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8 Noisy Dog Breeds That Bark All Day Long

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Would you like a dog that barks all day long?

Dogs are one of the best things ever: they’re cute, fluffy, great for snuggling, fun to be around, good friends, and sometimes talkative friends too. They get easily attached to their beloved humans and start barking when they’re not around and feel alone, scared, or even angry.

Whether you like it or not, barking and owning a dog go paw-in-paw and it might not bother you, but if you live in an apartment, your neighbors surely won’t be happy to hear your pup talk all day long.

If you plan on adopting a fluffy friend and you’re looking for a quiet one, that won’t throw a crying party when you leave them alone for a couple of hours, you might want to avoid these breeds. With that being said, here are the 8 dog breeds that are the noisiest!

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    1. I once had a dog trainer tell me to put some coins (pennies will work) in a tin soda can. When your dog barks shake it and say, ‘No barking!’… it stops them as the noise bothers them. I tried it with two different known ‘barkers’, it works!

      1. Absolutely! Stopped my rescue boy in three days! ( We tried other methods, but nothing worked, until the pop can with coins…

    2. So true! I have one and, once outside, he constantly barks. I live in an apartment complex and so lucky he is quiet once inside the building. He’s a rescue and came with issues, including separation anxiety. I’m unable to leave him alone.

      1. I ruined my Chihuahua when we relocated to an apartment building.He’s an anxious,fearful mess.I even took him to a dog behavioral vet, but not much can be done.Now he’s getting snappy if anyone gets too close to us.I always try to have a neighbor he loves stay with him but it’s not always an option.I wish I had never left our house.

        1. I have a mixed Chihuahua that does not do excessive barking. She was a rescue and when I first got her she was between 1 & 2 years old and very timid and skittish. I am retired so I spend alot of time with her. We do daily walks and now she is more sociable and open to meeting strangers but timid still at 1st encounter. She loves meeting other dogs She just mostly barks at delivery people and doorbells. 😂

      2. My rescue Chihuahua has terrible anxiety since moving to an apartment. I try to take him with me when possible, but it’s not always possible. I have a camera and the pacing and howling is horrible.The behavioral vet wasn’t much help.

        1. I had a chihuahua that had really bad separation anxiety, tried everything. My vet put her on trazodone. 2 x a day , amt according to weight, non addictive. It really worked and made her much better. Have to be consistent

  1. My Rat Terrier SAMMY and I live alone in the country.
    Nothing that happens around the homestead gets by Him and He
    Immediately reports it to me.


    1. I agree! My ratter barks at a falling leaf a block away. They have extremely sharp hearing & can hear a gopher underground. The barking us annoying but It’s still a wonderful breed.

    2. Same here. My little Rat Terrier, Suzette- is a proactive guardian. She doesn’t bark all day long just to bark.

    3. Hey… *I* have a rat terrier mix (looks more like just a terrier) named SAMMY!
      Sometimes he’s known as Sammythebedhog. 🐕🛏
      He doesn’t bark constantly but he DOES like to bark. Now my Red Heeler, well HE’S a different story! I’m going to try that coin in can trick on him to see if it will stop that barking! 🙂

    1. My daughter’s pom was her service dog. She only barked when my daughter ignored her alerts and needed help. Pup even went to work with my daughter in the medical offices at our local hospital, alerting on a couple patients who didn’t know about their condition. Everyone loved her!

    1. I have a neighbor with 2 worrisome Australia Shepherds. They charge the fence when you are walking by continuously fiercely barking. The longer you know them the worse they become…

  2. New Zealand huntaway use their bark to work sheep and cattle. The first command to teach them is QUIET.

  3. I loved my loyal Pom he was the best pal. I carried him everywhere I went and around the house, I could hold him with one hand. He passed away three years ago, and we miss him everyday!

    1. Lisa get another dog, some little rescue is waiting on you….your little Pom will smile is at the rainbow bridge.

    2. My Son and I used to show and do a little breeding with our 25 Pomeranians over the years. I truly loved them as much as my children, on some teenage years, I loved them more than the kids. I now have only one rescue Pom. We miss each and every one that we lost over the years, four to veterinary mistakes! We have pictures of all of them around the house and in big photo albums. Each touched my heart and they were all different in looks and personality. I had every one cremated and they are in urns and beautiful, teak resting places all around our home. I hope that your memories with your Pom help you, however, I never stop missing each one.

    3. We had a wonderful little Pom princess. My hubby carried her around in the crook of his arm ( I swear her feet didn’t touch the ground the first 6mo, or whenever he was home 😅). She only barked if someone knocked on the door, but would talk/ mutter if she was displeased w/ someone/ something. She was a rescue from a mill & had her since she was 5 weeks old ( she was is dire shape when I got her). She too followed me everywhere ( when hubby wasn’t carrying her about), and slept w/ us every night of her life. We’ve always had dogs, but I can say w/ 100% certainty he has never loved a dog as much as he loved her. August will be 3 yrs since she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She passed in my arms at 15 1/2 yrs old. Her Papillion brother ( also a rescue), who was the sweetest goofball you could hope to ever meet followed her exactly 1 month to the day. In my arms as well. He was 17 yrs old. I miss them both so much, and always will. They never seem to stay as long as we’d like them to. Despite the pain that inevitably comes in the end, I don’t think any of us would trade all the days of joy, barking, shenanigans, and pure unconditional love for anything in the world. 🩷🩵🙏

    1. Mary Spies;
      I had a Shetland Sheepdog. I adored her. She barked some, but not a lot. I still miss her after 12 years or so.

    2. Exactly! I can’t believe they are not on the list either. Wilson Jr. Our 5 year old, barks 24/7. He is very nervous and reactive. But he is adorable🥰

  4. I ha e two dogs a Chihuahua mix 10 years old and a 1 year old mini Chihuahua. I live in an apartment and they are walked 4 times a day and socialized with other dogs and litter mates. They bark when there is foot traffic to the building behind us, so they have been trained to come in when called. They never bark for NO reason.
    When I first leave them the older dog will bark for a few minutes to try to make me feel guilty, but it doesn’t work.

    1. Are they not on a leash? They should be. There are predators everywhere for that type of breed. I would be very careful not to leave them outdoors without you having them in a leash with you. Veterinarian tech here!

    2. There is a saying and it goes :
      If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to see it, a chihuahua 500 miles away will bark at it. 😆

    3. I live in a single home and i never correct rmy chuhuahua from barking I let her bark as she wishes lol It’s not too bad I love her

  5. I had Duke a french bulldog for 10 years that almost never barked ! If he did bark it would sound like a baby crying ! He was a terrible watch dog! He might acknowledge a visitor if they had a bag of chips! I loved and really miss him a lot!

  6. I have a Rat Terrier.She doesn’t bark all day.She only barks if someone comes to the house,or if she sees something out back.Then you need ear plugs.

  7. My Cairn terrier incessantly barked. I have seen ads for Cairn terriers that stated, “Guaranteed to bark.”

  8. You should add Labradors, I have one as a neighbor, he barks all day long every day. Another person I know had a labrador that barked all the time that she got a shock collar to stop it. I really didn’t agree with the shock collar but it was not my dog and not my decision.

  9. My wife and I have raised various breeds of dogs over the years. We’re retired and now have the best dog we’ve ever been around. I first read about them when I was in the military.
    I was a Tank Company Company Commander at the time & stationed on the East German Border when I first heard of the Breed. The Bouvier des Flandres. The breed seemed like more of a story than an actual dog. As soon as I returned to the States I began my search. Finally I found a breeder on the East coast and we bought one. He was a cute puppy that wasted no time in becoming our Best ever friend, protector and perfect dog. He grew to become a perfect friend and all around
    protector of everything we had.
    He’s bred to protect. His size, bulk and
    Incredible teeth have scared off, man & beast alike, but to us & our friends he is their best friend. His name is MAX.

    1. My friend had a Bouvier. A gorgeous pup. He flunked police dog training because he was too sweet. 😁

  10. I have a mixed maltese and yorkshire terrier (i.e. morkie). She barks for the phone before it rings.
    Good watch dog.

  11. I live in a community where the dog park is right by my house and no one ever considers that I might not want hear barking dogs all day!
    My dog only barks when the door bell rings and she stops as soon as I tell her to.
    Owners are so inconsiderate of others!

  12. I raised a malamute/german shepherd cross who was a great protector, mainly cause people thought she was a wolf and stayed clear of her. She seldomly barked but she had a low warning growl when she was concerned. Loved people. Never tried to run away. Best dog ever but she was a DIGGER.

    1. Had one too , male , was a sweet boy with everyone that came to the house invited but if not look out. He would patrol in stealth mode, we live in a good area in NYC Queens but on occasion thieves would wonder into our neighborhood and if we didn’t get you our dog or a neighbor’s would, hahaha . Rex lived to 15 big boy over 100 lbs looked like a wolf, alpha over all our other GS and we had several, grand ma would need them along with grandpa. Mostly “German” GS. I plan on getting a pair some day soon for my twin girls that simply love GS over all other breds and I’m experienced.

  13. I’ve had Pom’s and Pomchi’s for the past 20 years. None of them have had separation anxiety (though I’ve always had more than one dog so they have never been left completely alone) and while they will bark at noises they settle down easily. They love to play and also love to cuddle. They do tend to follow me around and offer so much fun and love. I’ll never be without one.

  14. I have a Kerry Blue and a Wheaten they are barkers I have had all different types of Terriers and they were all barkers

  15. I have a Sheltie as well that does absolutely nothing without “announcing “ it to everyone. She’s not a nervous type at all but she misses absolutely nothing! Night or day…

  16. I have a 10 yr old wheaten Cairn Terrier and he does pretty good. He’ll bark at the, front door if there’s someone there (thankfully we don’t get a lot of visitors), mail man, trash man, and a squirrel or lizard if he sees it. He knows “no bark”, but the one thing that will keep him quiet, is his no bark collar. I can it set to a bell, vibration or a small zap. I don’t use the zap for either him or my Standard Poodle. They work GREAT!

  17. Have an American Staffordshire he will jump up from a sound sleep and run towards the living room window and start barking at nothing.

  18. I had the very best dog ever. Cookie was a Havanese. She was so sweet and so loving and I miss her terribly. She would bark when I left for work but she quieted down after she got tired of barking. She would run down the hallway when I came home. To greet me. I would love to get another dog soon. If anyone knows where I can get one reasonably priced I’d like to know where. Or I would love to get a rescue dog but I don’t know ?? place to go. Any suggestions?

  19. I have a Grest Pyrenees!! Constantly barks when outside!! Inside also when Ups,Fed Ex,Mailman or people just walking by!!! Doesn’t matter middle of the night!! Or if she hears that Fly 2 miles away coming to get in the house She Barks!! Yet my friend who has one. Hardly ever barks!! But Piper barked from day 1!! Oh well I still Love 💕 Her dearly??🥰

  20. My Daschund wasn’t very talkative so when he did bark I listened and looked. He died a couple of years ago and I can actually say he was the best dog I have ever had. I was actually surprised to see the breed on the list.

  21. Our German Short Hair Pointer barks a lot, at all times of the daylight hours. She also digs holes in the yard, usually next to the wooden fence. When it rains, she loves it and barks at the water running off the house.

  22. In the dog show world both Collies and Shetland Sheepdog have notorious reputations for barking! Far more so than most of the breeds listed here.

  23. I’ve had several of the dogs on your list and I found them all to be wonderful pets. I’ve had jack russell terrier, cairn terrier, two long haired dachshunds. I did not have any problems with unnecessary barking. They barked if someone came to the door but stopped as soon as I opened the door. I now have a chihuahua and he’s the same way. None of them ever approached anyone in aggressive manner. I love them all dearlu

  24. Piper, my Chiweenie barks at every imagined noise. We do have a bark collar that we use when we can’t stand it any longer. She is a quirky dog, quite needy, covers herself up in blankets. When people come over, we tell them not to pet her if she hasn’t been outside recently as she will pee on the floor. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. She looks more like a doxie.

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