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Did You Know These 8 Hunting Dog Breeds Make Awesome Pets?

These hunting dogs can become adorable friends! 

If you love practicing the sport of hunting from time to time, then you will adore these hunting dogs! They are cute, athletic, and very obedient to their master, especially if you raise them from an early age.

Plus, even if they’re going to live in captivity, if you own a big house with a big backyard, they will enjoy running and playing around it. These hunting dogs are very easy to train and in most cases, it will take less than six months to be properly trained.

So, my fellows, if you’re looking to adopt or even buy a dog later this year, you will find this article interesting! We promise to include every little detail that you must know before you decide on your choice of breed.

Here are a few breeds that are particularly well-suited to the job if you’re seeking an effective hunting dog that can also serve as a house dog and, most importantly, a member of your family. Woof!

hunting dog
Photo by Namomooyim from Shutterstock

1. Beagle

Ahh, this one looks so tiny and adorable that it makes me want to kiss her belly right away! I mean, who would guess this breed is actually a hunting one? But in reality, beagles are scent hounds with cute bark and an amazing nose that can smell everything from miles away. Long before becoming a pet, the sole purpose of this dog was to hunt rabbits and other small animals.

Additionally, beagles are great companions for all types of homes and are often quite cheerful and kid-friendly. Adopting a beagle is a wise choice if you’re searching for a pet that won’t grow taller than 15 inches at maturity or weigh more than 25 pounds.

Additionally, they have a reputation for being highly loving, attentive, and ready to please their owner! However, keep in mind that of all these hunting dogs on the list, this one is probably the least “trainable” because they are slightly stubborn.

2. German Shorthaired Pointer

The second hunting dog from our list is definitely this cutie! Even if most of them tend to have a menacing look in the beginning, they are super cute and adorable pets. In fact, most of the owners say this breed is one of the friendliest and most playful of all hunting dogs.

If you’re planning on going hunting with it, don’t worry about lower temperatures since they’re very adaptable and can endure extreme temperatures from all parts of the country. They are also very good swimmers who enjoy splashing in the water and playing around. But when they have a “duty call,” you must know they’re going to do a very good job!

If you’re planning on adopting one, you will be happy to know that these dogs are undemanding and low-maintenance, and they love kids too. However, the German Shorthaired Pointer, like any other taller, higher-chested breed, can be prone to bloat and stomach torsion—related, poorly understood illnesses that always require quick veterinary attention.

3. Labrador Retriever

This dog is probably best known for his ability to hunt ducks and other medium-sized birds. Another hunting dog that is a good swimmer is going to endure cold temperatures very easily, being among the breeds that can adapt very well even in the coldest regions of the country.

This adorable and serious dog is actually quite joyful and lively; nevertheless, they are also devoted to their owners. They make a great companion and are willing to participate in numerous activities with the family when they aren’t on duty.

A Labrador Retriever can grow to a height of 24 inches and weigh up to 80 pounds, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a large pet. Therefore, be careful to offer your animal companion the room it needs to grow up safely and healthily.

4. Brittany

Hello, fuzzy ears! I bet you didn’t think that this quite large and short-tailed dog breed is exactly what a family needs inside their house. The Britt became popular among Midwestern pheasants before becoming coveted by American shooters for its adaptability, biddability, and evident their overwhelming cheerfulness.

This breed makes fantastic pets and easygoing friends who love their families. However, this haunting dog can be so eccentric and weird sometimes that you’ll end up wondering what it’s thinking.

Additionally, even if you live in a small apartment, you can still adopt a Brittany because of how easily you can rear a dog of that size.

hunting dog
Photo by Progressive Ground from Shutterstock

5. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Oh my God! Look at its face—how cute this dog is! If you want a furry friend that is loyal to you and will love you no matter what, adopting a Chesapeake Bay Retriever is probably the best idea. Being super intelligent and easy to train, this dog can also be kept indoors, but only if you have enough space for it. They can grow up to 26 inches, and their weight is somewhere between 55 and 80 pounds. This hunting dog, like the other four, is a good swimmer, with an oily coat that helps it in cold water.

However, compared to other breeds, this one is not as social as you may think it is. Of course, it will be friendly with its family but not with strangers, which is why a lot of owners prefer to train it accordingly.

6. English Setter

This mellow, affectionate, and adorable hunting dog is probably one of my favorites. Why? Because if you’re into hunting sports, this furry dog is going to help you more than you can imagine. Trained to be gun dogs, they have very good running skills and an athletic body, so they are super fast at catching prey.

Moreover, they also enjoy exercising outdoors and unwinding after their “duty”, but if you want to keep them energetic and in good shape, you kind of have to respect their regular training schedule.

It enjoys playing with children and is good with them, so it makes a suitable friend for the entire family that wants a vivacious and helpful pet. What do you think about this hunting dog? Tell us in the comments.

7. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers don’t need any further introduction because everybody loves them! They are super friendly and devoted animals that are suitable companions for elders but also for people who suffer from various diseases like autism or depression. However, they also make excellent hunters thanks to their lovely nature, intelligence, and obedience.

Gundogs from Scotland called “goldens” were developed to efficiently navigate muddy and rocky terrain. I guess we must be thankful to Scotland for this amazing animal!

Don’t forget that these hunting dogs are usually very active and they enjoy time spent in nature, so if you’re living in an apartment, make sure you go out with it at least twice a day to help it exercise its body. These dogs love children, and ideally, you should raise them together.

The life span of a Golden Retriever is up to 12 years, but it can be even more for those raised properly.

8. American Foxhound

Living up to its name, this dog was merely used for fox hunting in the 1700s. These furry little fellows are widely known for being sweet, smart, and incredibly fast. Although American Foxhounds get along well with children and other animals, they might become angry and a bit frustrated if they aren’t given daily exercise and love.

Therefore, if your dog feels ignored, you better watch out for those shoes you adore, or they might meet some fangs… “Woof, woof!”

Are you going to adopt a hunting dog this year? Or just another breed of your choice? Tell us in the comments. And for other tips regarding pets, check out this article: 20 Problem-Solving Items That Make Having A Dog Even Simpler.

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