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These 11 Fierce Guard Dogs Are Surprisingly Friendly

guard dog
Photo by OlgaOvcharenko from Shutterstock

Have you ever thought about having a guard dog?

There are plenty of reasons why someone would want a guard dog: to keep their property safe, for personal protection, or as a living doorbell to know when a visitor arrives. Sadly, guard dogs have gotten a bad reputation for being dangerous or vicious, but that’s not entirely true.

In fact, the very same characteristics that make these breeds the ideal protectors also make them amazing family pets: the intelligence to make them trainable to react accordingly when a real threat arises, fierce loyalty to the people they have adopted, and a lovable streak a mile wide.

Moreover, while the best guard dogs are brave, devoted, and know when it’s time to fend off an attacker or intruder, that doesn’t mean they are vicious animals, as the American Kennel Club points out.

Give them the training they need, and these dogs will do everything they can to keep you safe. And just like any other pet, when a guard dog is off duty, it will also be ready to offer you lots of love and affection. By the way, here’s a book that helped me train my dog.

If you’re looking for a super-sized fur friend that will protect you and your family from harm and still be a friendly pet, here are 15 guard dogs that also make great family pets!

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6 Responses

  1. Always loved the Akita dog..still want one, still in the process of convincing my husband that we definitely need one!!

    1. They sure did! A quality bred Rottweiler is a joy have around. I’ve had 3 and they were big goofballs until it was time to go to work.I’ve had Dobi’s and German shepherds neither of which were in the same category as a well bred Rottweiler IMHO! I loved every dog I’ve ever owned but not all breeds have the same capabilities. Not implying that the other breeds are not good dogs they as long as they come from a reputable breeder.

  2. You letft off Rottweilers They are the sweetest and loving animals. It’d all in the way they’re trained and brought up.
    Pit Bulls another animal that is sweet and loving once again, it’s how you raise them and train them. My nephew has one and he never meets a stranger, he loves every body. He loved the fireworks.

  3. Yes, we love Dobermans, Willow is our 4th, once we got our first Doberman, we were hooked. The lovable, loyal dogs are definitely a plus when looking for a guard dog.

  4. You left out one of if not the best family/guard dogs. The Rottweiler. Rotties are intimidating guard dogs, who also fiercely loyal to their family and can be equally gentle and a bit goofy with that family.

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