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6 Small Dog Breeds That Stick to Their Owners Like Glue

Do you want a small dog breed that will love you forever?

Of course, we all think small dog breeds are adorable, but not all of them are going to be lap dogs.

And while you should not let this dictate whether or not you are going to get that particular breed of dog, it is part of what we all want them to do.

There are lots of small dogs, each with their own personality, and for any owner,  there are specific types of loveable lap dogs that are going to stick to you like glue.

If you are looking for the perfect small dog that is going to love being around you and loves to snuggle, then you have come to the right place!

We have gathered the best petite dogs out there that are going to make up for the best, loving companion out there that will adore being stuck by your side!

Have you ever had any of these breeds before? How much did they love to snuggle? Let us know your best stories with your loveable small pooch in the comments!

small dogs
Image By svitlini From Shutterstock


Since we are talking about small dog breeds, we cannot leave out the Chihuahua, which holds the title of one of the smallest pooches around.

What makes these tiny wonders even more perfect in most owners’ eyes is the fact that they are also lap dogs, and they just love to be around them.

Not to mention, despite their size, these tiny dogs are known for their huge personalities and daring attitudes. Not to mention, most fans of this breed love how sassy they can be. This small dog proves that the saying strong essences come in small packages is true!

They are also one of the dog breeds that are known to fit in purses, but they love to play and go on walks, so keep that in mind if they have caught your eye.

Keep in mind not to coddle them too much, as even though they are tiny if you spoil them, they can develop “Napoleon Syndrome” and think they are guard dogs!

Even so, you can safely snuggle with them on the couch and keep them around; they love nothing more than to curl up in your lap.


These cute little dogs have a royal background. Initially bred mainly in China, they were the favorite breed of the Emperor and the main dogs in the Imperial Court.

Their breed name is also inspired by the city of Peking, so you know they were a big deal!

However, these long-furred pups are also known to be calm and graceful and not at all interested in roughhousing.

They are small and loveable, and they do love to be lap dogs, so owners can expect them to be extremely loyal and protective over them.

Due to their long and luscious “mane,” they do well in cool temperatures, and they make for great family dogs as well.

One thing to know is that, due to their short noses, they can have a couple of breathing issues that owners need to be on the lookout for.

small dogs
Image By Mangostar From Shutterstock


Speaking of energetic and larger-than-life furballs, we cannot neglect to mention the Pomeranians! These double-coated pooches are extremely fluffy and they are some of the cuddliest pups out there. It also helps that they love to be at the center of attention!

They are a tiny breed, at a healthy weight they do not exceed 7 pounds, and while they do love to be lap dogs, they are also quite energetic.

This means that they make for the perfect companions for those who love to be out and about, as the Pom is going to love to be right there with you. You will be able to take them with you and they are easy to train, so you can expect them to love to be amongst people and run errands with you.

The best thing? At the end of the day when you come home, you will be able to snuggle with them as you unwind from that day’s adventures.


If you are looking for another breed of dog that has been amongst us since ancient times (this time from the time of Ancient Greece), you need to turn your attention to the white marvels.

They are extremely good-natured, and they have been loyal companions for humans for ages!

The Greeks even went as far as to make tombs and bury their beloved Maltese companions, so you can tell that they are one breed that people get attached to easily.

This lap dog breed is also perfect because even those who suffer from allergies

While there are no completely hypoallergenic dogs, the Maltese is a close second, and with regular grooming, you will not be bothered if you are mildly allergic to pups.

They generally weigh under 10 pounds, and they will love to snuggle in your lap. Know that while they love to be around humans, they will need regular walks and exercise just like any other pup.

small dog
Image By Pro Photocare From Shutterstock

Italian Greyhound

One of the most adorable lap dogs that is not often mentioned on these types of lists is the Italian Greyhound.

These, at times, funny-looking pups are some of the best companions if you are looking to get an affectionate pup that will love to be around you.

They are small dogs that are perfectly content to either lounge on the couch with you or be extremely active.

Future owners should be aware of their prey drive and how fast these little critters can be, as they are known to sometimes get zoomies and run around the house.

Keep in mind that this breed is most suitable for adults as their delicate limbs can be easily injured, so being around young children or playing roughly is not in their best interest.

What’s more, once temperatures drop, know that they are going to need a coat or two, as their lean and wirey frames combined with their very short coats are not enough to keep them warm through the winter months.

Just perfect since they will want to cuddle even more!


Another one of these small and loveable pooches that is sometimes confused with the Pekinese is the Havanese. This breed is perfect for those of you who do not want a pup that sheds too much.

This small dog breed is known to be easy to care for as they are family- and people-oriented, they love to socialize, and they are very eager to please.

These energetic pups do have long coats, so expect to have to brush and groom them regularly, but we think it is a small price to pay for such a cute lap dog that will love to be by your side all day!

Not to mention, their curly coat makes them a great snuggle partner, so expect to have a cute partner when you are relaxing on the couch after a long day!

If you have had a big dog all your life and are not sure about getting a small dog now, do not worry! This book right here talks about this switch in-depth, and you may just figure out that this size is the one for you!

Of course, these are just some of the small dogs out there that are going to be the perfect match for everyone who wants a furry new best friend! If you have been looking into gathering more information about one of the best smaller breeds for seniors, make sure you read our in-depth article on the Sheltie!

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