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If You Notice These 7 Things in Your Cat, Take a Trip to The Vet Now

Photo by Carlos G. Lopez / Shutterstock

Cats are famous for hiding troubling signs of illness, so you basically won’t be able to tell when it’s the right time to take her to the vet. Even if your feline friend would probably spend more of their time snuggling up on the sofa than hunting in the jungle, domesticated cats still inherited most of their wild ancestors’ traits. And if you didn’t know this, sick cats that lived in nature were some of the easiest targets for bigger and more threatening predators.

When they’re feeling sick, it only makes sense that they tend to hide any sign of illness or perceived weakness. However, this means that all pet owners often can’t tell when something is definitely wrong with their cats until it becomes way too serious. If you want to take care of your feline’s health and make sure you do everything to protect her, here are some of the most important telltale signs that you need to go to the vet:

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