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8 Beautiful but Poisonous Plants for Pets

Poisonous Plant
Photo by Dean Drobot at Shutterstock

Do you have any poisonous plants in YOUR home?

One of pet owners’ most significant responsibilities is keeping their furry friends safe from harm on a daily basis. Today, we want to discuss the indoor and outdoor plants that are hazardous to our beloved companions, specifically dogs, and cats.

You may be surprised to learn that not all plants are safe for pets. Several poisonous plants for our four-legged friends can cause severe, sometimes even fatal, health issues.

Some poisonous plants to pets might only irritate them a bit, while others can lead to things like kidney failure. We think it’s always best to be on the safe side and avoid having potentially poisonous plants around our pets.

So with that in mind, continue reading to find out which 8 plants to watch out for, and then think about making a couple of quick changes to your garden!

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  1. I would like to know more about these poisonous plants that i may have in my backyard because i have three pets in my hom. Please send me in-depth information about poisonous plants so that i can remove them from my yard. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance with this issue.

    1. Cats are generally smarter with this than dogs and would rarely chew on those plants outdoors. Indoors that’s a different story.

  2. I am so glad to know about these plants and I will change my mind about a few of them I wanted to buy. I love my fur baby and will keep him safe because Jesus gave him to me so I will continue to take care of him and love him because he take great care of mama and he loves his mama.

  3. than kyou for informing of these dangerous olants. A mother cat has adopted me with her two rambuncous “kitties” who I have to constantly watch..I so appreciate your comments as they are more important than my plants..Mary Lou

  4. Thank you. My cat loves the plant called “Texas Palm). But got sick on it one time. I had it for a long time til she became ill.

  5. You left out one of the MOST toxic house and yard (in the right climate) plants. The Sego Palm. It can be deadly, quickly especially if the seeds or pods are eaten by a pet.

  6. My 8.5 year old Bombay, Dark Matter as well as other neighborhood cats have been munching on a neighbor’s blue potato bush flowers for years and I recently learned of their incredible toxicity to cats, but all these little bastards seem to enjoy them almost at recreational levels. She(mine) and the others also chomp on the beautifully bright red marvel of Peru flowers, which are also toxic and I also just learned about. So what the hell is going on with these cats eating these toxic plants and seeming to enjoy them like a bunch rowdy teenagers out on a bender.

  7. This is wonderfully informative, TY so much. I m interested in foraging edible plants ,no mushrooms of the Florida area.

  8. I have several of these plants in my yard, and my dog seems to know what to eat and what to leave alone. Most dogs are smarter than we think. If you feed them well, they aren’t going to forage for plants. Oh, and I agree with Randall.

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