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5 Alarming Signs Your Dog Is Dehydrated

Image By Jaromir Chalabala From Shutterstock

Do you know all the signs of dehydration your dog may be exhibiting?

During the hot seasons, dehydration becomes one of the most important things to watch out for. And this is not only true for humans but also for your pets! When it comes to dogs, a lot of owners forget that they are just as susceptible to it on hot days as humans are.

Water is vital for the health of your pup, as it facilitates all body functions, including the cushioning of internal organs, lubrication of the joints, helping with digestion, and regulating body temperature. And while all animals, dogs included, end up losing and gaining water throughout the day from all the daily activities we do, in the summer it is very easy for your dog to fall prey to dehydration, especially if he is losing water way too much due to panting and water evaporation through the paws.

Since dehydration looks much different in pups than it does in us, it is good to get to know how this health condition manifests in our animals, what it is, and how we can treat and prevent it! Keep reading to discover all of these and more!

Have you ever dealt with dehydration in dogs before? If so, tell us your story in the comments below!

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