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9 Cat Breeds With the Highest IQ

cat breeds
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These Cat Breeds Are SUPER Smart!

In general, felines are extremely intelligent pets, especially compared to other animals. It’s not that difficult to spot a smart cat, as they can be easily trained, interact very well with other animals, and even adapt to brand-new situations and surroundings. Interestingly enough, some cat breeds are more intelligent than you’d expect.

If you’re the proud owner of a cat and you want to know if your kitten has a high IQ, you’re in the right place. Few people know that environmental enrichment like food puzzles can prevent boredom in all cats, and they are especially beneficial to intelligent ones.

Without any kind of outlet to challenge them mentally, smart cats can easily develop behavioral problems. Some of the most common traits of intelligent cats can be seen in their resourceful energy and mischievous streak.

Even more, their naughtiness is mainly related to their inquisitiveness. Moreover, most brainy kitties love a good challenge; they can learn new tricks and play interactive games. These cats also have a good understanding of anything related to household routines, such as when you usually get home, mealtimes, and when to expect certain activities.

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  1. You do not mention Ocicats, which were developed by crossing Siamese with Abyssinians and then adding a touch of American Shorthair for more color. They are a spotted breed, very active and intelligent, not surprising considering their breeding. We had two that were wonderful, very affectionate, loved heights, played games and interacted with our two other “ordinary” cats, who weren’t “ordinary” either. Most people who have cats will tell you stories of the amazing things cats do and are capable of. And you don’t have to take them out for a walk on a cold, windy winter night!

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