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8 Dangerous Foods You Should Avoid Giving Your Cat

raw meat
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6. Raw meat and bones

The next entry is something that most people wouldn’t consider dangerous foods for cats: rat meat and bones. Although felines are obligate carnivores and may eat bones and raw meat out in the yard (catching birds and mice), feeding them those foods is a very bad idea.

Not only does raw meat put your cat at risk of E. coli and salmonella, but it can also contain parasites. Moreover, bones can get stuck in your pet’s esophagus, or they may splinter and enter the digestive tract only to irritate or, worse, puncture the intestinal wall.

In other words, bones and raw meat are dangerous foods for cats, and you should avoid feeding them to your furry friends. Despite the so-called theory that cats are wild and are meant to digest bones and raw meat, remember that they have been domesticated for many years.

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  1. thank you for these…if there are any more information on Cats please email me them, we have a 4 year old cat and she’s a little girl….

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