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If You Notice These 7 Things in Your Cat, Take a Trip to The Vet Now

drastic change
Photo by Germanova Antonina from Shutterstock

Drastic changes in appearance

If your cat isn’t feeling well, then it will definitely show. You might notice that your cat sits in a hunched position or moves with less grace than you’re used to seeing her. Also, tilting the head or carrying the tail in a different manner might ultimately indicate that something’s definitely not right.

Also, it’s worth noting that a cat that doesn’t feel too good will stop grooming itself. If you can’t tell whether or not a cat stopped grooming itself, you might want to keep an eye out for a greasy and unkempt coat, increased matting, too many clumps of loose fur, a less shiny coat, and an increase in dandruff. In most cases, this change never comes by itself, so you’ll definitely spot other symptoms, too.

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