trick.
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17. Portable water bottle

Whenever you go on walks with your puppy you should have a portable water bottle in order to keep him hydrated. These kinds of items are usually leakproof which is great. Now, you won’t have to worry during the hot season if your dog can go on long walks.

You might like this one: Leak Proof Portable Water Bottle with Bowl Dispenser.
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18. Cooling mat

A cooling mat is a must, especially for big furry dogs whose life is a nightmare during the hot season. With this item they will never feel hot again.
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19. Anti-anxiety bed

Yes, it is true, nowadays people make anti-anxiety beds for dogs. I know what you’re thinking: When is mine coming? Leaving all jokes aside, this turns out to be pretty helpful, especially for dogs with rare conditions whose anxiety can kill them.

Since dogs are very sensitive and self-aware, their anxiety can lead to more serious health issues.
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20. Paw moisturizer

For those puppies whose paws get irritated during a snowball fight you can now buy them a paw moisturizer which will be amazing against dryness and cracks.

These usually contain vitamins and bee wax which is even safer than you imagined. This Paw Balm is just what they need.

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To conclude, it is always a good idea to buy your dog more stuff. Besides the basic necessary items you’re buying after you adopt them, the things we listed will make a significant change in your household and your pet’s behavior.

Firstly, because some of those can discipline them and offer them a productive distraction. Secondly, a few of the listed things are necessary for their well-being, not just for their entertainment such as the life jacket, the seatbelt, and so on.

Have you got any recommendations for great toys for our furry little friends? Tell us your stories in the comments.

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