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If You Notice These 7 Things in Your Cat, Take a Trip to The Vet Now

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Constant vomiting

When it comes to vomiting, it’s not that uncommon for cats to get rid of the occasional hairball or throw up after eating something that didn’t sit well with them. However, if you notice that your feline friend is constantly vomiting, especially in the last couple of days, it might be related to something dangerous.

Also, don’t wait too long until you decide to do something; constant vomiting for more than two days might lead to dehydration. If your cat vomits, make sure you pay attention to how it looks and how often it happens. If we’re talking about something oddly looking or containing blood, a visit to the veterinarian must be made.

Some of the most unusual and frequent reasons for vomiting might indicate that it’s either cancer, a liver disease, an infection, or an intestinal blockage. When any of these are left untreated, it might lead to serious complications.

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