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8 Dangerous Foods You Should Avoid Giving Your Cat

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8. Onions, shallots, or chives

Onion, in all its forms, should never be on your cat’s menu. Even in small amounts, it can cause serious, life-threatening issues. While a curious feline may bite into a piece of raw onion, it’s more likely they will eat prepared food that contains cooked onions or onion powder in it.

It’s true that cooking onions reduces their sharp taste, which may make the vegetable more appealing to your furry friend. But this doesn’t mean it is no longer among the most dangerous foods for cats.

The primary concern with this vegetable is a compound it contains called N-propyl disulfide. Cats, as well as dogs, are very vulnerable to the damage from this oxidizing agent. When ingested, N-propyl disulfide can damage a cat’s red blood cells, resulting in a condition called Heinz body hemolyc anemia. If not immediately treated, this anemia can be fatal.

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