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If You Notice These 7 Things in Your Cat, Take a Trip to The Vet Now

cat vet
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Refusal to eat anything

Well, refusing to eat is never a good sign for any living creature on this earth. If your cat refuses to eat anything, including her favorite food or treat (especially when it comes to treats!), then it’s a bad sign. Having an upset stomach now and then is not uncommon, but avoiding much-loved foods and snacks for days in a row might be a serious cause for concern.

If your cat won’t eat anything, it might be due to a damaged tooth or an oral infection. Also, it could be a sign of cancer or another disease that’s just as serious as cancer. Whether it’s a respiratory disease or a foreign body ingestion, there might be many different reasons why your cat refuses to eat. If you want to be sure that your cat is in good health, book an appointment with the vet.

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